Friday morning buffet

There was a lot of college football played last night… just not so much good college football.

  • Oh, Kentucky.  We knew you weren’t going to be as good on offense this year, but this bad?  At the end of the first quarter, the ‘Cats had amassed one yard of total offense against a Sun Belt team coming off a 2-10 season.
  • So which D-1 team’s got the worse defense, Memphis or UNLV?
  • Easily the best thing about this Jasper Sanks Q&A“I definitely felt like I was an All-SEC-caliber tailback. But you come in with a guy like Quincy Carter, who demanded to throw the ball 40 times a game.”
  • Hey, here’s a 61-year old kicker.
  • I suppose I should be impressed about this, but I have to consider the source.
  • Tell me there hasn’t been a moment when you wanted to do this.
  • ESPN’s Edward Aschoff is piqued because he had to wait until Isaiah Crowell finished a tutoring session for an interview, but Crowell’s the diva.
  • Maybe it’s not all about the economy:  “They’ll bring you your chicken wings and they’ll bring you your drinks.”
  • Ben Dukes reminds us not to buy into the Boise hype.


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32 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. PhillyDawg

    Ashcroff has never let journalism get in the way of his love for Florida.


  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    At the beginning of the Wisconsin-UNLV game the ESPN announcer, with Craig James standing beside him, said with a straight face that it’s good to have football back after all the controversy this off season. That’s chutzpah.


  3. KornDawg

    God forbid a college athlete actually attempt to have success in the classroom.


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    Back in December 2007, weren’t we supposed to be as scared of Colt Brennan as we are of Kellen Moore now?


    • Merk

      My favorite quote from that game was when some one said Tebow had told him to watch out for the pass rush at the Heisman ceremony. He was like yea whatever, Three quarters later he had to leave the game thanks in large part to Mr. Howard.


    • King Jericho

      I’ve watched this video every day for the past couple weeks leading up to this game.

      Around the 0:36 mark, they start talking up Brennan’s stats and it sounds eerily similar to tomorrow. Granted, Boise is MUCH more proven than Hawaii was, it’s still not against SEC competition. I, personally, won’t be surprised to see us hitting him early and often.


      • Bad Marinara

        Like a rag doll!
        At least give the poor boy some lube.
        Almost felt sorry for them. Nah, screw them. They were talking crap before the game. I loved it.


  5. Vincent

    Boise State ain’t Hawai’i, they actaully have a great defense.

    I like Ben but i think he’s always a little too optimistic about Georgia. Like the senator mentioned yesterday, it ‘ll come down to 2 things: line play and Georgia’s psyche.

    The D line for Boise is pretty scary so it will be interesting to see how our o line fares. I wouldn’t be surprised to see lots of blitzes especially with a young rb who may not know how to pass block yet.

    Here’s to hoping for a Georgia win but a Boise blowout is not unrealistic. they’ve shown up for big games and we have not and our question marks are generally matched against their strengths.

    Should be interesting. Go Dawgs!!!


    • Rocketdawg

      Really? A Boise blowout? I could see us losing on a last second Fiesta Bowl type play or even losing outright by a TD or FG, but a blowout? Sorry these Smurfs from Idaho are not Alabama or LSU. Hell Auburn didn’t even blow us out last year.


    • GShock

      But when exactly has this iteration of the Dawgs gotten blown out in a game? Our worst game last year was against Auburn at their stadium and we lost by 17 after having an early lead. I just don’t see this team getting embarrassed by Boise State. I expect it to be a close match and hope the Dawgs get a few breaks and pull it out.


    • AlphaDawg

      I don’t get all the love for BS’s D-line. Our o-line as played against better talent. AU and SC last year were head and shoulders better than BS’s current D-line. Winn is a 3rd or 2nd round talent t best, SC had a few beasts on thier d-line, they returned all but 1, and we did ok against them. We did ok against AU also, it was the late hits that took thier toll on Murray last year. IMHO


      • AthensHomerDawg

        Ditto. Murray was a warrior. I hope Dawgs return the favor. Nothing serious! Just a reminder about karma and their qb spends a few days in the whirlpool.


    • ThePetis

      I like Vencent but i think he’s always a little too pessimistic about Georgia.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      “…..but a Boise blowout is not unrealistic.”

