Maybe this is all it takes to turn things around.

One thing Mark Richt and Bear Bryant have in common – after a couple of disappointing seasons, they both cussed at fan meetings.


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  1. Go Dawgs!

    Does “hell” really move the meter as a cuss word these days?

    • If it’s Mark Richt saying it?😉

      • Go Dawgs!

        Oh, I’m with ya on that point. I’m just thinking that whatever the Bear said was probably a good deal more salty.

      • Mike

        How then does shooting a bird at Urban Meyer stack up?

        • I’ve never heard Richt say that’s what he was doing there. Is there something you know about that?

        • AusDawg85

          About the same as his “ordering” the team to celebrate in the end zone and take multiple penalties. Pure gator myth. But thanks for the reminder on what a classless jerk Corch was/is and how well CMR compares.

          • NRBQ

            Agreed. I don’t know the coach personally, but he lives a great deal of his life in the public eye. I think any observer with a scrap of intelligence could likely discern that there’s probably NO circumstance to which Richt would react so childishly.

            But, then again, Mike is a Florida fan, so he a qualified expert on lack of class…

          • Mike

            He certainly laughed and clapped about it when it happened. That was caught on camera. And he did indeed order the team to celebrate. The week before, he told the team if they did not get a celebration penalty after the first time they scored, he would be disappointed.

            No myth, just fact.

            • Macallanlover

              Never figured out what is so difficult about this for UF fans and coaches: Richt NEVER told, nor expected, the entire team to run out and celebrate. He said very clearly that he wanted that particular team to learn to have some fun and celebrate their successes. He fully expected the group, either offense or defense, to celebrate the first score enough to get a penalty. That could have been one guy, three guys, or more, on the scoring unit. He was as surprised as anyone with what happened, but not mad because he wanted them to have fun. It was the people leaving the bench that made that a memorable, and wrong thing to do. Perfectly innocent before that, but big news after because it could have triggered a problem with the UF players.

              What was planned was no more offensive that the UF players doing the Chomp, which we see EVERY year from you guys. I am perfectly OK with what CMR said and did, I cannot blame him for how the team interpreted that and followed through. And, it should only have been one penalty, the 2nd was Wages showing his ass. My biggest concern initially was Moreno may not have scored and we were going to get the penalty and have the ball moved back to the 17. That would have been very embarrassing, and killed our momentum. Fortunately, the replay confirmed the TD.

              • Mike

                Spin all you want to sir, But the fact that he encouraged his players to get an unsportsmanlike conduct practically guaranteed something like this; To wit;

                “When Georgia scored first on the Gators, some 70 players stormed the end zone for a raucous celebration that sent yellow flags flying all over the place.”


                Richt didn’t mind a bit. Heck, he was the one egging his players on.

                “I told the team two weeks ago that I was going to create enthusiasm, whether they liked it or not,” he said. “If they didn’t get a celebration penalty after our first touchdown, all of them would be doing early morning runs.

                “I wanted to make sure we left this game with our hearts on the field.”

                • Macallanlover

                  Spin? No, that is what you have done by twirling the facts around to fit your biased perspective. Richt could not have been more honest, or direct about what he said, and how surprised he was with how it played out. You can question that a leader should perhaps not leave his direction open to interpretation, that I could buy. Managers learn from that and give more specific directions afterwards, but you are the one off base here, and you are the only one spinning facts to fit your opinion. Don’t do that, it is very unbecoming. I didn’t care for the way it turned out either, but it never crossed my mind that it was a directive from CMR. He never waivered on what he said then, or since.

  2. Will Trane

    Hell, will be along the lines of scrimmage this Saturday in the Dome. If our O line makes it hell for those boys from Boise, well hell, we could have one hell’va time.
    The play along the line of scrimmage will be very important for the Dawgs. It will be fun to watch how the O line performs in this game against a veteran D line.

  3. Macallanlover

    Few things more entertaining than a good cuss-fight; there are degrees of that I suppose. CMR contends in the Bantam-weight division….and I like that about our leader!

  4. Will Trane

    Much has been said about the loss of the zone blocking O line coach leaving, the leaving of supposedly the nations top reciever to the pros, the limited depth and injuries along the O line going into 2011, and the inexperience at RB.
    Hell, I have not been able to quite get a handle on what in the hell is wrong with the Dawgs the past two years. Some how I settle on Bobo. Seven losses in 2010 with a new D. That could contribute to it. What I do see is that 3 of those losses came when the Dawgs only managed 24 points in those three games…6 against South Carolina, 12 against Missy State, and 6 [2 FGs ] against UCF. That is almost half of the losses. Six times we lost by a margin of 8 -14 points. 2 times we lost by 15+ points.

    My concern for about 3 seasons is this. Where in hell is our rushing game? The Dawgs are no better off or worse off at this time than they have last year or the year before in my estimation. Last year they had one, only one, game in which they rushed for over 200 yards. And if you guessed Vandy…well, hell what surprise would that be. 2x’s we had 3 rushing TDs…Tenn and Vandy. But 5 against KY. So for the remaining 10 games those Dawgs only mustered 10 TDs on the ground…one per game so to say.

    My thoughts…young Mr. Crowell you have an opportunity to make people forget every RB that has come before you. You have the opportunity to be “BC”,… before Crowell. But you are only a FR, so lets simmer down.

    Yeah we lost AJ, Washuan, King, and etc. Big freaking deal. Do you know who the big man on campus was. Yep, a FR…well, hell, a R-FR…he be our QB. His numbers are the envy of many a JRs and SRs…he is at the pedal for 3.

    But then there is our OC. last year we rushed the ball 216 times on first down. Then we rushed it again on 2nd down 168 times. Well, hell, we only rushed it about 455 times. And we generated 1,854 yards and those 21 TD’s.

    Now do you think UF, UA, USC, UT, or anyone else…even a Boise State…is even slightly threatened by our running game? Why hell no. We do not have one…yet.

    Here is my suggestion to CMR and MB…get a running game that is hell to stop and beats the hell everybody on the schedule…in particular every team in the East.

  5. Cojones

    He nearly said something about the F’ing Scooters. Does that count?

  6. Sandra

    Cute. hope you’re right there.:)

  7. The Dawgs will have to pass to set up the running game not vice versa. That is not the OC’s fault.
    I just wish I knew as much about football as all of the Monday Morning QBs do. Maybe, If I keep on trying, It will eventually all come to me. Meanwhile I will just continue to put my faith In the Coaches.