Boise State may make Brandon Boykin’s day.

Emphasis on the word “may”:

Georgia kick returner and cornerback Brandon Boykin (@BrandonBoykin2) posted a message to Boise State coach Chris Petersen on Twitter on Saturday:

“Dear Coach petersen, I DARE you to Kick to me…. Sincerely, Me and my #dawgs”

Boykin is the only player in Southeastern Conference history with three 100-yard plays in his career — all kickoff returns for touchdowns.

He might be in luck. Here’s what Boise State special teams coach Jeff Choate told me earlier this month about the Broncos facing three dynamic kick returners early in the season:

“We’ll have our hands full. But that’s why you do this. I don’t think we’ve ever backed down from a challenge. It should be fun.”

After you read that, scroll down to the bottom of the linked article for the updated BSU roster.  By my count, the Broncos will start seven seniors on offense and ten on defense.  Whoa.  They may be smaller in spots, but they sure won’t lack for experience.


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24 responses to “Boise State may make Brandon Boykin’s day.

  1. JasonC

    To borrow Richt’s joke from the summer, we definitely should have waited one more year to play them.

  2. Spike

    Brandon probably should keep his big mouth shut until after the game…

  3. Dboy

    B Boykin, how about a little reverse psychology : “Dear Coach Peterson, please don’t kick it to me. I can’t take that kind of pressure.”

  4. sUGArdaddy

    I, for one, am glad to see some swagger back in these guys.

    • Chuck

      Absolutely. Daring a coach to kick it to you is a lot different from saying ‘we’ve got this in the bag’. It will be embarrassing if he fumbles the kick, or reverses field trying to make something happen and gets thrown for a safety. But, I have seen him return kicks and if he didn’t have a little confidence in his ability he wouldn’t be normal.

    • I agree its time somebody started talking some smack and then back it up!!! Thats Georgia football!!!

  5. HamDawg11

    Boykin will lead this team vocally and with his play. I don’t have a problem with a little bravado, he puts stress upon himself to perform come game time. If this was a freshman, I’d be concerned. But, this is a senior that knows how to handle himself on the field. I’m glad he stayed around for his 4th year and I think he’ll be a huge factor in this team’s turnaround this year.

  6. 69Dawg

    Screw the Smurfs. They are the whitest team I’ve seen in a long time. The white uniforms are going to make them invisible. This is a classic good little white guys play SEC team with power and speed. Grind them Bobo or go find a job somewhere else.

  7. hailtogeorgia

    “I don’t think we’ve ever backed down from a challenge”…hmm, Dawg fans, how did it workout the last time WE had a special teams coach who liked challenges on kickoffs?

  8. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    Calling it now: Boise State on-side kicks an early kickoff.

    • Newt

      Time stamp this one Senator. This is a very good call.

      • DawgPhan

        If Boise thinks they need to gimmick themselves a little momentum early in the game we have a pretty good shot.

        I was also thinking that BSU has no idea what our defense is going to look like to game plan against…unfortunately…neither do we.

      • Cojones

        Wouldn’t put anything past them when it comes to surprises, but you better believe that they have reviewed film and judged how often we have bitten on fake punts. You can bet money on it.

    • BeerMoney

      Or a fake punt that proves to be the death knell.

  9. Sandra

    Hey ya’ll, it’s not braggin if you back it up🙂

  10. It’s a given (but not necessarily fair) that if BSU beats UGA and then runs the table, they will be in the National Championship game…So should it not be a given that if UGA beats them, UGA becomes #1 as long as they win?
    I believe Richt is going to use Samuel to pound BSU until they are a little weary, then have IC blow past them. I predict first score will be IC down the sideline on a third and short sweep. Of course I really have no idea. But I do believe Samuel will pound them in the middle and make the play action pass very effective. It’s getting close!

  11. DawgSnipper

    Boykin will get the ball first Boise kickoff, 8 yard return and crushed. UGA rushes for 35 total. PUT MY NAME ON IT!!!

    • I take it we have our first Bronco fan. Welcome, sir.

      Anything we should know about BSU?

      • DawgSnipper

        You bet, bleed blue!! Watch out for Crawford #40 Def. end, Iloka #8 Safety, and Winn #90 Tackle. Our defense is pretty tough. I think your O line out weighs our D line by about 30 lbs per, and Vice Versa. I’m very excited to say the least! Expecting a relatively low scoring, physical game. Can’t wait!

  12. DawgSnipper

    Yipe Yipe Yipe!!!

  13. What Boykin tweeted ain’t gonna matter. If we win the toss, we defer. If they win they will want the ball first. They have to try and get a big lead or else they won’t be able to stay in the game. If they try some form of silly-ass trickeration right from the jump, it will only prove what we already believe…they’re a bunch of wusses that are afraid to play toe-to-toe with us. Scared money can’t win.

    • DawgSnipper

      What were you saying… Dawgs have been snipped!!!

      I have to admit, Boykin is pretty damn good. Very impressive to watch. With that being said, the game went nearly exactly as we expected up here. Its been a pleasure guys. Good luck on the rest of the season!