If you’re looking for a straw to grasp today…

Chris Petersen pays respect.

Of course, that could simply be his version of Dooley complimenting Directional A&M’s long snapper as being the finest in the country.



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18 responses to “If you’re looking for a straw to grasp today…

  1. Nate Dawg




  2. Rocksalt

    Psychological warfare! I thought we were gonna kill these guys. Now, I think we’re effed! He’s in my head!


  3. Go Dawgs!

    No offense to Boise State, which is a fine program, but saying that a team from the SEC is bigger and faster than the teams they normally face is a little bit like me saying that Charlize Theron is hotter and sexier than the women I usually have sexual relations with.


  4. 69Dawg

    Mr. Obvious is alive and well in Idaho, plus he can always refer back to this if they beat us.


  5. Normaltown Mike

    I actually think this shows how confident he (and his players) are about beating Georgia (I heard similar quotes from players yesterday).

    If you looked at Georgia and wanted to pay a coach speak compliment, you would say “The QB reminds me of Kellen Moore, he’s small by NFL standards but very efficient, blah blah blah” and/or “the Defense was in its first year but you could still see flashes of excellence in the play of Ogletree blah blah blah”

    Saying “they are big” is translates to saying looks like Tarzan plays like Jane.

    I hope we disprove him.


  6. East Cobb Devildawg

    I hope we destroy them so the meme dies, just saying….


  7. Bob

    Of course it is a Dooley like compliment. But he knows he has a very good football team.

    And Chris Peterson is one of the best coaches in the country and like our own guy, a class act.


    • Russ


      He’s confident in his team as he should be, and he’s giving respect to an opponent. It’s not likely to happen, but he knows if they aren’t focused and the Dawgs are, it could get out of hand. However, I believe Boise knows how to play big games.


  8. Lawdawg567

    As far as being bigger than Boise “normally sees,” I ran some numbers and our projected d line is about 85 pounds lighter than VT’s line last year… With one less player to account for that weight, and that’s with Jenkins on the bench. We might be the biggest and fastest team they’ve EVER seen, I just hope some of that beef gets nasty and steam tolls them


    • Will (The Other One)

      How about our OLine vs. last year’s VT line? Because our OL vs. their DL worries me more than vice-versa.


      • Lawdawg567

        Came up with about 30 lbs per man on the OL, with another 40 lbs at fullback. I hope size really does matter, at least in this instance


        • Normaltown Mike

          I’ve been watching that game and the DL for BSU looked good. They’ve got a guy from Las Vegas that was a beast.

          To be fair, VT did their best to give the game away early (fumbled, had a punt blocked and missed a FG in the first QTR) before settling in.


  9. Brett

    So was Oregon & V Tech, AND THEY BOTH LOST.


  10. Bad M

    Gotta say, all respect to Boise, but QB play for both the Oklahoma Fiesta Bowl and the Va Tech game was mostly terrible and had bad turnovers. (Tech pulled it together but that’s also when they came back). Oklahoma I think lost their 1st QB that year. Point being, Boise didn’t get their best punches. I was kind of surprised watching them again. As long as we don’t get nervous, they are very beatable.
    Both games are online in their entirety. Check it out yourselves.