Tuesday morning buffet

September 1st is just around the corner, so dig in.

  • The peculiar case of Bacarri Rambo just gets curiouser and curiouser.
  • Michael Elkon explores the impact of Steve Spurrier on SEC football.
  • Here’s a list of the top 25 running backs in SEC history.  There’s a noticeable drop off after the first four, if you ask me.
  • Paul Johnson thinks there ought to be a law that punishes college athletes for taking improper benefits, even after they’ve left college.  (In related news, Paul Johnson is an asshat.)
  • A Mountain West blogger who’s never watched Georgia play (“From what I’ve read, Glenn and Jones are supposed to be pretty impressive and will anchor Georgia’s O-line.”) previews the Boise State matchup and – surprise!picks the Broncos to win.  You gotta love the Intertubes.
  • Georgia Tech was willing to move the Georgia game to this season’s opener at the Dome – if the Dawgs were willing to play at Tech in 2012.
  • This will come as a complete shock to you:  “A team’s preseason ranking has a modest but statistically significant effect on its B.C.S. ranking at the end of the season, even after controlling for its quality of play as determined by computer systems. “
  • Nick Saban didn’t have time for that shit with Will Muschamp’s momma.


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56 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. Bulldog Bry

    I’ve been hesitant to say that Saban is a tool up until now. That Muschamp story finally put me on the bandwagon.

  2. Robbie

    They forgot Tim Tebow as best fullback in SEC History.

  3. sUGArdaddy

    Any list like that that doesn’t have Moreno ain’t worth it’s salt. UGA has had 2 backs go for 1,000 yards in back to back seasons: #34 & #24

  4. Biggus Rickus

    Bo Jackson played four years, but the list is mostly fair, and you’re right that aside from some very good old-timey players the list shows a steep drop after the top four. Trippi and Sinkwich should probably be swapped though.

  5. TomReagan

    How can Herschel be #1 if he isn’t even the best back in UGA history?

    Seriously, though, I believe that there must have been some Johnson v Emmanuel County issues driving our good friend’s rants last week. That’s the only logical explanation I could come up with.

  6. Xon

    A criminal penalty for breaking the internal rules of a voluntary organization? Paul Johnson really is an asshat. With all the “How do we fix college football?” hysteria going on right now, though, I’m sure there are other people who think similarly. Still insane, though.

    • 81Dog

      I’m with Fish Fry on this one. The first guy to get arrested should be….Paul Johnson, for obstructing an investigation! The feds nail people for this all the time. See you in 6-9 months, Paul! Maybe you and DRad can share a cell! I hear the federal prison camp at Eglin AFB is lovely this time of year.

    • Cojones

      Xon, you should get into his head and how he thinks. I did and when exiting, came through the worst ear blockage that one could imagine.

  7. That Place is the Beat of my Heart!

    Billy Cannon and Frank Sinkwich are both ranked far too low at No. 6 and No. 10. McFadden (No. 4) and Alexander (No. 5) both amassed a lot of yards, but in an era in which running backs amassed a lot of yards.

    Cannon and Sinkwich did their thing when running backs didn’t do what Cannon and Sinkwich did.

    Sinkwich helped put the SEC on the college football map, winning the conference’s first Heisman and leading Georgia to Rose Bowl and Orange Bowl trophies.

    My Top-5:

    1. Herschel (of course)

    [Big, big drop off; take that Barners; don’t you think you guys keyed on Herschel far more than we keyed on Jackson? Huh?]

    2. Jackson

    3. Sinkwich

    4. Cannon

    5. Smith

    Sinkwich over Cannon because he’s a ‘Dog. No, not really.

    Sinkwich was the SEC’s first Heisman, scored more touches than Cannon and gained more yards. Cannon is best remembered for one play.

    • Biggus Rickus

      It’s hard to compare guys from the forties and fifties to today’s players. Everyone’s biggeer, stronger and faster. Not to mention they played before integration.

