Sunday morning buffet

Closer and closer…

  • It seems like everybody’s got an idea how to fix college football these days.
  • Texas A&M doesn’t sound like it’s pussyfootin’ around about changing conferences.
  • It’s impossible to do a bad job photoshopping jorts.
  • Paul Johnson thinks his team will “just be kind of generally [hacked] off.”  His former center bitches about the ease of being able to “go to a Walmart and buying a red cap with an ugly ‘G’ on it.”  Does Georgia Tech football have anything else going for it besides bitterness?
  • I continue to be amazed at the inability of Mountain West partisans to grasp the obvious.  There’s a reason TCU was asked to join the Big East, folks.  And it’s the same reason the rest of the conference won’t get that coveted AQ slot.  If you draw them, they will come.
  • It seems to me that Danny Sheridan has a very easy way to clear his self-created mess up.
  • One reason to think Gus Malzahn will fashion a working offense in Auburn this season:  Barrett Trotter is Malzahn’s sixth different starting quarterback in the past six years.  He’s done okay so far.
  • “I kind of feel like we’re the national league of college football,” Alabama Coach Nick Saban said.


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28 responses to “Sunday morning buffet

  1. Ms. Emily Litella

    If Texas A&M is getting out of the Big 12-2 there has to be at least some sort of understanding that the SEC will let A&M join. If that is the case, the SEC would have 13 teams which is an unworkable number. That means that there has to be a secret deal with another team to join the SEC at the same time as A&M (See Arkansas and South Carolina, circa 1992). Who the hell is it?


    • Cojones

      It’s an unworkable number to you. To a computer, it’s child’s play. Placing one more team into the SEC doesn’t mean you EVER have to have an even number. Labeling East or West doesn’t affect the number of games each division has to play, but would suspect it will go up one for all. One division stronger than another waxes and wans every other year or two.


      • Ms. Emily Litella

        To your computer maybe. What do they say–garbage in, garbage out? Having 7 in one division and 6 in the other makes scheduling conference games home and away, shall we say, difficult. If the conference went to 9 games per team as you just suggested that means there would have to be 117 total SEC games per year. I guess 2 teams just play the first half and 2 other teams play the second half of one of the games? But obviously you’re right so–“Never Mind.”


  2. Normaltown Mike

    RE: the MWC

    Good grief! What sad sacks. That conferene is worse than the WAC.


    • Coach Hewitt...

      This guy’s comment nails it…

      Unless the BE gets blown up, it will keep AQ status and the MWC will not gain it
      TCU will count for the Big East in the next evaluation that matters for the Big East; BYU and Utah and TCU will not count for the MWC (though Boise will)….


    • The reason I wrote that piece about the MWC is because going by the BCS rules the MWC should qualify for a spot with the petition due to the Big East and ACC not qualifying by all three criteria, and if not for their contract that states they get a BCS bid through 2013 they would need to apply.

      I get why TCU left the Big East has that guaranteed bid. I jus don’t see how the BCS can leave out the MWC with the rules in place. IF the MWC is extended a bid to the BCS automatically it would be for 2012-13 and the other four year cycle that does not include TCU numbers. Odds are with the change the MWC would not get to keep their bid, unless multiple teams play way over their head for the next few years.

      Going by the rules the BCS put in place the MWC should get a bid for the 2012-13 seasons.


  3. Spike

    At least there are people who even want to buy a Georgia hat. Douchebag.


  4. gastr1

    I have a message for Coach Paul Johnson: Nobody respects you, nobody thinks you can do anything, you are ugly and not half as smart as you think you are, and your only wins this year are Western Carolina, Kansas, and Duke. I hope those sorry piss-colored insects go 0-12, myself, but they are probably a little better than that.

    No worries though…within three years or so, after getting canned from a middling program with low expectations, CPJ will get the chance to take his genius to another military academy or I-AA school and compete against the likes of VMI and Wofford, where he really is the genius he’s always thought himself to be. What a bunch of sorry losers.


  5. TennesseeDawg

    He (Johnson) said he thinks Middle Tennessee State on Sept. 10 “will be a Super Bowl-type game for them,” in that a BCS conference team is coming to its place.
    Sorry to burst your arrogance bubble, CPJ. But MTSU doesn’t think you’re that important.


  6. Stoopnagle

    Just a couple of thoughts on the notes above:

    On the MWC: I often dreamed that an entertaining and competitive way to include them in the BCS mix would have been (because the horse is out of the barn on the MWC. It’s now the WAC and the WAC is the Sun Belt) to set up a play-in game between the MWC and the Big East. An Inter-conference championship game on the first weekend of December for a BCS berth. Last year’s TCU-UConn game would have been a dud, but at least an at-large would open up to a more deserving team than UConn. Other games from the past would have included ’09 Cincinnati-TCU, ’08 Cincinnati-Utah, ’07 BYU-WVU and ’06 L’ville-BYU. Those are all pretty entertaining games save for ’10. I think this could have saved both leagues and set off the “super-conference” powder-keg. They could have thrown in some non-con home-and-homes while they were at it.

    But then, I think adding Army and Navy is a no-brainer for the BE, so what do I know?

    On Tech and Paul Johnson: It’s not always rosy for us Georgia people. The perception (and reality?) of the football program is middling at the moment and at a time when UF and UT are in decline, so it’s extra painful. We don’t compare favorably to the current powers that be, but the one thing we do have is Tech. No matter how bad it gets for us, Tech is always looking up at UGA (even when they win COFH). So, I’ll hang my red “G” hat on that for the next 6 days at least.


  7. Will Trane

    Three offenses to watch. Gus Malzahn’s Auburn squad without a Cam Newton. Malzahn can coach an offense. Dan Mullen and Les Knoenning’s Mississippi State squad with a returning under the wraps QB. Bryan Harsin [last year at Boise State] and Major Applewhite’s Longhorn squad. All are spreads. One lost a major contributor, another returns an experienced player, and the last will learn who is the OC [don’t think there is a two-headed OC award]. Now the Dawgs sit pat with Bobo for another season. The question Dawg fans want to know is. Can Bobo put together a championship offensive caliber offense? This time next week we will have some clues.


  8. AusDawg85

    Jimmy Sexton is perplexed. If the NCAA/Presidents/Emmert really decide to start punishing coaches, his pool of clients will be diminished, On the other hand, the price for “clean, quality” coaches will go up significantly. Would even Mark Richt pass-up $25mm to go clean-up a Miami?


    • Cojones

      Not for 2-3 yrs because Golden will have a free pass until then. Plus, I’m sure that Miami’s reluctance to fill him in just gave Golden a sizeable raise.


  9. dawgy45

    If Bedford wants to buy some Tech stuff, all he has to do is go to one of the fan stores like I did yesterday. In fact, I found a lovely framed picture of the GT campus that is for sale at the clearance price of $29.99. Its easy to find: just go to the bathroom and look on the wall just to the left of the crapper…right where it belongs.

    I actually to a pic with my phone and would be more than happy to share it with the world but I don’t know how to do that here.


  10. Go Dawgs!

    It’s easy to find Tech gear, too. There’s a place in Fort Oglethorpe that has a ton …. a TON… of Ga Tech sidelune and game gear at good prices. You see, it’s a discount store where they send stuff that won’t sell in regular stores.


  11. Erk Russell

    I happen to think Paul Johnson is a pretty good coach. So much so that I hired him!


  12. HottCheesE

    If the SEC is the National League of college football, who is the American League?