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Quality over quantity

According to ESPN’s Scouts Inc., Cordy Glenn and Ben Jones are the two highest rated NFL prospects at their respective positions (in the pros, that is, so Glenn is rated as a guard).  Yeah, I know it takes five to man an offensive line, but the technical term for the news about that duo is “a good start”.

Barring injury, that bodes well for Georgia.  Unless Will Friend turns out to be a complete stiff, of course.



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It’s the song, not the singer.

I can’t say this comes as much of a surprise.

… Sources say the Broncos view Tebow as a major project who was negatively impacted by the lack of an offseason. Having operated almost exclusively out of the shotgun in college, he still lacks smoothness when taking snaps directly from center: Whereas the Broncos’ other three quarterbacks anticipate the snap and are already into their drop upon receiving it, Tebow typically is locked in place, meaning he’s already behind in his timing upon the beginning of a play.

For all the talk about Tebow’s need to improve his mechanics, Broncos sources say his lack of familiarity with running a pro-style offense is an even more egregious issue. As one executive says, “Forget about how he delivers the ball, or how accurate it is. First he has to know where to go with it.”

That’s not so much a knock on Tebow, who the article goes on to note may have the intestinal fortitude to overcome these flaws, as it is on Urban Meyer’s system.

A couple of years ago, this would have been a much bigger deal in SEC recruiting, of course.  With Corch and Junior both gone, though, the opportunity to go negative isn’t quite there as it used to be, although perhaps somebody could point fingers at Mississippi State… nah, never mind.  I guess we’ll have to wait until Corch gets the Ohio State gig.


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Thursday morning buffet

Because it’s dawning on us like it is on Brandon Boykin… the buffet is here for you.


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This place… is the beat of my heart.

Turns out it’s not impossible to put out a classy, moving tribute to UGA.  A little REM never hurts.

Eat our dust, GTGs.


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They’re studying Boise State. Now you can, too!

… Murray said he and offensive coordinator Mike Bobo began discussing the gameplan for the opener Tuesday.

“We’ve been studying Boise all summer long,” Murray said. “We feel like we’ve got a pretty good grasp on them with what we need to do, with receivers and tight ends. They know what they’re doing with their routes.”

One thing they’ve probably been watching closely is last year’s opener for the Broncos.

First observation:  if Georgia’s running game can get some traction, Boise will be susceptible to play action.  No real surprise there, as line play is going to be the key to Georgia winning.


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