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Sunday morning buffet

Eat those damned bagels any way you want to.



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Oy vey, NCAA.

I should probably save this (h/t John Infante) for a buffet item, but it’s too deliciously perfect an illustration of what’s so screwed up about the NCAA not to deserve its own special place on the GTP posting menu.

… But it turns out the biggest story about National Collegiate Athletic Association violations had nothing to do with the corrupting influence of Ponzi schemer Nevin Shapiro.

It had to do with cream cheese. Yes, the corrupting influence of free cream cheese.

I know. You probably missed this shmear campaign. It was buried on Page 118 of an NCAA report dealing with proposed rulebook changes for next year.

The report, which suggests 91 rule changes, tackles the dispensation of free bagels to student-athletes.

‘You gotta put something on it’

As it stands now, schools can give their athletes free bagels, but not free cream cheese.

An existing NCAA rule allows schools to provide their student-athletes “fruit, nuts and bagels” any time of day.

But nothing on the bagel. See the problem?

Problem?  More like a crime against nature.  But more importantly, what kind of mindset does it take to come up with a hair-splitting proposal like that in the first place?


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