      • That Place is the Beat of my Heart!

        You are quite right.

        But you also (I think, anyway) need to consider the players in light of their surroundings at the time. Important questions in my mind is “How did this RB compare to his contemporaries?” and “What impact did this RB have on the SEC as a whole at the time?”

    • Got to disagree with you on one point. McFadden amassed a lot of yards because he’s a physical freak.

      I’m not sure there’s any SEC player over the last decade I was happier to see leave early for the NFL than McFadden.

      • James Stephenson

        The only thing that can compare is the Smith run. I mean, damn blink of an eye and 70 yards later, TD.

  8. Biggus Rickus

    So who wins a Saban/Johnson assholeoff? My money’s on Saban. Napoleon complex trumps general fat bastardness.

    • 81Dog

      Fish Fry is a 1AA asshat. He’s like those baseball hats in redneck convenience stores with the snappy phrases on the front. Plenty of asshat attitude, but no style.

      Nick? That guy is the top of the line top hat from Olney Headwear asshat. He’s surly, he’s brusque, he’s sarcastic, but the guy has style. If you were going to construct the perfect asshat from scratch, you could probably just try to clone Nick Saban. Plus, somewhat like his mentor, Bill Belechik, the guy’s a stone cold winner, as opposed to a doughy, whining know it all at a mediocre program.

  9. Sneaky Short

    The Rambo situation seems like it has McGarity written all over it. Straight out of Urban’s play pre-game playbook. Admittedly I always though it was extra Douchey when UF pulled stuff like this I kinda like seeing Richt do it.

  10. Dawgpa12

    I worked with Muschamp at Valdsota and LSU, where I worked with Saban also. Believe me there is NO BIGGER asshat on the planet than Nick Saban!!

  11. Go Dawgs!

    Opening the season against Georgia Tech in the Dome, even if for just one season, would really ruin my year. It’s saving the team I hate most for last, and it’s a great way to end the regular season because it’s basically a guaranteed win. I’m thankful that the nerds were insisting on changing up the home game rotation to make it happen. While I’m sure that would be great for them in terms of actually having at least one home game on the schedule every season that people would attend, it would really wreck Georgia’s end-of-year schedule every other year. Playing Tech and Auburn on the road to close out every season leaves… what for November? Kentucky? And then basically nothing else? Thanks, but no thanks.

    • 81Dog

      UGA should inform Tech that if they want to keep playing us, they’ll have to come to Athens every year. In the odd numbered years, we should offer to bump their ticket allocation up from the normal 10,000 to, say, 15,000, because that’s about how many people they have at the Joke By Coke when we play there. The rest of the seats are filled by us, right?

      win win deal, you ask me.

      • Macallanlover

        You and I are part of a very small minority on this but I agree, GT is expendable as an every year rival with home and home status. They simply don’t bring that much to the party, they have minimal national respect any longer.

        It has become a game where beating them does not gain you any respect, but a loss means your program is in trouble. Our annual matchup rarely gets a prime TV slot because it pails in appeal relative to others on rivalry weekend. It isn’t like mingling with the GT nerds makes for something you look forward to, and playing at the Joke by Coke is a downer in many,many ways, Anyway you slice it, this game is critical to GT, but it costs UGA flexibility in scheduling while giving them a stage. (It is also the way GT can promise Georgia HS recruits a chance to live their dream and play a game in Sanford Stadium!)

        Screw ’em, play them every 5-6 years in Sanford like we do Georgia Southern.

        • HahiraDawg

          count me in that minority as well, curious what the mayor would say to this?

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            I favor treating them the same way we treat Louisiana-Lafayette. they play us in Athens every time. However, unlike Mac above I favor playing them every year because it is a sure win.

        • Cojones

          “It pails in appeal”? I’m laughing with you, not at you because I see these errors all the time from writers on here that I respect. My type-by-sound fingers often make the same error and when you miss it on review it’s doubly embarrassing. Good to know that others don’t seize on it to become public pedantists ; instead we identify with each other as to content, no matter how we personally feel that our individual mistakes are viewed egregiously..

