If they win, these look fine.

Nike jumps the gun and posts a look at the sooper dooper new unis.

At least they don’t look like Grambling’s.

And Aaron – ditch those gloves, buddy.


UPDATE:  More pics.

I have no clue what the deal is with that third pic.


UPDATE #2:  Christian Robinson puts it another way.



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105 responses to “If they win, these look fine.

  1. Russ

    No, those will never be fine in any situation. Burn them. Please.

    God, how I hate Nike!


  2. Prov

    But, but, all the kids are doing it.


  3. Rocket Dawg



  4. Colin

    My only complaint is they don’t look “Georgia Red”


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      Good eye. Georgia red is a little more scarlet than the military red most schools wear. Excuse the comparison, but Georgia red is more like Ohio State, less like Nebraska.


  5. Biggus Rickus

    On the bright side…there’s no bright side. How fucking hard is it to come up with a decent looking “futuristic” uniform? Nike hasn’t managed it yet.


    • Stoopnagle

      I disagree. They actually have created some pretty sweet unis. Oregon State last year, for example. I thought they did a good job with Boise, too, considering Boise is essentially a blank palette upon which to work. They were respectful of Texas and Alabama’s uniform traditions.

      Too bad we’re more Michigan State than Michigan. Because these things couldn’t be more insulting unless they were orange.


  6. Biggus Rickus

    I assume the third pic is to show off their version of underarmour, which would make more sense if it didn’t look like they put a tramp stamp on it.


    • UGH those are Horrible Uniforms

      Looks like a Tech grad in their future look department at Nike made a joke at our expense. Wouldn’t be surprised to see little “Ugay” hidden in the threading.

      Kind of like when the translator (trues story by the way) translated signs for the street demonstrations after 9/11 saying “Bomb US First”


    • Cojones

      Nah . It’s to leave room to strap on the rockets.


  7. ChicagoDawg

    Now comes all the pointless outrage and wasted emotion….not my preference particularly (although I was pleasantly surprised)…..whatever the case, to quote the philosopher Joe Dirt…..”it’s not about you, it’s about the consumer”….the “consumer” in this case is players and the Nike deomgraphic….UGA takes their money and that comes w/ some strings…the players dig them……they are not permanent and not a big deal in the grand scheme….


  8. Tenn_Dawg

    Some silver britches would have been better.

    I’m with you Senator……whip Boise’s ass and they look just fine.


  9. Derek

    Why do I get the feeling that our fans are going to hate these so much they’ll boo when the team comes out? I guess that is one reason to roll these out early. Maybe we’ll get over it before kickoff.

    They are awful, but let’s all try to focus on what’s important.


  10. Careful Brad

    Red pants worked for the 1980 team in Knoxville, that was a one time thing too. The huge helmet stripe and extending it to the facemask is just confusing.


    • BeerMoney

      Um, red pants were not a one time thing. We wore them many times on the road. Last time I remember them was ’88 @ Miss. St.


      • sUGArdaddy

        Almost. Last tim was ’88 @ South Carolina. Dooley gave up on them after we lost that one. However, those were new for that season and first time we’d had shiny red pants. They looked sooooo good. Shame we ditched them.


        • ZachDawg

          You’re both wrong. The last time we wore them was when DJ Shockley was QB’ing against Tennessee (I believe ’05).

          I know this because it’s my screen saver. I love the red britches for away games every now and then…

          These new uniforms are H-O-R-R-E-N-D-O-U-S!!!!!!!

          GO DAWGS!!!!!!!


  11. Dawgfan Will

    The uniforms? Eh.

    I actually like the helmets, though.


  12. Who cares. There are much more important things to think about where our team is concerned. The black jerseys take a lot of flack on many of the blogs I visit, but we are 2-1 in them and the jerseys didn’t have one thing to do with our team coming out unprepared against Bama. The players love them and the recruits will love them.
    Lets worry about things that are looming, OL depth, groin injuries, the 2nd year of the 3-4, our WRs stepping up, how much we rebound from the fiasco of the UCF game, those are the things that will make or break us this year.

    Not the uniforms.


    • Biggus Rickus

      Yeah, but the uniforms are known quantities now. Everything else is meaningless speculation until they actually take the field. In a way, the uniforms are the only relevant issue to discuss.


      • Actually OL depth is real, the groin injuries are real, the UCF game was real and it is the 2nd year of the 3-4.

        And you are right, we never discuss irrelevant issues on blogs.


        • Biggus Rickus

          My point was that none of us have a clue about OL depth, how serious any injuries are or how year two of the 3-4 will turn out. As for the UCF game, it doesn’t matter. Bowl games are mostly useless as indicators of anything.


