Sunday morning buffet

Eat those damned bagels any way you want to.


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  1. BenG

    That silent protest link is from 2009. Am I missing something?


  2. NCT

    The linked reporter protest story is from ’09. Did it happen again this year?


    • No, I just thought it was interesting… and futile.


      • Keese

        Senator, you put ” a recent Mark Richt press conference”…?


      • Cojones

        They( sell that info, don’t they? If you want to read what others put out for nothing, why would you pay to read public info about our players? Did I miss a point here? If ISP film is accessable to the fan base, why would their duplicate filming hurt Rivals and Scout’s access to free press? Because it hurts their bottom line so much that they are willing to risk losing access altogether in order to get info they can label “exclusive”?

        Boise St’s linemen get bigger and bigger each publication. Sounds like poor info spreads early and fast. What does this get our wt. differential down to? But we’re still faster, right? By joining the SEC John Jenkins automatically became SEC speed? I wouldn’t bet on it . Our D was going to get lambasted for not man-handling what now turns out to be matching or bigger behemoths. Right tackle weighs 20 lbs more than last year? Is the 6’6″ left tackle headed over 300lbs by game time? My point is a sobering one for the ranters who develop Geathers and Jenkins into their collective thinking as Kongzilla and visualize the opposing line caving in and Moore dumped on his backside a la Hawaii. They might do well to compare the O lines of each team(Hawaii vs Boise) before replaying that film in their heads.

        This game will be a struggle worthy of everything that we have to win. The guys in our trenches had better get sober love and affection between now and gametime in order to more closely identify with their upcoming struggle in the Dome and appreciate fully what they are up against. It lessens players’s pain and the fan’s pain when you identify closely with the struggle at hand. Forget the Blue Smurf talk before you begin to believe it and give short shrift to the players struggling in the trenches.


  3. AusDawg85

    Poor Les Miles…talk about a lose-lose decision to make if the charges against JJ are all true.


  4. Stoopnagle

    I looked at that ’05 Boise game on last night. They were playing nothing but frosh/sophs on the OL in that game. They’re a much different team now, much deeper and more talented.

    Plus, 6 TOs in the first half. Yowza.


  5. S.E. Dawg

    We do the flag thing right but over do it on the magnets. Speaking of which, does anyone know where to get some cool bulldog car flags without being bookstore generic if you know what I mean?


    • Cojones

      Trim your present one into a triangular pennant and attach a ribbon streamer. If it unravels at all (depending on the material) repair edges with 1/2″ strip of foil folded over the edge to give a 1/4″ bright outline to the pennant. Glue foil edge in place.

      Using luan paneling, paint side outline of mouth-open Uga stretching to grip tailend of flag with teeth. Cut out and mount on suitable holder as separate from flag. Looks like he is chasing flag in high spirits.


  6. Bulldog Joe

    Cam Newton and Auburn’s compliance director were both underpaid.

    They bought a championship and got away with it.


  7. Irwin Fletcher

    I too bow at the idol of college football, but I can’t understand how Tony B. draws the conclusion that the ACC’s decision to expand for football has had anything to do with the diminished spectacle of the ACC tournament. I love my man Tony B., but I think he misses the big picture here…

    1) Less novelty/More competition: The Big 10 and the Pac 10 have added tourneys (98 for the Big 10 and 02 for the Pac 10). The Big East expanded into a super conference in basketball as a result of the loss of Miami, Va Tech, etc. and has more elite teams than the ACC.
    2) The rise of the faceless team: Not only has the lack of stars/upperclassmen hurt college basketball overall, but it has cut events like the ACC tournament especially deep. On the one hand, the casual fan (and even the ardent fan) pays little attention until the NCAA’s, and while some may argue this is a result of a playoff system…ahem…I would argue that much of this is that people have no clue who plays for these teams anymore. The NCAA’s provides the perfect vehicle for watching nameless/faceless basketball, while the regular season and the conference tourneys do not.
    3) Early Entry: On the other hand, piggy backing off the lack of stars/upperclassmen, the ACC tournament used to be required viewing because of the players. Just look at the 1995 ACC tournament…which was already getting hit by juniors declaring…playing in that tourney, you had Joe Smith, Rasheed Wallace, Jerry Stackhouse, Bob Sura, Cherokee Parks, Tim Duncan, Randolph Childress, Travis Best, Corey Alexander, Junior Burrough, Eric Meek, Todd Fuller, Jeff McInnis, Drew Barry, etc.

    That’s at least one NBA first rounder on 8 teams and zero ‘one and done’ players. With Stephon Marbury pulling a one and done the following year, KG and Kobe successfully declaring for the draft, and the rise of the other tournaments, the ACC tourney was doomed regardless of whether they added more football…however, they might have saved the conference over the long term by diversifying with football…the ACC might not exist in 2011 if they hadn’t added Va Tech and Miami in 2003.

    Sorry to get on a soap box.


  8. Macallanlover

    “Sadly, I can buy that.” I understand there are those who feel as you do, but I find it difficult to see how passionate CFB fans cannot help but rejoice about this natural progression. I just hope it happens quickly, as it almost did last summer. I fear it will get delayed now by attorneys wrangling over contracts, and the antis filing motions.

    Anyone else having trouble with email and name validation being required multiple times this past week when you attempt to post? Something has changed, it could be one of my settings.


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