Reaching for different brass rings

Implicit in a discussion like this is the notion that winning the Mountain West is meaningless in and of itself.  The conference championship is never even mentioned.

Can you imagine anyone ever dismissing an SEC title as a goal?


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  1. Go Dawgs!

    I think the better question is, “can you imagine knowing that you’ll never be challenged in a conference game?” This goes back to the whole deal yesterday where Peterson said we’re bigger and faster than the teams they usually see. Sure, he’s probably blowing a bit of smoke up our asses, but he’s also telling the truth. Boise knows that they’re going to win the MWC. It’s a participation trophy for them. In order to get something meaningful, they’ve got to do it in flawless fashion and get into one of the big bowls. That means making sure they beat us.


    • Joe

      Not so sure, they (BSU) talked about one Lineman starter who dropped from 288 to 268lbs over camp. Normally it is the OL that is bigger and stronger and the DL is smaller and a bit quicker. In this case, our DL across the board is 20-40-50 lbs heavier AND possibly (probably) quicker. Their two interior OL on Moore’s blind side are making their first start. Add a bit of adrenaline rush and the attendant downer and stress (let alone not sure where the blitz/4th/5th rusher comes from in a 3-4) to that and they will be severely tired by qtr 4 IMO.

      Then our OL pushing on their smaller DL prior to Figgins and Tree coming at you, having to shed two blockers to tackle a 240LB Samuel. It will be a long evening for BSU’s interior lines.

      They have Seniors all over the map, and winners know how to win, but being beat on for 4 qtrs is still tough. Of course for Jon Jenkin’s sake, we will keep the temp at 72 exactly Saturday evening!! Connecticut weather!!


      • sUGArdaddy

        Joe, you’re dead on. Their center is 288 lbs. Our NG’s have 60 lbs on him! And he’s going to be getting a fresh one every 2 snaps. I’m telling you…double digits.


      • Will (The Other One)

        Mostly…but they have pretty decent size on their DL.
        I’m optimistic they won’t be running much on us, though whether we can get enough of a push to really get to a QB like Moore who’s a 3-step and toss guy? Not sure.


    • Gary Patterson would like a word…


  2. FisheriesDawg

    There are some strange points in that discussion.

    First, there is no way that Boise is even sniffing a BCS game with a loss. They’ll probably be eligible to be selected, but no bowl is going to take them over a 2- or even 3-loss team from the Big Ten or SEC. The only reason they were selected as an at-large in 2009 was the enormous amount of public backlash that would have come upon the BCS if they had been left out as an undefeated. That won’t be there for a one-loss team, and they won’t be ranked highly enough to be a forced pick.

    Second, I don’t see how either team has a shot at playing for the national title with a loss in this game. If Georgia were to somehow lose to Boise and then run the table in the SEC (having a hard time wrapping my head around that one), an undefeated Boise becomes a major problem. The voters are going to keep Boise ahead of us in the polls no matter what as long as they don’t lose somewhere along the way. The only way we would end up playing for the MNC would be a rematch against Boise, and that would require everyone else in the country (major conferences) to have at least two losses. If they do lose to someone in the MWC, that loss becomes a bigger wart for us than any conference loss another contender with one loss is likely to have.

    Both teams have a ton to lose in this game. If Boise loses, the ceiling is the MWC title and another Las Vegas/Humanitarian/Hawaii Bowl. If Georgia loses, the ceiling is the SEC title (doubtful if you’re capable of losing to Boise with such a home field advantage) and a Sugar Bowl.


    • Sanford222View

      I agree with your analysis here. If…IF…Georgia were to make it through the season with one loss and get in the BCS Title game the one loss would have to come from a two loss South Carolina. I can’t think of another team on the schedule that will be ranked high enough to be a “good” loss.


    • Russ

      If we lose Saturday, but win the SEC, we could very easily be in the hunt for the BCS game. The more important question, though, is how the team will handle a loss. That’s my main worry. The Sackerlina game is huge, and going into it with a loss will make it doubly so, in terms of team psyche.


  3. Go Dawgs!

    Oh, I dunno. Depends who else is in the discussion. Two-loss LSU did it with losses to UK and Arkansas. I would think the one-loss SEC Champion would be in great shape, provided the loss is a conference, non-Vandy or UK loss.


  4. The General

    Don’t the premises of “Boise guaranteed MWC title” and “undefeated Boise if they get thru UGA” ignore the facts that Boise actually did not win the MWC last year, and they still have to face TCU out-of-conference later this year. I agree that it will be near impossible for Georgia to get thru conference play unscathed, but it is certainly no done deal that Boise runs the table. Even if both of those unlikely runs happen, and you end up with undefeated Boise followed by a host of 1-loss teams including UGA, the record of SEC champions in the BCSCG (7-0, 5 of last 5) should make it difficult for Georgia to be snubbed, even if it meant a rematch. The law of averages would say that because we missed out on the Big Game the last two times we won the conference, we should catch a break the next time it happens.


    • The General

      Correction, the BSU-TCU game later this year is in-conference. TCU joins the Big East next year. That actually bolsters my point that the MWC is stronger than the WAC, and Boise couldn’t even get through the WAC unscathed last year.


    • FisheriesDawg

      This is assuming there isn’t an undefeated BCS conference team out there, though. In the past decade, there have been (starting in 2001) one, one, two, zero, three, two, one, zero, zero, two, and two teams that fit that description. So we’ve got only a 30% chance of even being in a position to be considered for a rematch with Boise if the cards do fall that way (unless you think we’ll end up ranked ahead of Boise somehow after losing to them head to head).


  5. Mike

    This reminds me of FSU and the ACC back in the 90s. The fans and players rarely even mentioned winning the confernece champhionship when it happened.