  13. We flirted once with hiring Dick Sheridan, but now we are officially NC State.


  14. Ben

    From the Nike site: “The red and black represents their ruthless style of play, and the silver is a nod to their last national championship season.”

    I hope they don’t think our last NC season was in 1942 . . .


  15. Hobnail_Boot

    The helmets are awesome. It’s hard to see, but it looks like there is a ’34’ on the back of them.


  16. papadawg

    Well, at least if Boise blows us out of the dome, no one will recognize us…


  17. Skeptic Dawg

    Surprisingly, I do not hate them. The I would like to see the Dawgs return to red pants for road games. I guess they could be worse (black pants and black helmets).


  18. Russ

    What’s the point of a uniform? Why not just give the players money and send them down to Dick’s Sporting Goods to pick out what they want to wear?


  19. mwo

    After UGA destroys Boys State in these unis, I hope they don’t even launder them before they wear them to kick that chicken shit team from Columbia’s arse. Spurrier only wears the visor to hide the scars from the circumcision.


  20. AthensHomerDawg

    must be my screen calibration, or does the red have a slight orange hue?


  21. AthensHomerDawg

    nope called a friend that does graphic design work and he is calling it “hot pink”. He chuckled when he answered the phone and said ” I thought you might call, looks like a power ranger hot pink”. In a moment I will wake up and laugh…….


  22. Haywood Jablome

    Reading the comments has made my morning… the bottom line is the players and potential recruits love this. As long as they come out and GATA I have no problems with the team wearing whatever they want.


  23. Section Z alum

    those are absolutely disgusting.


  24. SCDawg

    Nike really is scared shitless of losing business to the click clack people, isn’t it?


  25. Panther Dawg

    We are going to look like power rangers…. I don’t care, so long as we GATA. Sic ’em!


  26. DamnGoodDawg

    Let’s get this started rolling in the right direction…

    RED OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  27. Irishdawg

    They’re not the ugliest ones Nike has rolled out. We are lucky as a fan base in that UGA’s colors are red and black, and that usually always looks good. I’m on record as hating almost all of the Pro Combat unis, but these are better than most of them (Texas’s and LSU’s were the only ones better).


  28. heyberto

    I guess I’m just glad they’re predominantly red.. and I would have much preferred some silver britches… reminds me of NC state.. oh well.


  29. Go Dawgs!

    Forget the glove, when did Aaron become so muscular? And black?


  30. JaxDawg

    No one will give a shit what the uni’s look like come gametime. Plenty of strong, traditional programs mix up there unis from time to time. Boise plays on a blue turf field and we will wear these uni’s one time, big deal.

    Aside from that, I do like the helmets and would like them more if the stripe was a thinner black and the facemasks were all black. Sharp.


  31. DamnGoodDawg

    The more that I look at them, the more I like them. Especially here:



  32. The Life of Reilly

    I have no problem with good faith criticism, but what I can’t stand is when the uniform discussion turns into some bs about who’s more of a gruff, traditionalist fan. It turns into a pissing match about who hates the new uniforms more based on who can sound more aged and conservative. The only people who’s opinion I care about are the players. They are risking their bodies with possible paralysis and concussions for our entertainment. We at the very least could let them enjoy these uniforms.


    • Cojones

      Look, son. We’ve had the enjoyment of paralysis and concussions for years. Don’t you go and spoil our entertainment, otherwise we might switch our channel to NASCAR where they play for keeps for our entertainment. Then there’s the war.

      If ole’ farts say they don’t like the unis, then salute smartly and say, “Yes, sir!” Don’t come on here criticizin’ the criticizers. If you want to complain wait until you’re our age and taking a dump becomes a colossal problem. First , you get constipated, followed by a log jam and when you go, you’re butt gets widened like you spent your first night in prison with 5 roommates. And one of’em had an uneasy wider.

      Jes’ kiddin’.


  33. Irishdawg

    One thing I do really like are the gloves; they’re flashy without being gaudy.


  34. Jordan

    If we pretend the big red stripe is paying homage to Erk’s bloody face, I might feel better about it.


    • mwo

      There was a comment somewhere that said exactly what you said. McGarity made NIKE put the red stripe on the helmet as an homage to Erk’s bloody forehead.


  35. anonymous

    third pic is of undershirt. If you look closely, it’s uga’s face. Pretty neat. All in all, I like the uni’s the more I see it. georgiadogs.com has a video of the uni’s in “action”…it makes ’em look better. Go dawgs!


  36. Umich

    they look much better sans the nike cartoon pads.


