They’re on a road to now here.

In Knoxville, they’re strong on ideas.  It’s the execution that comes up a little short.

Toss in this little blunder, and you can’t help but wonder what’s going on inside the immaculately coiffed head of Derek Dooley.


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21 responses to “They’re on a road to now here.

  1. Dboy

    No one will confuse Dooley with a tennesee football historian anytime soon


  2. Huck

    But if you put him in a giant suit someone might confuse him with David Byrne.


  3. Spike

    Did he show them how to bathe properly?


  4. X-Dawg

    Dooley should go “all in” and have Donte Stallworth give a motivational speech as well. He and Little are just two peas in the pod though.


    • I don’t have a problem with coaches bringing in guys who have checkered pasts to warn players about avoiding the mistakes they made. It’s Dooley’s selective history about Little that’s questionable here.


      • One has to wonder what lesson Little learned from his mistakes. He killed somebody while driving under the influence. That’s tragic. To get another DUI (what should have been a conviction) a few years later shows that he hasn’t changed all that much.

        I agree with Dooley. To me, he sums up all that is Tennessee.


        • ChicagoDawg

          Precisely. His follow-up remarks were even more ridiculous. Leonard responded to his tragic mistake and error in judgement by going out and doing it all over again. Thankfully, no one had to die the second time around.

          Dooley is a frustrated Televangelist.


  5. Dawgfan Will

    Talking Heads reference?


  6. 2011-dawgtrain

    de’rek is a publicity whore (good, bad or indifferent) .


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  8. Cojones

    Somehow, this story doesn’t make me disrespect Dooley’s choices when trying to rally his troops who understandably have an uphil battle. I usually lose my loathing for a team and defer my vengeance to another day when they have problems due to circumstance. that could make them uncompetitive.

    That said, we all probably have a little sympathy for the God awful position Dooley succeeded in placing himself into. Then again when he had that zenith early moment in his tenure to send the correct message to his troops, he blinked. Yes, I’m referring to Da’Rick and the bar fight. Same circumstances have occurred at LSU over the weekend and I have questions that others already have headed for Miles. He is in the same situation as Dooley was earlier. Will he blink also? When you blink in such a situation, it will always follow you as is evident with Dooley. You can’t undo it.

    Now would be the best chance for us to mention the circumstances to our team and tell them what the policy was in the past and what the future policy will be if anyone forgets their team in those circumstances.


    • Cojones

      Two questions:

      !. Did the NCAA investigate the Tenn incident as to favoritism and gifts from the bar in question ? Result?

      2. How can players get a lawyer that can delay police questioning and why wouldn’t victim’s statements be sufficient to warrant questioning before they all perjure the record with statements to protect Jefferson?


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        1. Good question. NCAA where the hell are you on this? (2) Only with the cooperation of the police and DA’s office.


  9. Mohammar

    My schedule has recently opened up. I am available now for team pep talks because people love a winner

    I will bring David Byrne’s sister with me for no extra charge.


  10. Ben

    I think he’s planning to bring Raynoch Thompson in, too, so that he can do a clinic on late hits and personal fouls.


  11. Zdawg

    How long before Tennessee players pass that sign thinking it ironic?


  12. LRGK9

    Maybe there is a good reason he left that lawyer gig?


  13. After learning that the Opportunity to Nowhere poster was a Bridge to Nowhere because sometimes there should be a space between syllables, Derek’s people are working on next week’s motivational words and phrases gimmick, an idea that Derek received from his old compadre Muschamp after Will took it as a parting gift on his escape from Mack


  14. Cojones

    Beats “Tucker Inn”.