          • Macallanlover

            Guilty, like most here I have my mind in several directions when typing so I will occasionally make the hear/here, their/there type mistakes…now I can add pail/pale, I am sure there are several more. The worst is when I rephrase something and forget to erase the original, duh. Appreciate we don’t have that many nit pickers who feel that is more important than the thoughts expressed. Like all, I squirm when I see them in my posts and long for an edit feature to make it go away. There is always the proof read option, but time is always pressing.

            • Cojones

              Agreed. On here you seem to know where the jocular begins and the opinion ends. It’s a blessing to old farts.

      • I think we would gain a lot by rotating them with Clemson.

        I don’t know that we’d ever be able to pull off the “you only come to us” deal, but I think we could do home-away with Tech then home-away with Clemson, rinse, repeat and it would be fun.

        • Why would you want to avoid playing a team that’s lost to Georgia nine of the last ten years?

          • Cojones

            Hell, Senator. I’m for bringing them into the SEC right now so that everyone can enjoy beating down their ass.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              I don’t know about that. I think Tech doesn’t drop all the way to the bottom of the SEC. They’d beat Vandy, UK, Ole Miss and Miss State (when that team falls back to earth). I think they can beat the current UT team, too. I see Tech having a 3-5 conference record in the SEC East most years.

  12. Chuck

    PJammies is the Ron Paul of college coaches: likes to say crazy stuff that seems like it makes sense until you look at it a little in daylight.

  13. Coondawg

    Man, Nick woulda been spittin teeth out like Chiclets. Talk to someones mama like that.

  14. Russ

    I guess I was sleeping through the late 80’s but Emmit Smith didn’t seem that great when he was at UF. Maybe I was a little jaded because we still owned the Gators back then. As a pro, he was pure money, but as a collegian, I never considered him all-world, certainly not in the top 5.

    • ES never had a good game against Georgia.

    • AlphaDawg

      I totally agree, Smith would be 10 to 15 on my list. he was good in college, but nothing outstanding. Mcfadden and Alexander would be higher, Ingram too. Oh poor Robert Edwards, if he could have only stayed healthy. Guess only 2 years hurt Moreno’s appeal?

      • Normaltown Mike

        “Oh poor Robert Edwards, if he could have only stayed healthy..”

        And off of the Defensive Unit!

        • Nate Dawg

          Amen and true dat…ugghhh…

        • Go Dawgs!

          Watching that ’96 UGA-Auburn game last night, I was blown away by just how good Robert Edwards really was. I’d forgotten just how dominant he was in that game.

          • DawgVegas

            Watched it again too (I was there in ’96, and it was beautiful). It almost wasn’t fair to use RE in the OT. I don’t think he had 10yards in regulation. He and Bobo didn’t start that game. Bobo played a lot, but RE was fresh for the OT, and brining in a back that big with that kind of size, after a four-quarter slug-fest, he looked like a man amongst boys.

            His running in ’97 was sublime. It seemed like every fourth of fifth carry he was going to break one right up the middle. He’d just slice right through the line and linebackers, and then look out…. And the way he hit the corner (like the UF game that year…wow

            • Bad M

              Robert Edwards will always have a place in my heart for shoving it down Florida’s throat that year. That was a fun game! He was unstoppable at times.

  15. “Another factor in his abrupt departure from the NFL was a break in the respect between him and Saban. . .and [Saban’s] unwillingness to give Muschamp full control of the defense contributed to the rift.”

    I hope Kirby enjoys it, too.

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  17. Wolfman

    I read the Saban article and found that Gary Gibbs apparently had life after his Donnan days. That was more disheartening than whatever whats-his-name at Florida was whining about. That guy is dead to me.

  18. JBJ

    Donnan seems to be in a bit of a spot these days.