  37. Okefenokee Dawg

    It’s an ugly uniform, that you can’t drink purtty!


  38. What fresh Hell is this?

    Return the $ to Nike and come on the field in the regular unis. Please.


  39. Coastal Dawg

    They look like something designed by Pepsi – very French.


  40. Scott

    OFF TOPIC: Why does Florida have 14 fewer scholarship players this year? I confess to now paying close attention this off-season.


    • Cojones

      Some left. Some got kicked off. Some dated that Mary Jawanna girl in the front seat. Yeah, kicked their best returning D player off. Meant to confirm that as positive attributes of their coach on this blog yesterday, but got caught up in a political rant instead.


  41. Scott

    The trend toward looking “gangsta” continues. Nike should just get Shug Knight to design them.


  42. Will Trane

    Just tell me if there are red jock straps in this wardrobe malfunction. Then we will know who the consultant was for Nike.

    Not sure that is UGA Red and Black. The head gear. Face gaurd is red and black. Then why do the strip in red and black format, but on a lesser scale of width.

    Maybe the Athletic Department can run a contest among the students to design a new uniform for us. Or hire Ralph Lauren. Anybody but Nike.

    Not sure about them yet. But momma I ain’t weat that to school this year.


  43. I, for one, welcome the Nike Pro Combat overlords. I think the all red look is pretty cool. I think the helmets are sharp. The gloves are fantastic. One of the enduring images of Mark Ingram are his Vapor blah blah gloves with the script A. I would love to see Georgia players throwing up the G after a big score (once they are on the sideline, of course).

    I am for changing up the look, if for no other reason to reward players with something simple that they can look forward to. UGA can’t give them extra honey nut spread for their bagels, but they can give them a different looking uniform that they’ll enjoy for one game (unless they win, and decide to break them out for the BCS game like they did the black jerseys). Do I prefer the silver britches? Sure. But, that doesn’t mean that the team can’t ever change things up to drum up a little attention.

    They don’t tell me what to wear to the games, so I suppose I won’t tell them.


  44. Will Trane

    Stunned. One last comment. I’d like to see a new uniform, but I do not think this is it.

    Even the misses asked. Is this for football or for the runways in upper Manhattan?

    I just do not like Nike. I have not gotten over their piss-poor bats for the Diamond Dawgs and losing the CWS..


  45. Blanche

    One look at the uniform made me blanche.


  46. H-Town Dawg

    Personally, I don’t like the look. But I can live with it for one game. As others have said, all that matters is how the players respond to the challenge of Boise. If freaky deaky combat uniforms help get them into a dangerous (for Boise, that is) state of mind, then we’ll all appreciate the outcome.

    Just as long as the Dawgs are back in their traditional uniforms when the Cocks come to town.



  47. Connor

    I’m officially nervous about how much is riding on this game against Boise. It’s our first game since a losing season. It’s first game since the awful bowl debacle. It’s the first game under the new strength regime. It’s the first game in “year 2” of Grantham’s defense, which we’ve all decided is when the big leap should be made. It’s our first game against an out of conference team ranked in the AP top 5 since probably the 80’s. Now we’re adding new uniforms that seem to be splitting the fanbase and the players, it feels like we’re putting a lot of eggs in this basket. Win, and everything will be validated. Last year will be behind us, Richt will be off the hotseat, the uniforms will be a brilliant motivational ploy. If we win without injury pundits will probably immediately be predicting big things for us. On the other hand, if we lose, it’s going to be ugly. We’ll have lost to a non-BCS conference team for the second game in a row, all the changes will seem to have had no impact, Richt will be firmly on the hotseat… the uniforms will be viewed as a huge mistake and another nail in the programs coffin. With a confident SC team coming in the next week, most people will think the season is teetering on the brink one week in.
    These Kick-Off classics have seen the contestants go in wildly different directions over the last three years. Let’s hope we’re Alabama 2009 and not Clemson 2008.


  48. Marmot

    I hate to admit it, but the uni’s look cool just based on these pictures. I am probably the only Auburn fan who is firmly in the Oregon camp of uniform philosophy and so I enjoy anyone’s attempt to challenge the uniform status quo. I’ll reserve final judgement for Sept 3 when the teams hit the field, but the pictures are sharp.


  49. 2011-dawgtrain

    power rangers ? I think it’s been done.


