“I think he’s ready right now to play safety.”

Tell me this story isn’t dripping with irony:

When the preseason began, the given at safety was that Bacarri Rambo was a starter. That’s in doubt now.

Rambo, a junior who started every game last year, was working second-team in Wednesday’s practice. That was according to junior Shawn Williams, who said he and Sanders Commings were working first-team at safety.

And what about Rambo? Head coach Mark Richt was asked after Thursday’s practice whether Rambo was now fighting for his starting spot.

“They’re all fighting for the starting job right now,” Richt said, not saying anything more.

The situation is muddied a bit also because Rambo has not been made available to the media so far this preseason.

Two seasons ago, Rambo was the poster boy for Willie Martinez’ misguided sense of loyalty to upperclassmen starters.  Now he’s the symbol for competition.

My head is spinning.  His, too, probably.


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51 responses to ““I think he’s ready right now to play safety.”

  1. I think his head is spinning due to the concussion. Those things can make it difficult to play with the same aggressiveness. Remember Juan Daniels?


  2. Lrgk9

    Life Lesson Nbr 81 – What have you done for me lately?


  3. Spence

    Nothing had made me as happy as this news. I hope someone DESERVING wins the starting job and locks it down. But Rambo played too weak last year to be given the job outright.


  4. Bad m

    He plays his heart out, but still had some work to do. He had a few bad beats last year, including the game losing pass vs. Arky. He shouldn’t just be given the job.


  5. Go Dawgs!

    Rambo was excellent as a freshman in the old scheme. In the new scheme last year, though, not so much. In fact, I can think of at least two plays where I watched him almost literally running around in a circle with no idea where he was supposed to be and without much of an idea where he actually was. I’m all for putting the best players on the field. If it turns out that’s not Rambo, well, so be it.


  6. Normaltown Mike

    However, he remains on the “All Name” Team.


  7. Derek

    You need one of two things to play safety: tremendous ball skills or the ability to lay people out. If you cant do either you shouldn’t play. Commings did show some good ball skills last year. Sadly Rambo hasn’t done anything since the concussion.


  8. W Cobb Dawg

    Seems we’ve had problems with safeties for a few years. When we were a top 10 defense we had very good safeties – Jermaine Phillips, Thomas Davis, Sean Jones, Greg Blue, etc. Thought Ogletree would solve this problem, but he’s needed at LB.


  9. DavetheDawg

    Rambo wasn’t the only d-back who suffered in year 1 of Grantham’s new groove. Maybe his learning curve is not quite complete, maybe it is. But to single out any defensive back isn’t fair. Plenty of fail to go around based on last season.


  10. JDawg

    Rambo’s the man. 82 tackles last year. Played big in 2 biggest games, Fla (14 tackles–personal best), SC (12 tackles). Last year, 82 tackles, 3 int’s, 3 pbu’s, 3 forced fumbles. The dude is money. Big fan.


  11. CovingtonDawg

    Another take on this might not speak as much to Rambo’s lack of development, but more to the emergence of Williams and others. Wouldn’t hurt to have several good options at Safety. Hopefull they’ve all improved to the point that the coaches can’t say who’s the best.


    • Prov

      This is no time to be looking at the glass half full! Didn’t you know that fall camp is the determining factor for all future results?!?!.


  12. David

    I think they want to get the best players on the field. From how hit sounds, Sanders Commings has obviously proven himself and with the emergence of Branden Smith, they want both of those guys to play. So Commings moves to safety to make room for Branden to start.


  13. JDawg

    Rambo is a proven big game player—big games in 2 biggest last year. Sometimes coaches make dumb moves, thinking some new kid who did good in practice will be better than 14 tackles and an int against Florida. 12 tackles against SC. He’s tested. The other guys arn’t.


    • Will (The Other One)

      I’d say as far as the SCar game goes it was less a great game by Rambo, and more a terrible, terrible day for our front 7.


