Say it ain’t so.

I expect preseason doom and gloom from Larry Munson, so when Larry frets about everything from quarterback inexperience to the lack of depth at long snapper, I take it in context.

But when the usually sunny Loran Smith pens a column entitled “Tough to tell what to expect from Bulldogs”, well, that’s a cause for concern.


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  1. Matt b

    How is Larry?


  2. MT

    Loran’s look is more of a retrospective than prospective one for this season. It’s true though, he’s not exactly Mr. sunshine John Denver


  3. Jackson

    Loran has always had his fingers on the pulse… I just don’t think he ever has had it on the right pulse…. Talking boiled peanuts on the sideline of a game?


  4. Go Dawgs!

    My favorite Loran Smith moment came when my buddies and I were huddled around the radio listening to the 1998 UGA-UK game in the dorm (we were freshmen and couldn’t afford the road trip, and I can’t remember why we couldn’t see it on TV… it might not have been on, but I’ve seen replays of that game on FSN over the years. Maybe it was just tape delayed). Anyway, we were listening as play got underway, and Larry throws it down to Loran. He gave Munson something like, “well, Larry, the sky really is blue today, and it really brings out the blue in all of the shirts and hats in the stands. I can’t remember the sky being this blue when we’ve been up here, but it is today. Back to you.” Classic.


  5. Dawgy45

    That header scared the pee out of me.


  6. AlphaDawg

    I was home on leave it was Thanksgiving 98 or 99, we were at Tech and Larry gives it to Loran..”well, Larry, i’m not sure you’re gonna believe this, but there is a Porty Potty down here with your name on it”…long pause and Larry just responds,with a short grunt and “well”. And Larry doesn’t go back to Loran till the end of the game.


  7. Will Trane

    Think most would agree there is some apprehension going into this season, if not significant concern. In 2010 there was a lot of factors…play calling, suspensions, off-field distractions, lack of a genuine Dawgs rushing game, lack of a bona fide Junkyard Dawg defense, and no legit play maker / leader on either side of the ball. When a defensive team yields those numbers in the 2nd and 4th quarter, you have to wonder if it is coaching and preparation. Did the opposing coaches adjust to what they saw during the first quarter, and likewise after the half, they started making adjustments again.

    But Loran Smith’s article points out the failures in 2010 and questions whether the coaches have corrected some of that. Experience, depth, and schedule always factors in…but can the rookies and the old hats play on the same page consistently. It could happen in the first two games, but the Dawgs could start 0-2.


  8. Zdawg

    I tell you what, I would thoroughly enjoy a thread on everyone’s favorite Loran moments. THAT would be an entertaining read.


    • BMan

      I’m with you Zdawg. And then someone could send it to Jim Donnan.


    • Slaw Dawg

      I wouldn’t call it a favorite Loran moment, because I generally appreciated the guy’s comments. But back in the late 70’s (I think one of those nail biter Wonderdawg games of ’78), Larry broke away from a red zone moment during, I think, the 3d quarter, and his “Whaddya got?” response was something like “I was down here talking to ______ about his [non football related item], and (chuckle), he was tellin’ me how one time…” Sharp interruption by Larry to report something like “Aaand McClendon just drove for 5 tough yards, fighting and twisting down to the 12!” Pause, then “okay, back to Lauren.” Silence. “Lauren?” More silence. I don’t think Lauren was on speaking terms with Larry again until the 4th quarter.

      Don’t interrupt the man’s story just to report on the football game!


  9. W Cobb Dawg

    Per Loran’s comments on CTG, I figure CTG has a huge amount of credibility riding on this season. He’s had chances in the NFL and at UGA to establish himself as a top DC, but it hasn’t come together yet. In cfb, where player turnover is frequent, you don’t have 3 or 4 years to develop a D. Last year’s problems were mostly marked up to the 3-4 transition. This year, the D had better be a strength or CTG might never see a DC job again – college or pro.


  10. Jackson

    I don’t know if it actually happened or not but one of my friends does his best Larry/Loran impressions with…. “Whaddya got Loran? Well, Larry, it looks like he got hit in his man parts…” it just tickles me to hear the possibility.., true or untrue


  11. Joja

    I want to say it was Georgia/Kentucky, but maybe not, a year or two before Larry hung it up. In response to “whaddya got” Loran says “well, Larry, it’s a shame they scored a touchdown because it gave ’em the lead. Back to you.” Larry just sat there for a good 15 seconds. Loran Smith: Master of the Obvious.


  12. NRBQ

    And, more importantly, the irrelevant.


  13. Dr Zachary Smith-have no fear

    Unusual to see a writer go ahead and shout out to Roget’s in mid-column. No doubt this useful crutch is a well worn paperback and not the web based one all you newfangled electronic wizards would employ.
    Lorens Roget’s has probably served as a drink coaster a time or two and lives to tell about it.


  14. We see how the respect for Georgia has diminished. Even LG wringing his hands? Boise State is looking south with a leering grin on it’s face. This is what losing to ASU, and Central Fl, and Kentucky begats. Those who live in the real world have known it for years….and now, even the dreamers know that the Dogs seem to have misplaced their mojo..The team and then the coaching staff seemed to be the last to know…and now they do. Georgia needs to play hard to win and win back respect..I really think that now they know and they will respond. I’m extremly nervous about Boise State, not because I think they are a super team, but because the hype surrounding this game may determine the Dawg’s level of team self-esteem. We haven’t seen a real determined team since Haiwaia (I could never spell that right)
    showed up with the same smirk on it’s face.