  50. Turd Ferguson

    I’ve never seen so many dudes whine about clothing. Who gives a shit? It’s one game. Both teams will be wearing Nike pro combat uniforms. And they don’t make us play worse. If I didn’t know better, I’d think that many of you still have not gotten over the ‘Bama Blackout …


  51. Oh Jeez!!! Deluxe ugly!!!


  52. T-bone Mac

    I DO like the gloves, especially the studded dawg collar part. I wish that would have been carried into the uniform proper (like maybe around the neckline of the jersey. THAT would have looked awesome). As I look at the helmet, the red on the facemask kinda looks like bloody, snarling teeth. I do think silver pants would have looked better, but at the very least, I think there needs to be more definition between the jersey and the pants, perhaps bring the black belt all the way around…?


    • Dawgfan Will

      Your collar idea is much better than what we got. Actually, the red stitching on the black of the collar is the only part I really hate. It just looks…unfinished.


  53. As much as I prefer the “traditional” uniforms, which have actually had changes made to them over the years, this is all about recruiting. You either keep up with the times or you turn into what Notre Dame has been since the mid 90’s, a has been that things 18 year old kids give a krap about what they did in the 40’s. In an ideal world UGA could ignore Nike and not change uniforms ever but I don’t want to see us left behind in recruiting.


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  55. S.E. Dawg

    Our players are going to be juiced up for this game. I can see Murray over-throwing the first couple of passes. The uins only add to that juice. I sure hope it’s not fake juice though.


  56. bryantdenny

    I can’t believe my eyes. Those unis are nasty and break my heart for you guys.


  57. Macallanlover

    Yep, it is major embarrassing. Why couldn’t we have done it for the Coastal Carolina and Vandy type games when no one is watching, not the one game where many casual fans will see UGA play for the first time? Awful, McGarity sold us out. We look like Florida, UT, or Clem’s Son with those monochromatic unis. Sad, we have a very classy uni hanging in the lockers just down the road.


  58. heyberto

    I’ve seen some lashing out on other forums toward those of us that don’t just ‘get over this and support your team’, the players like it, etc. etc., blah blah blah. 1. My team support hasn’t wavered despite not liking the new uniforms. 2. We all knew they were going to wear Pro Combat unis. We were all prepared for something unusual.. but what we weren’t prepared for is that they would suck this bad. There were three mockups (possibly fan made) floating around the blogosphere that were infinitely better than this option. Granted one was just the traditional scheme, .but the other two were definitely ‘out there’. Oh well.


  59. NGAHolly

    My first thought was “Adam Ant”


  60. AusDawg85

    My God….would it be OK to tear-out the Hedges for “just one game” and paint the field in bizarro colors because the kids would “like” it (on FB I presume) or help recruiting?

    Change the fight song to be more current and promote some hip-hop artists record label because we accept the promotional money?

    Replace the Dawg Walk with a scooter rally (sort of like a Shriners Parade in Philly)?

    Voice-over Munson’s greatest hits with Beyonce’?

    There is a reason that ties fans AND players to Georgia….our TRADITIONS. It’s the legacy that ties the past, present and future together for all time.

    Let the kids have their fun? See how that worked for the “U” when that attitude is take to an extreme.

    No reason at all Nike could not have been held accountable to respecting and honoring the traditions that are UGA. These uni’s ain’t it. I will cheer long, hard and loud for the Dawgs come Sept 3 and do my utmost to ignore this nonsense while wearing red, but shake my head sadly, win or lose, at how the chase for more $$$ over-shadows our respect for the very things that make Georgia….GEORGIA.

    P.S. McGarity should just sell the licensing rights and these uni’s to a UFL / Arena football team to cover that costs of coming-out against BSU in “traditional” gear. Now THAT would fire-up the players and the crowd!

    /rant over
    /long sigh


  61. Anon

    Angry self-righteous fans are funny.


  62. Bryant Denny

    Would have been nice if they could have incorporated the silver pants. Also, a studded dog collar look around the collar would’ve been a nice touch.

    I think it’s ok to spice up the uniforms a bit, but what makes it slick is to be able to see the uniform evolve from one version to the next. It’s hard to mess up red, silver and black, but Nike appears to have done so.


  63. 202dawg

    Helmet, helmet, helmet…

    The red stripe is ridiculous. Half that size (or less) with black outline and be done. The unis aren’t bad to me…


  64. Otto

    The silver helmet has been gone for so long it is an Ohio State trademark and I must say I despise anything Ohio State. The large red strip is just tacky it looks like an Arena league touch.

    Next if you want to recal the past and spend a fortune get some real SILVER pants. The all red looks like Fresno State. The black sleeves are just terrible.

    If they had silver pants, a red helmet, and red sleeves the uniform would be decent.

    Unfortunately special uniforms for UGA have had the same result as special cars for Earnhardt Sr. in the Winston….an automatic trip into the wall.