Time to start looking at Boise State.

With less than two weeks to go until the Dome, I thought it might be worth checking out a little news about the opponent:

  • OBNUG has a summary of Boise State’s fall scrimmage game.  The impression left is that the defense, particularly the defensive line, was ahead of the offense.  There are some interesting notes about special teams play (one area where the Dawgs should enjoy a sizeable advantage over the Broncos) and drops by the wide receivers.
  • College Football Zealots Boise State preview is a good mix of stats – “During that 24 game win streak the Broncos played just four teams that were ranked in the Top 25 due to them playing in the WAC. If you take out those four games against ranked opponents the combined winning percentage of the Broncos foes during that 24 game win streak was just 41%.” – and a Q&A with someone from OBNUG.

Speaking of that Q&A, here’s a nice example of Preseason Homerism to chew on:

In our exit survey you discussed the importance of the season opener against Georgia. Where do you see the Broncos having the match-up advantages?

The Broncos defensive line should match up well against Georgia’s offensive line, especially with the recent spate of Bulldog drama at the position. Generally, I think the Bronco defense is set up well against the Georgia offense. BSU may be able to take away the run with its front six or seven and let the secondary hang back and take away passing options for Aaron Murray. I would expect Georgia’s defense to have some early success against Boise State’s offense (size advantage on the line, first game of the season, etc.), but as the game goes on, that matchup should even out.

Funny how it works out like that.


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  1. baltimore dawg

    note to bobo: please explore the 7-9 yard passing game using your tight ends.

  2. Joe Bulldog

    “BSU may be able to take away the run with its front six or seven and let the secondary hang back and take away passing options”

    Isn’t that how ALL defenses essentially are drawn up??

    “I would expect Georgia’s defense to have some early success against Boise State’s offense (size advantage on the line, first game of the season, etc.), but as the game goes on, that matchup should even out.”

    Because normally the smaller unit tends to even out over the long grinding game? In WHAT universe does this guy watch football???

    • Rocksalt

      As I understand it, the problem with the first point is that isn’t BSU’s secondary supposed to be a liability? Or am I thinking ahead to the ‘Cocks?

      To the second point: +1. I think rose-colored, kool-aid stained statistics bear out that demonstrably larger, stronger and faster players tend to actually regress BELOW their competition when they get tired. It’s the “bigger they are, harder they fall” theory of 4th quarter attrition.

  3. gastr1

    Sic ’em. Turd!!!

    • Turd Ferguson

      Ball’s in your court, little guy. I’ve made my case. You’ve yet to respond.

      I should add, though, how funny I think it is that I’m apparently the first thing on your mind whenever Boise is mentioned.

  4. TennesseeDawg

    I like the fact that Boise’s defense seems to be ahead of their offense.

  5. Smitty

    Are they going to be selling booze at the Dome????

  6. IM

    I heard only until halftime.

  7. Greg

    I picked up an Athlon magazine about a month ago. In their unit rankings, they had Boise’s D-line ranked #1 nationally and South Carolna’s #3 so our O-line better be at the top of their game immediately. Athlon had Boise’s O-line at #5 nationally. If their lines are in fact that strong, this is obviously going to be a very difficult task.

  8. Will Trane

    Boise State’s offensive line play … a text book view of “pad level” for the running game and the passing game. Rarely do they give it away.

  9. Eric

    Nothing but rainbows and puppy dogs up in Boise

  10. dawg dad

    Hey, one question. Didn’t Mikey Tamburo from N. Gwinnett go to Boise on scholarship then transfer to UGA as a walk on? If so, perhaps he can give us some insight on tendencies, strategy, etc….Is he still there?

  11. dawg dad

    sorry, actually that was 2 questions.

  12. 69Dawg

    Only Reverent Richt of the church of UGA would not ask a transfer QB from the opening game school to lead the scout team. If it is true that we have not debriefed him on BSU’s plays, players, etc, then Richt is too good to coach Div I and should just go on into the ministry.

  13. Ed Kilgore

    You can’t get much useful intel on BSU from One Bronco Nation Under God or other local sources. Presumably because of their long battle to gain national respect for their program, Boise fans have a very hard time admitting any weaknesses. Their D-Line, their QB and their top RB, are all routinely touted as mythic figures the likes of whom have never been seen on a playing field. Their coaching staff never, ever, makes mistakes. It’s a pretty stark contrast with the candid and often pessmistic atmosphere among Dawg fans, eh?

    To be sure, Bronco fans are generous in highly rating the opposition (not to be cynical about it, this contributes to perceptions of SoS and thus to the all-important Final Ranking), but many of them seem to be visibly struggling to suppress expectations of a blowout in the Dome, so obviously superior are Moore, Martin and Co. In particular, it seems to be assumed their D-line will destroy Georgia’s running game and routinely sack Murray, and that Martin will run wild.

    It’s hard to make any objective assessment. The most significant recent data point about BSU’s abilities against a AQ power is obviously last year’s close win against VaTech. But the Gobblers’ subsequent loss at home to James Madison clouds that game significantly. Did they really just suck at the beginning of the season, or did their exposure to the Gridiron Gods of Boise leave them whimpering in shock for weeks?

    Guess we’ll just have to watch the game. But I think it’s going to be a while before Boise fans are confident enough in the respect their program commands to be anything other than rampant Homers. It comes with the territory they inhabit.

  14. W Cobb Dawg

    Any real or perceived strength on BSU’s D line can be killed by AM’s mobility. If we do the play-action fake and then stand in the pocket like a statue, their D will have it made.

    • Skeptic Dawg

      Do you expect Bobo and the offense NOT to run play action after play action?

      • James Stephenson

        Of course they are going to run PA, its a young secondary and that PA will keep the LBs off the TEs. The dawgs best tactical advantage against them.

