Sometimes, I don’t understand these kids.

If Jordan Jefferson wanted to get into a bar fight, why didn’t he go to Knoxville, where they know how to treat the rowdy football player right?


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8 responses to “Sometimes, I don’t understand these kids.

  1. 3rd Degree

    Hopefully he gets the Perrilloux treatment. Probably the transition the LSU faithful or waiting for anyways….

  2. Spence

    When your star (sic) QB is at a bar at 2am called Shady’s, no article written about that night is going to read well.

    I thought nobody could top hospitalizing a cop, but kicking a Marine in the head may have put Jefferson over the top.

  3. JaxDawg

    So here’s Jordan Jefferson, he of similar skillz as that idiot that the Raiders drafted/gambled and lost. The same Jordan, when asked to name another Jefferson (a founding father, Thomas) guessed “George”. F*cking idiot.

    Where does LSU find these fools? Can we get Florida to recruit a few?

    • Dawgfan Will

      They do, but unfortunately their fools transfer to other rivals and win national championships and Heismans.

  4. OKDawg

    What are the betting odds he starts against Oregon anyway?

    • Macallanlover

      I have always enjoyed/defended The Hat while others made fun of him, but if JJ isn’t held out of the Oregon game (at least), he will fall to the level of Urbie (who reinstated “Time to Die”) and Derek Dooley (who only disciplined one player in the ” UT cop stomp” last summer.) Coaches have to have standards, and they shouldn’t been sold out based on what your team needs. Spurrier went from setting consistent standards to selling out when it came to needing key players….even Cock fans are embarrassed by his tolerance of Garcia’s actions.

  5. Hackerdog

    Police “foresee charges” but aren’t sure which side were the aggressors.
    I think the side that pulled the driver from the truck and started beating him down would qualify.

    • Macallanlover

      Yes, the entire incident is avoided if the mob chooses to act like adults and not drunken thugs. It was interesting that JJ is one of two that may face assault charges, according to a report I heard yesterday on the CFB station on satellite radio. Doesn’t mean they will be filed, but strong indication that JJ was identified specifically as one of those kicking a man on the ground. Maybe he should transfer to TN, or at least give them credit for pointing the way on violent, gang behavior when around a bar after curfew with yoru buds giving you a huge numerical edge. Real tough guy.

      Interestingly, this may help LSU’s QB situation for 2011, I can’t imagine Mett not being better than what I have seen from Jefferson, and certainly from Lee.