  14. Orl. Dawg

    I think Rambo was much better prior to the concusion. I know he had a bunch of tackles against Florida last year; but Brantley gift wrapped a perfect pass to him with 30 seconds left in a tie game. Rambo was even running toward our goal line when the ball hit him in the hands with no one around. Even Gary Danielson said he would’ve been at least to the FL 40 going in. He could’ve been the hero to score the winning TD or set up a Walch winning FG. But he dropped the pass and we all know what happened after that. So, he made some tackles; but he didn’t come up big in that big game. Someone needs to light a fire under his butt.


    • donkeydawg

      Damn. I had somehow blotted that play from my memory. Perhaps it was displaced by the two botched fumble recoveries in the same game, which had me howling at the TV screen.

      I do clearly remember that moment (mentioned by another commenter) in the opener against ULL when Rambo got completely burned on a TD pass and I thought: “Uh-Oh! Omen alert!”

      Let’s hope Rambo remembers both plays with a searing intensity, and gets the chance to show he’s grown.


  15. hailtogeorgia

    At the risk of being run out of town on a rail, might this speak a little bit to the fact that Willie Two-Thumbs might not have been THAT crazy in not playing him as much? Rambo looked great two years ago in limited action and in direct comparison with Bryan Evans. Last year (albeit in a new scheme), he was exposed to have some major issues regarding ball fakes and reading run vs. pass (as well as coverage on wheel routes). I’m hoping he’ll improve, but sometimes, more exposure can lead to a guy being exposed.


  16. AlphaDawg

    1st the entire secondary played poorly at times last year, hoping year 2 will result in some consistency. 2nd next to Robinson he is my favorite player, but we should play who’s best, not whos deserving. Rambo has been whispered as deserving to play since he stepped on campus, he played the scout team QB for awhile his RSFr year.


  17. zdub

    This is what most fans were clamoring for. Competition. Seniority doesn’t matter. If you show that you can play then you WILL PLAY.

    Plus, even if Rambo does end up as a back-up, that is not a bad problem for the team. He knows how to play, he has proven that he can play, and when it’s time to give the starters a breather then he gets in there and there is little-to-no decrease in production.

    Win-win if you ask me, for all involved!


  18. Yurdle

    I worried about safety being thin. If Rambo’s on the bench, then I’m not too worried. He can play either spot. We all know that he’s good enough to contribute on D, and I would be delighted to find out that he or somebody else has what it takes to be excellent.


  19. AthensHomerDawg

    It’s gonna get awful hot on that field when the chickens come to town. I don’t know who will start …but all who can play will be needed.


  20. Boss Dawg

    I was at the UT game screaming for him to get on the field and Evans to see the bench but now it must be evident to the coaches that he isn’t progressing and other guys are. I tend to think he is a little slow and doesn’t show great instincts…but they were a lot better than Evan’s.


  21. IveyLeaguer

    Rambo was pathetic last year, and that’s not an exaggeration. Don’t take my word for it, go back and watch the film. It’s right there for anyone to see.

    I couldn’t be happier that Rambo is not being rewarded with some sort of entitlement. Rewarding that kind of play will get you .. well .. to where we were last year. The kind of football he played last year, is the type of ball we’re trying to get away from.

    We’re fortunate that S.Williams is coming on. And C.Moore is on a fast track with Hamilton’s injury. And most of all that we have Commings, and enough depth at Corner that we can move him.

    It’ll be fine if Rambo can do a metamorphosis and become a different player. But I’ve never seen that happen at the safety position. So I won’t be disappointed if I never see Rambo the next 2 years, if he can’t be a completely different player. He can provide depth this year, but next year he’ll have a hard time seeing the field, if things keep going the way they are.

    Safety was the biggest problem area on the team going into the fall. Now it’s looking OK, and best of all, without Rambo. I’m delighted, and you should be too if you want Georgia to win.


  22. 69Dawg

    My only rap on Rambo was that he was too easily faked. He should have been nick named “Catfish” because he would bit on anything. He got burned early by ULL and often.


