They’re studying Boise State. Now you can, too!

… Murray said he and offensive coordinator Mike Bobo began discussing the gameplan for the opener Tuesday.

“We’ve been studying Boise all summer long,” Murray said. “We feel like we’ve got a pretty good grasp on them with what we need to do, with receivers and tight ends. They know what they’re doing with their routes.”

One thing they’ve probably been watching closely is last year’s opener for the Broncos.

First observation:  if Georgia’s running game can get some traction, Boise will be susceptible to play action.  No real surprise there, as line play is going to be the key to Georgia winning.


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18 responses to “They’re studying Boise State. Now you can, too!

  1. CarefulBrad

    Set the tone with the opening drive. First two plays from Va Tech incomplete flea flicker (interference penalty) and fumble, Boise ball. Imagine how different the game is if that flea flicker is completed. How could Taylor underthrow the receiver? He had the whole offseason to ge tthe play right. Oh well, they’ll get over it and get that first W next week against JMU.


  2. Mark

    Interesting note around 25:00 mark, as VT defense “Only 6 have played 2 games”


  3. Sanford222View

    How ’bout that 2010 AP Pre-season Top 5? Two teams that finished out of the Top 25 completely. Can you say Mumme Poll? Or can they at least wait five weeks to post the first set of rankings?


  4. Macallanlover

    I feel play-action is effective against Boise because they see so few “traditional” offenses in the area of the country where they play. Most of the offenses they face are wide-open passing attacks, not many TB/FB sets with power running games. In a way, we could almost as much a “strange duck” to BSU as GT is to us in terms of preparation. Unfortunately, being the season opener allows time for them to focus on our offense. The new wrinkles I think we will see may give them some heartburn.


  5. Marmot

    There should be some kind of warning that the video is of the whole game and not just a cut up. My next two hours just got wasted.


  6. Turd Ferguson

    VT played about as undisciplined as they could’ve possibly played in that first half, on both sides of the ball. And indeed, if we do the same, we’ll likely get lit up. But I really doubt that happens. Maybe Murray overthrows a couple guys early on, but that’s it.



  7. Turd Ferguson

    In other unsurprising analysis: Kellen Moore is deadly when he’s got time to stand in the pocket, but just mediocre when he’s under pressure and forced to move around a bit (see, for instance, the series of plays 25:30-27:00). If our DL is as disruptive as they should be, and our LBs can find the gaps, I like our chances a lot.


    • fuelk2

      I believe that if you knock Kellen Moore’s head off, his accuracy will suffer.


      • Dawgfan Will

        Colt Brennan says that is a sound strategy, and I agree with him.


        • Macallanlover

          So would Ryan Mallet if you compared his completion percentage against us , with no pressure, and Bama, who stayed in his face all day. I hope CTG can find a way to being some heat this year. I was more disappointed with that aspect of our defense as I was our ability to stop the run. Amazing how many turnovers and major field position changes you get when you get a defender in the offensive backfield.


  8. Will Trane

    “They have been studying Boise all summer”. Bet they have. But you drill down into some blogs that is exactly what VT said last year.
    If you are interested you might want to do that to get a little more perspective of the Boise’s defense and offense. I like the offense and plays they run. ESPN had a feature yesterday on their site about Kellen Moore. When you look at his play and his numbers it is easy to see why he is in the Heisman watch. Their red zone performance is lethal.
    What I like about Boise is their line play. Last evening I watched a few moments of the UAB vs East Carolina game. Wanted to see the line play of UAB. Their passing game looked good and their O line play looked good in that phase. QB mainly threw from the pocket and was successful. It will be interesting to see how Richt, Bobo, Friend, Lilly, and McClendon attack Boise. UAB had some quality games last year. Friend could be the right O line coach for us.
    It has been a long time since I have been this interested in a Dawgs’ game. The rankings of the teams. A very tough opponent with a solid offense and very experienced QB. This game will be a huge challenge for the Dawgs.
    Have no clue where it could go, but you have to know we will know how good the changes were in the offseason…discipline, work ethic, conditioning, strength, nutrition, preparation, mental and physical toughness. There will be a significant inventory to build from for the rest of the season after Boise. If I was a coach, this is the kind of team you want to play at the beginning of a season.
    How they play will be as much or more important than a win or loss…even in first two games. If these guys drop the first two will not sour me on them provided they play well. It will be a long, fun, good, season.


  9. Nate

    I think the real take-away from this game will be the Boise St. defense. They look pretty damn good. Of course, like Turd said, VT played some very sloppy football in this game. Especially on offense and special teams.
    I don’t quite know what to make of BSU’s offense, as losing their top two receiving threats will have a huge impact, not to mention the fact that VT had a very young an inexperienced D in this game.
    I think bottom line, we can expect a tough defensive game. If our guys do their jobs in the trenches, I think we win a close one and go into the South Carolina game ready for a fight.


  10. They have a solid o-line, Moore is really good, and the Muscle Hamster returns at RB. Losing two dependable, experienced, and talented WR’s will be a big deal, and I wonder if the loss of the offensive coordinator will have any meaningful impact on Boise’s offense.

    I agree with the Senator. The game will be won in the trenches.


  11. Stoopnagle

    How anyone watches that replay and thinks 2005 is remotely relevant, I have no idea. Totally different team from a size and talent standpoint.