        • Skeptic Dawg

          It is only an advantage if they are capable of running the ball. We saw far too many games last season that proved this very point.

          • W Cobb Dawg

            Plus, it would mean we actually throw to the TE’s after the fake. Have any of our terrific TE’s over the years averaged more than a 2 or 3 receptions per game? I’d love to see the play action if we were throwing to the TE’s 5+ times a game.

  15. AusDawg85

    They sound an awful lot like Ryan Mallet’s and the Hogs from the last couple of seasons. Tough opponent, but our “A” game beat theirs, and our “C-” game loses to their “A” game.

    Did we know they use the stupid rugby style punting? At least that eliminates our fair-catching strategy.

    • Macallanlover

      You may be right in your comparitive rating analysis, I just don’t know at this point, and can’t until they both take the field. What I am sure about is anyone who doesn’t think this will take our B+ game to win, or make it close, just hasn’t been paying attention. This is a very good footbal team, that is well coached, and will be super-motivated for this opener. I think it would have to be considered an upset if we win, even by a FG.

      At this stage, only Boise and SC should be favored over us, but I think we are capable of beating either. Based on knowing nothing more than anyone else, just my gut. I would take 1-1 after these two games, with a strong peference for the W being against SC, if we come out healthy. A win against SC and no major injuries puts us in a great position to get to the SECCG this fall.

      • AusDawg85

        Like the Senator and many others have expressed, FL is favored no matter what until we string 3 in a row together. I also wonder what impact losing their OC to Texas is having, and how exactly will their loss of some practice time to probation factor in.

        One Crazy Prediction: Dawgs win in the Dome, multiple players sell the special uni’s on eBay, Dawgs suspended for the remainder of the season.

        • AusDawg85

          OC to TX and PT comments re: BSU of course…

        • Macallanlover

          Negative faction of the UGA fanbase may feel that way but objective bettors will favor us (at this point). They don’t get caught up in believing voodoo crap. Sorry, I am not French, I surrender nothing in advance.

  16. jshaff

    I want to start by saying, there are some rational BSU fans out there. And I hope I can be considered as one of them. Realize, BSU football is all we have out here! Of course we revere these boys as Gods!!!🙂
    Let’s talk Boise D first: I haven’t done a lot of research on the Dawgs, but I can tell you, our D-line is the real deal. Your offense will feel the heat, especially early on, but as we all know, the size of your O-line will eventually wear Boise down. I know people talk a lot of crap about our secondary… and I agree with them. However, I have seen huge improvements in the talent, knowledge, and experience of these guys. That being said, I am nervous. This might be the area the Dawgs really concentrate. If your QB can get out of the pocket and put the ball down field, we will feel the sting. Overall, I am happy with the match-up on this side of the ball. We had an amazing D last year and it only got better. Advantage: Boise.
    Boise Offense: Kellen Moore. Winning. That is what we want you to believe anyway! The problem is, he could be able to throw the ball to Mars, and if there is no one that can catch the ball, it does us no good. We have an obvious deficiency at our WR positions. Not that we don’t have good guys… they just don’t have experience. So, even with our local hero at the helm, I think our passing game will be mediocre at best. Our O-line is good too. That is an understatement. But your D-line wins this match. This obviously scares me because we know that means, a poor running game. Ok, so… no passing game to speak of, poor running game. Advantage: Dawgs. But don’t take that the wrong way… I know my Broncos, and I know our secret ingredient. We are creative. We find ways, (not always the traditional way) to score points. So, expect us to put up a couple tic marks on the scoreboard.
    Look for Georgia to be behind early on because of our stout D and our O’s ability to make something out of nothing. I am assuming, right about half-time, the inevitable “come back” will begin. You are too big, too strong, and too talented for this game to be anything closely resembling a blow-out. I believe it is going to be close… could go either way, but I am true to my roots. Dawgs, 20 Boise, 23
    God it’s good to be a Bronco!

    • Ed Kilgore

      Thanks for being the exception to the (understandable) Homerist rule among the Bronco faithful. If you were in part responding to my earlier comment on the psychology of BSU fans, hope you noticed the underlying argument that you guys really shouldn’t have to feel so defensive any more. As for the game itself, should be interesting since each team’s biggest strength (Boise D-line, Dawg air game) will be matched against the other’s biggest question mark (Dawg O-line, Boise secondary). If we win, I think the Dawgs will be poised for a great season (barring O-line injuries/suspensions, of course!).

      • AusDawg85

        Thanks for being more rational than some. Interesting perceptions. Bronco D better than the Dawgs O is only true if we: A) can’t establish the running game, and B) have no dependable receiving threat. We may have both, or at least one, and that could be all it takes for us to keep up in a scoring contest. On offense, you don’t mention your running game…it has the potential to at least keep the Dawgs on our heals and give KM more time to throw, plus opens up some “trickeration” that is almost your trademark. We’ve let great quarterbacks expose us in the past, and we’ve also shut them down. Will be interesting to see which Dawgs D shows up. And you guys never talk special teams…that should be a real plus for UGA.

        Hard to believe we come-out and lay an egg…but Lord knows we’ve been doing that recently. BSU in a blow-out will infuriate me, but not surprise me. Likewise, I’m hoping we repeat our experience with Hawaii, or (ahem) the 2005 BSU game. But in a close-call, I like Blair Walsh with a 42 yarder and no time on the clock for the game winner.

    • Sep

      That DL has been tried and trued against some tried and trued offenses too, right?

  17. Ladawg

    Boise will get blown out. Count it. They talked smack in 05 and got routed. If you break down their play the last few years, they haven’t beat anyone of note. Vt, lost to a dii school.