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Alonzo Highsmith stayed at a Holiday Inn Express last night.

Dude wants to sue the NCAA if Miami gets sanctioned.  Hopefully he doesn’t plan on representing himself.

“I question a lot of things in this Yahoo! investigation. My thing is, don’t show me pictures you took with kids. Don’t show me a receipt. Show me evidence. …”

Maybe he just wants to interview some of the hookers.



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Sometimes, I don’t understand these kids.

If Jordan Jefferson wanted to get into a bar fight, why didn’t he go to Knoxville, where they know how to treat the rowdy football player right?


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Looking for Texas A&M’s blue dress

Ken Starr going over the top on a subject – who’da thunk it?

… Universities across the country have signed solemn agreements with conferences. Those are contracts. The stability those contracts bring is good for the institutions and the extended communities that energetically support America’s colleges and universities. Those agreements were entered into with due deliberation, careful consideration and formal approval by governing authorities…

One little problem, Kenny:  the Big 12 ain’t one of those conferences.


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If they win, these look fine.

Nike jumps the gun and posts a look at the sooper dooper new unis.

At least they don’t look like Grambling’s.

And Aaron – ditch those gloves, buddy.


UPDATE:  More pics.

I have no clue what the deal is with that third pic.


UPDATE #2:  Christian Robinson puts it another way.


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