  23. 69Dawg

    That’s “bite” damn it.


  24. JDawg

    We don’t need another G-Day superstar starting as a DB. Especially when you got Big Game Rambo back there, Rambo’s been tested in the real fire, and came up 14/12 tackles against 2 most important teams: Fla/SC. Big Game Rambo. Bench the G-Day heroes, bring on the tested warriors.


    • zdub

      So you’d would stick Kwame on the bench?


      • zdub

        That is, not all of the “G-day Heroes” are not worthy of playing time. Grantham has a decade+ experience in the NFL, he knows how to evaluate his players. If he doesn’t start Rambo then he has a reason. If the starter doesn’t get it done early on, then Rambo goes back in. Simple.


    • hailtogeorgia

      JDawg, I get it, you’re a fan of the guy. “Big Game Rambo” though? Based on two games? …not to mention the fact that you never want a member of your secondary to lead the team in tackles, because it means that, quite often, the ball is getting into the secondary to begin with.


    • Sanford222View

      How many times are you going to post the stats from two games. What about the other 10 games?

      I am all for putting the best player out there. It may very well be Rambo. I don’t know. Only the coaches do.

      Just because Rambo is your favorite player doesn’t mean he is the best option. He could have had 50 tackles in those two games but if he is beat 4 times for TD’s the 50 stops don’t matter much.


  25. AthensHomerDawg

    Well I haven’t forgotten the silence after that big hit against Auburn.
    just sayin’


  26. JDawg

    2 games? Guess you didn’t read my earlier post about his entire body of work last year, nobody that returned on defense is more tested or productive, or played bigger.

    Big Game Rambo had a great year and performed his best when needed the most:
    82 tackles, 3 int’s, 3 pbu’s, 3 forced fumbles. The dude is money. Big fan.


  27. JDawg

    Say you compare Rambo’s production and Big Game stats against the “designated leader” CROB? You’d think a LB owuld have more tackles and sacks than a safety, eh? Not so much.

    Big Game Rambo 82 tackles, 3 int’s, 3 pbu’s, 3 forced fumbles. 14/12 tackles against Fla./SC. Money. Big Game Rambo.

    Little Game CROb? 40 tackles, 2 sacks, 1 against Id St, 5 tackles 1 sacks against SC, 2 tackles and 0 sacks against Florida.

    Surprised? I’m not. Any other comparison of any defensive returning starter to Big Game Rambo is welcomed, bring it on!


    • CoastToCoast

      Context seems to be key here.

      I don’t think you ever want your safeties pulling in THAT MANY tackles – it means too many backs are breaking through to the next level. So if “BG” Rambo is putting up big stats, it probably means (1) our linemen and LBs aren’t getting it done (not a surprise given we didn’t have the proper personnel), leading to (2) Rambo shading towards over aggression versus the run and short pass – which would account for him getting burned on the wheel routes.

      That being said, I trust CTG to make the right call.


    • Turd Ferguson

      You know what I remember most about Rambo’s performance against SC? Him getting knocked on his ass play after play by a true freshman RB.

      I’ve got a wild idea. How ’bout we let Grantham and Lakatos decide which players give us the best chance to win? Thankfully, they don’t base their decisions on fan man-crushes … or stat-crushes, whatever the case may be.


  28. Macallanlover

    I don’t get all the tear downs. Rambo is going to play some this year, and will be badly needed. It doesn’t matter who starts guys. He is still a Dawg and I hope he plays great when he is on the field, aand that doesn’t matter if it is the first snap by BSU. He has had good moments, and a few letdowns. I take it that we have more talent and depth than before, and that is a positive.

    All you Energy Vampires should go away. I look for improved play throughout our lineup until it is proven differently. Why start out dissing players? Excited about the improvement the coaches are seeing.


  29. Lrgk9

    I wonder if this is tied to that Artie Lynch Wheel route TD after the coaches hollered ‘Watch the Wheel Route’?