Russ Mitchell’s wild ride

When last we left the CFN blogger, he had Mark Richt getting canned after the Mississippi State game.  But Mitchell foresees better times ahead for Richt’s unnamed successor.

… After that, it’s back out on the road once again to play Georgia. No advantage for Florida, as the Bulldogs have scheduled their bye week ahead of this contest, as Florida does nearly every season. The Gators will enter Jacksonville physically battered and emotionally staggered, maybe even starting a new quarterback in Jeff Driscoll, as after three consecutive conference losses Muschamp looks ahead to 2012. The Dawgs? They’ll have righted the ship after a 2-3 start, feasting on a soft mid-October of @ Tennessee and Vandy, before that aforementioned bye.

An interim coach beating the Gators?  Stranger things have happened, I suppose, but I’m having a hard time thinking of one right now.  It sure would change the momentum of the series, though.

Will the storybook ending continue into November?  Stay tuned…



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13 responses to “Russ Mitchell’s wild ride

  1. X-Dawg

    ….and they all lived happily ever after!!!!!! (The End)


  2. TennesseeDawg

    I see absolutely no way that Richt gets fired mid season. No way not from McGarity. I’d be willing to wager any of these so called experts on that one.


  3. Scott

    Storybook is right.


  4. Driskel. Jeff Driskel. Does this guy actually know anything about the teams he writes about? No? Well, okay then.


  5. OKDawg

    “Soft” mid-October @ Tennessee?

    If only…


  6. No way CMR would get fired in mid season. NO WAY. The kind of man he is and the way he represents our university. McGarity wouldn’t do that.



  7. In next week’s storybook episode, Russ will present his Short List of Mid-Season Richt Replacements, which is expected to look something like this:

    1. Charlie Weis
    2. A1 Golden
    3. Leach
    4. Petrino
    5. Das Hat


  8. W Cobb Dawg

    Wow, mitchell must have his bosses by the short hairs. Or they are complete idiots. Is he actually paid to write such tripe? Does cfn have advertisers or subscribers – what fools!


  9. Chadwick

    This guy needs to put down the weed. It’s obviously making him hallucinate.


  10. Cojones

    He’s the author of the World’s Shortest Sports Novel entitled “The Fall and Rise of Mark Richt”.