Friday morning buffet

The season’s only a couple of weeks away.  You need to keep up your strength, so fill up.



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19 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. TennesseeDawg

    Don’t forget the Pro Combat uniforms are unveiled Saturday.


    • Go Dawgs!

      Did you see that description that they had in the ABH’s notes? Red pants and red jerseys, silver helmets with a red stripe. They sound fairly awful. Hope I’m wrong.


    • Russ

      I was trying to forget that. I just threw up a little again.


  2. TennesseeDawg

    I have the misfortune of listening to Clay Travis pontificate everyday on Nashville’s only sports talk radio station.


  3. Lrgk9

    Antitrust, huh.
    Now that’s a fellow with a Fantastic Grasp of the Obvious…

    A ferblunjit indeed.


  4. Scott W.

    The beer article is interesting. What is happening now though is that your Inbevs and your MillerCoors troll the craft beer market and buy brands willing to sell (or, in more cases than not, under the gun to sell) and changing what is unique about that brand by homogenizing it for mass production. Working against that is the fact that a new brewery always pops up to try their hand. So there is more crap out there, but there are always jewels as well. It is analogous to the music industry of today.


  5. Normaltown Mike

    “So there is more crap out there, but there are always jewels as well. It is analogous to the music industry of today”

    So you’re saying Jessica Black would not have become a celebrity in the highly centralized pre-internet music industry days?


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    In retrospect, I guess it’s a good thing Leach didn’t land the Miami job.


  7. wnc dawg

    So how many cartons of cigarettes you think aTm and Mike Slive have bought Mr. Shapiro for getting expansion completely off the radar for a few days?


  8. JDawg

    One of my fav articles (called Varsity Numbers Four Truths) was when Connelly wrote about how the team that wins the 1st half, has a better win percentage than the one that wins the 2nd half. Richt’s finish the drill thing isn’t true.


  9. JDawg

    Antony Dinero was #1 money winner at VegasInsider last year for college football, by a large margin. He’s picking SC to win the East. Bummer. Was right 57%. Andy Iskoe is big on UGA, he was right 46% last year in college football picks. Bummer.


  10. Beer and Democracy: “It’s too bad that we haven’t found a way to celebrate that sort of thing, but if you want to start, make sure you ignore Jimmy Carter and hoist one instead for Barber Conable, Member of Congress from New York from 1965 to 1984. And your second bottle? Make that for James Madison. After that, you’re on your own.”

    And after your third bottle? Unleash straitjackets…Commence Black Helo Ops!

    “There also isn’t a day that goes by when someone doesn’t try to figure out how to destroy the United States.” And that’s just the Republicans.


    • Cojones

      That’s not even the half of it! An article by a NEABD (Not Even a Beer Drinker) giving credit to a Yankee N.Y. Republican Representative NEABD what so rightfully belongs to a Southern Georgia Democrat President who made a courageous decision for freedom of making your own beer or libation of choice. Blasphemy! For years these hypocrits have attacked all accomplishments of Democrats slowly and deliberately so as to make their claim that there were worse Presidents than Nixon and Bush(G&W). This is the most infamous discreditation they have ever attempted.

      Bernstein’s article on politics and the brewing law signed by Carter is an abomination on history, politics and beer drinking(plus the desire to brew more like in a factory or microbrewery or…). He eschewed credit given to Carter for one of the most forward thinking pieces of modern legislation supporting our basic freedoms than the Tea Party and other Republican candidates can think and enumerate. That was the freedom to brew in your own home and get tanked off the swill usually to your wit’s end. Simple, Democratic and a freedom with bite! After giving President Carter short shrift, he took the one shining obligatory good-feeling crowning accomplishment of Carter’s admin in a travesty of mayhem political reporting. HOW LOW CAN THEY SINK?

      I’m here to out this scoundrel for poor background and foundation proofing of President Carter’s knowing and active hand in this legislation he signed into law. While everyone knew him as the peanut farmer in Sowega, he and his family background go back hundreds of years in this matter. It actually started when the British Occupiers sought to raise money using the able backs of the American settlers by taxing booze and other drink(some say tea, but only Tories drank tea and we screwed that up for them in Boston Harbor when….I digress) brewed by honest settlers mostly in the western part of the Col…. uh, early America. These people were the only ones between the Indians and the Easterners who were worried about being ravaged(over and over some women whispered) by them so they weren’t begrudged by anyone for getting stinking drunk every night. But the stupid Brits still taxed’em and were beaten soundly because of it. Some of these early American boozers can be found to be related to modern Presidents. Well, when Washington was elected, the country needed to raise taxes to support the infrastructure building necessary for this country so they continued to collect the tax on booze(or tried to). It dawned on the folks in the Wilderness that they had just used their extra whiskey cash to raise an Army and get rid of the Brits and now the politicians wanted to pave roads, promote miscegenation, and help the Indians find housing with their extra cash. This became a challenge to the new goverment just to run the country so they began collecting with zeal. Thus the Whiskey Rebellion which ended up with about 60 guys arrested after attacking the tax guy’s digs, but they were let go or pardoned. They called it crushing the Whiskey Rebellion.

      When Thomas Jefferson took over with his newly-founded Republican Party(he beat Hamilton’s Federalist Party) he repealed the tax , but kept on miscegenatin’. Carter’s forebearers had won the day. So they paved the county roads in Georgia to help farmers get produce to market. Oops, skipped a little. Later on folks set up big distilleries , one by a woman related to another presidential family (Anne Houser Bush). After beer money funded every skirmish by the US and includin’ WWI, some women got their panties twisted in a knot and passed a Prohibition Law which drove the country to drink and promoted the advent of the moonshiners. Now we have a direct relationship for the greatness of President Carter’s act . Long story short, the moonshiners won that war, the Depression, WWII and put one of their own into the White House, one generation removed(Gatsby, I think).

      President Carter’s family made it through all of that and it wasn’t because they were not industrious. Much moonshining went on near Americus ,Ga then and now what with their proximity to the clear water upwelling and flowing out of and over limestone purification rock of the nearby Flint River. I leave you to connect the dots. Anyone who would research information of the Carter’s inherent flame of beer-drinking freedom need look no further than his immediate sibling.

      Billy Carter had been an advocate for freedom of beer drinking for years and was an influence of his brother Jimmy since he was a little boy, drinkin’ and peeing on Jimmy’s leg. As he got older, he was an advocate of brewin all the beer that one could drink and peeing wherever one pleased. He demonstrated this freedom admirably in front of the press and visiting foreign outlet managers for his Billy Beer. He profoundly influenced President Carter’s signing of the Brew all the Beer You Want and Pee Anywhere on Your Property You Desire Act, later known as the Bust Your Grapes With Impunity Act.

      And now some Republican NEABD wants to give credit to some Yankee Republican NEABD who has no illustrious beering background like the Great President Jimmy Carter. Not on my watch!


  11. Georgia 2011 SEC Champions

    I think I like that Andy Iskoe 🙂