You don’t get much without giving.

If it helps any, Brian, I’d pony up the extra $2.59.


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  1. David

    If we schedule Michigan in 2019 and 2020 along with OSU, and beat both, do we automatically win the B1G?


  2. Don’t be greedy, let’s make the school an offer it can’t refuse and go to a full $3.


  3. Go Dawgs!

    Unfortunately, MGo, McGarity’s already scheduled the tough games he’s comfortable with for the next decade or so. Please check back for 2020.


  4. MT

    Michigan had its chance and screwed the pooch; when we were hunting for home-and-home games we talked with them, OSU, PSU and Notre Dame (

    While I would’ve placed ND and Michigan as the prime options, OSU anted up and schedule us for 2020/21… If I could bet on it, they’ll probably be on probation at the time too.


  5. JBJ

    Well you are going to have people that say you should play an easy OOC schedule since you play in the SEC already. Then you are going to have people say you need the national exposure from a great match up, like UGA v BSU. These decisions are more important than the money.

    You could argue that by skipping a tough OOC game against Michigan you get another home win that puts you in a better bowl game which puts more money in the coffers.


  6. Jermaine'sDye

    They just want revenge for ’66.


  7. Connor

    IF we ended up in a scenario with 4 superconferences, where the champions of those conferences squared off for the national title in a playoff, and the size of those conferences required 9 game conference schedules… don’t you think you’d actually see a dramatic drop in out of conference marquee games? I’ve seen the argument that with a completely objective system in place teams would be more willing to venture out, but my hunch is that the opposite would be true. With only 3 open spots and no tangible benefit, I think teams would load up on patsies. It would be funny if in 10 years we looked back on this last decade as the Golden Age of inter-conference matchups, given all the collective griping we do about it as fans.


    • Castleberry

      Not exactly. Those non-conference games wouldn’t hurt your chances at a conference title and the conference title is all that matters to make the 4 game playoff. I think your decline in marquee games is more likely in the current bowl system. Either Michigan or Georgia will lose those games, and if the loss knocks you back from a BCS game into the Capital One Bowl, you lose more bowl payout than $2.59 a game.

      It’s too bad. I’ve been in some back and forths on here before about the new scheduling philosophy. My preference is to take a chance by battling some heavyweights. I agree with other commenters that it isn’t necessary to win the MNC. As a fan, I want to see us play Michigan – not Coastal Carolina.


      • Connor

        The non-conference games wouldn’t hurt, but they wouldn’t help at all either. Under the current system you can make the argument that you may need a big win out of conference to lock up that BCS championship spot. You hear less of it from the SEC now than you used to, what with the 5 straight titles and all, but I recall it being a big deal when AU got left out in 2004.
        I’m not debating it from a fan’s perspective at all, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the coaches and ADs came to the conclusion that adding a tough game that doesn’t count at all in the middle of a schedule of tough games that do count is not something they want to be doing. Maybe it wouldn’t happen that way, but it would be an interesting unintended consequence.


        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          I favor one OOC game per year against a team that is a national power but that game needs to be at a neutral site–not home and home. The game could be like the Chik-Fil-A against Boise–at the beginning of the season or it could be later in the season. The key is a “one of” game at a neutral site. that way we could play multiple top teams without having to play twice. I trust McGarity to not screw up the site selection so we don’t have to fly across 3 time zones or schedule the game for the weekend before we play Bama, or both, unlike his dumbass predecessor. THANK GOODNESS FOR RED PANTIES!.


  8. Macallanlover

    When fans begin to demand more value for their hard earned gold/silver contributions, the Athletic Department will schedule better games. More parking hassle, tailgating rules, and 1-2 competitive home games per year. The Golden Goose is getting older, and when the illness causes her to cut back, there are many comfortble, affordable ways to watch the Dawgs in HD now, and 3D in about 3-4 years. The market place will determine this, not the AD. As stated earlier, give us better OOC games, and focus on winning the conference title, that is the most important thing, always, and all we truly can control. Things will take care of themselves after that. The product needs to be competitive, and should be tested in better matchups than we have scheduled.