Looking for Texas A&M’s blue dress

Ken Starr going over the top on a subject – who’da thunk it?

… Universities across the country have signed solemn agreements with conferences. Those are contracts. The stability those contracts bring is good for the institutions and the extended communities that energetically support America’s colleges and universities. Those agreements were entered into with due deliberation, careful consideration and formal approval by governing authorities…

One little problem, Kenny:  the Big 12 ain’t one of those conferences.



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10 responses to “Looking for Texas A&M’s blue dress

  1. Cojones

    Tough break, idiots. Why did you let Texas and ESPN take over your conference and not expect kickback, then kissoff?


  2. Vindexdawg

    Well, at the least little rumble beneath the NCAA Conference faultlines – if I were President of Baylor, I would be prone to hysterics too . Although who knows, maybe that is one reason they appointed him…among others.


    • Cojones

      Among others more than likely. After all, it is in Texas. Wasn’t he the guy that couldn’t even convict a guy caught with his dick hangin’ out?


      • Phocion

        Jury nullification.

        It’s a thing, yes?


        Baylor and Texas Tech (to say nothing of OSU, KSU and ISU) know that if/when the Big12-2 explodes they won’t have an easy time of it find another pay gig. They, more than Texas and Oklahoma will be the force trying to keep that conference together.


  3. Phocion

    Aren’t there whole cadres of Ken’s fellow professionals that make their living disproving his assertion or at least extricating one party from a contract by which they no longer care to be bound?


    Notre Dame as a serious consideration is laughable. The more you hear that suggestion the more it seems like their mention is compulsory whenever ANY conference talks about expanding.


    If/when A&M goes it will be the death knell of the BigXII and the larger FBS/BCS system as we know it. Texas will have no one to blame when they find themselves obligated to join one of the coming Super Conferences but themself…their LHN deal, following closely on the heels of the NU and CU defections, was the straw that broke the Aggies’ back. And if they couldn’t have anticipated that it was simply because their arrogance blinded them to that obvious conclusion.


  4. Cojones

    The big blustery bully bummed Big-12 beyond belief! Piss-poor prior pathetic planning permitted probable performance pathos.


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Just read the clip, not the entire article. Which school was he talking about? Was it Texas, A&M, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, TCU, …..


  6. AusDawg85

    “As university presidents, we should put a stop to this madness. We should come together and — in the best spirit of American higher education — have a conversation. Beginning with faculty, alumni and friends, the American people should insist that those presidential-level conversations take place with honor and in a spirit of full disclosure to fellow institutions and the entire constituent body.”

    Ummmm….didn’t Emmert’s attorneys at the NCAA think a similar idea would lead to anti-trust charges? This is different…how?


  7. “As university presidents, we should put a stop to this madness.”

    Ken is widely regarded as an expert on madness