Pomp and circumstance

The preseason is OVAH, my friends.  We’ve suffered long enough.

This clip should bring a smile to your faces.  For all the right reasons.

(h/t David Caple)


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17 responses to “Pomp and circumstance

  1. C’mon man, I’ve got this last comp to go and you post this.

    (It can’t be MY fault).

    The only song that goes through my head today: “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.”


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    That is terrific.


  3. aristoggle

    Off topic for sure, but if you’re in the mood for another short documentary, may I suggest this?


  4. Jim

    got to love a foreigner being brought to tears at the end. My wife always freaks out about the planes too. Love it.


  5. Sanford222View



  6. HottCheesE

    “This fixture has the scale, intensity and hoopla of a grand national final, but is in reality a local derby between amateur students…” Yep…that about sums it up (if you can ignore Stephen Fry’s use of amateur and/or students to describe the players for Alabama and Auburn).


  7. James Stephenson

    Surprised he is not freaking out a little. Normally Libs and Europeans hate signs of nationalism like them singing God Bless America.


  8. X-Dawg

    Sorry, way too much orange for that to be enjoyable to me.


  9. Russ

    Great look from an outsider’s perspective.

    Anybody know why Auburn plays the Battle Hymn of the Republic before their games? I just figured they wanted to be like UGA, but I know that can’t be the case.


  10. Go Dawgs!

    I feel like I’m in a foreign country whenever I go to Alabama, too.


  11. Cojones

    God Bless America differs from many of our patriotic songs that have borrowed music made famous in drinking songs (The Star Spangled Banner being one). GBA was written by Irvin Berlin and sung famously by Kate Smith (seen live by yours truly on TV). It is American in every sense, but easily can bring tears to those not of this land and who listen closely to the lyrics.

    Anyone have the lyrics to any drinking songs whose music we have borrowed? Those lyrics invariably bring tears to my eyes, depending on where I’m drinking. I’m most fond of Chicago drinking establishments. Is Danny Boy a patriotic song of Ireland? If it isn’t, don’t say so in Chi Town.


  12. Faulkner

    The juices are starting to flow…..


  13. Joe

    I am trying to complete this Masters course I am in! STOP until Saturday!


  14. aristoggle

    No, you stop. Get your head out of the books and into the game where it belongs!

    If you’re in graduate school, you should have learned as an undergraduate that you never, ever schedule tough classes in the fall semester.