Doubt this ends pretty.

Bruce Feldman has left ESPN for CBS.  With that, I suspect we’re going to start hearing about where some of the bodies are buried in the Leach/James affair, like this nugget:

“They knew about it,” Feldman says of his work with Leach. “They benefitted from my access. They put me on ‘SportsCenter’ multiple times the day he got fired.” Feldman even went so far as to tell ESPN’s lawyers that Leach had documents that could eventually lead to his bringing legal action against the network. “I specifically told them that he had proof that he was going to sue ESPN. I said, ‘You guys are going to have a problem here and I’m connected to this and you need to figure this out.’”

If Leach’s suit ever sees a courtroom, it’s going to be riveting.


UPDATE:  Riveting, I tells ‘ya.

… When contacted by this afternoon, ESPN spokesperson Mike Soltys offered the following about Feldman’s interviews this morning: “We have significant disagreements with his account,” Soltys told “Beyond that, we are not commenting.”

Said Feldman: “If ESPN has issues with this, we can all put our hands on the Bible and sit and go under oath about what was said and what was not. Regardless of what ESPN says, Leach is suing them. Whatever my involvement is here, it will come out. I’ll be put on the stand.”


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  1. 69Dawg

    Bruce was on the Dan Patrick Show this morning. Bruce now has a TV/radio outlet for his issues with ESPN since Dan hates ESPN for many of the same reasons Bruce does.. It was easy to tell he is pissed at the way ESPN did him. They basically isolated him and ran him off. Prior to the release of the book they had offered him a 3 year extension on his contract with a raise. This was while ESPN was using his relationship to Leach to learn things. After the release and publication they offered him one year no raise but had effectively removed him from his work. The dude had 17 years with ESPN and they screwed him. He told Dan the thing he couldn’t understand was how ESPN could “suspend” him but let Craig James continue to appear on TV almost daily. He said the business side had destroyed the journalism side.


  2. Matt B.

    I think a growing segment of sports fans now loathe ESPN. What can we do about it though? I’d love to stick it to them, but they control everything.


  3. Cousin Eddie

    Why doesn’t someone come out with a sports channel, OK one worth a salt? They can pick up all the ex-ESPN talking heads that will want to bash and beat ESPN in viewer ratings. I think there are enough respected talking heads available to make a real channel that could compete. BTW, I despise craig james, he is a pompous a$$hat.


    • Go Dawgs!

      Fox Sports has tried, but it’s just awful. Simply awful. I don’t think I’ll even be able to sample the Tommy Bowden/Anonymous UF Linebacker/Dumb Chick college football show because the little snippets they’ve been running during the Great SEC Games replays have just been nauseating.

      As far as the Leach/Feldman/ESPN legal battle, I just hope they wait to get it going until after the BCS Natty, because I prefer that kind of fun to happen during the offseason when there’s nothing better to do.


      • Yeah, Fox tries, and fails miserably. The more sport specific channels I prefer to ESPN’s shows like MLB Network over baseball tonight (Harold Reynolds is still good stuff) or NFL Network over Countdown/Primetime (yeah Rich Eisen!). Maybe Versus is capable of making a run, or some new contender challenges the throne. The problem is though, it would be nigh impossible for an upstart to compete with ESPN since they have such a strong influence on TV contracts and the financial boom we see from it in college sports, MLB, NFL, NBA, etc.


  4. Careful Brad

    The question is why is espn doing all this to protect CRAIG JAMES?!? It’s not like it’s one of their top guys like Fowler or Herbstreit or someone who has been there forever like Berman, it’s Craig James.


    • waynebradley

      Makes one wonder what does Craig James know or who does he know that gives him leverage. I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but this is just weird.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      ESPN f#cked up supporting James in the first place. Now they are stuck with him. Everything ESPN is doing now is to support the erroneous decision made at the outset by ESPN to back up James. Post litigation James will have the life expectancy of a bumblebee with ESPN.


    • Big Shock

      Maybe they were just using James to help with the 30 for 30 on SMU getting the death penalty. That program was awesome. Now he can leave.


  5. I still just don’t get it. All this exposure and bad pub for ESPN, and all in the service of protecting . . . Craig James? Keith Jackson I could see, but Craig James? A guy who is universally despised across the CFB fanbase and who has added nothing to any ESPN broadcast he’s ever been involved in?

    Either Craig or his son must have hi-res photographs of an ESPN exec boning a border collie. That’s the only possible explanation I can come up with.


  6. retwely

    There are rumors that Craig james allegedly killed 5 hookers while a student at SMU


  7. Stoopnagle

    I wish they were this forgiving with Uncle Ron.