      If Dawgs bring our A game, its unrealistic not to think the game won’t go our way.


    • Zero Point Zero



    • Russ

      Can’t see a Boise blowout. They could certainly win, and I generally agree with the line on the game having them favored. However, this is a new year and our defense will be stout. It’s hard to throw when you’re on your back.

      If Murray gets hot and IC and Samuels are all that, I can see us winning by two TDs.


  6. SCDawg

    Speaking of bad ESPN moments, did anyone watch the “Mark May Minute,” or whatever they’re calling it? He said Nueheisal, Richt, and Nutt are all on the hot seat, and if they don’t win their respective conference divisions they’ll be fired. He also said Nutt is the head coach at Arkansas. (This was not live, it was a taped segment-nice catch, fact checkers).

    To have him and Holtz still doing their ridiculous schtick, combined with having Craig James still having anything to do with the network after what he pulled with his son, is just unconscionable. Wisconsin is up 51-3 or something like that, and James is going nuts about how Wisconsin’s defense is getting shredded.


    • Go Dawgs!

      I heard the bit about Nutt being the head coach at Arkansas, too. Mark May is an idiot.

      And if I get to choose who gets dissed by our star tailback between the media and his tutoring appointments, I’m standing the media up every time, especially if it’s an ESPN blowhard. I swear, I hate sportswriters. You give them a cushy, easy job and all they do is complain about it. You give them free tickets to some of the nation’s best sporting events, and they complain about the food. You give them free trips to some of the nation’s top events, and all they do is complain how long it takes to get a taxi in a city like Jacksonville. And this guy has to wait for a student athlete to fulfill the “student” part of his requirements, and he calls the kid a diva. Well, Ashcroft, let me help you out with that. You just go back to your hotel, or better yet, back home. When the SID finds Isaiah, we’ll call you. That way you can type from the comfort of your own home, and not darken the doorsteps of beautiful Athens, Georgia.


      • Skeeter

        +1 Go Dawgs! When I worked as a daily newspaper reporter, the sports guys were in another world. Sports desk was a different from the news desk as the news desk was from the circulation department. News, feature and columnists would rotate jobs and beats but the sports guys (yes, always male) only did sports, the same sports, the same beats (and would grumble about having to cover any female sports). They’d have no clue how to cover a government meeting or write a business feature, much less take a picture.

        Now, to be fair, a few did love it and were great people to be around. But, many were the miserable bastards you describe. It’s like being an angry food writer, or chocolate maker or porn star. I mean, you have this awesome job, what gives?!


    • That’s as good as Andre Ware calling Morgan Newton “Cam Newton” during the UK game.


  7. Macallanlover

    Kentucky looks much worse than expected, Vandy might be penciling in a W, and TN will extend their streak. How did they get so bad, so fast? Joker may be the “hot seat” guy in the SEC East.

    On the oher hand, Miss St looked very solid against a weak Memphis team. I wanted to worry about them but visions of smurfs keep rinning through my head. Everyone talks about Florida’s October, I think our September is comparable.


  8. Russ

    Jasper Sanks was down!


  9. WarD Eagle

    I think the couch v. stadium quandary is easily resolved by not giving me AU v USU in my season opener.

    Considering the scholarship donor requirements, ticket costs, travel, etc. That’s a lot of money to see a game. I’m traveling from NC to AU to watch a game against the Sisters of the Poor. At least play a USM – somebody that can beat you.


    • Go Dawgs!

      See, those are my thoughts exactly. I don’t need a tough game every single game out, but when you’re lining up to play nothing but cupcakes in the nonconference, who really cares? Those are the games where ticket holders who have any kind of troublesome trip at all just sell them to people who don’t get to go to every game.


  10. Coondawg

    @Russ, I still have blood pressure problems when I’m reminded of that.

    Lose a game like that to the Nerds and you’ll understand why Dawg Fans should hate them with every breath you draw.


  11. Cojones

    To think that a sports writer has a comment about an ole’ fart’s sex life is unbelievable. How could they print such nonsense? If old people get off eating and playing with veggies, that’s their business. If this sextagenarian does something weird with a carved pumpkin, that’s his business. If he gifts old ladies a Vaseline-wrapped cucumber, who are we to begrudge oldsters their joy-joy? If older women prefer fresh-picked carrots because they are red and hairy we have no business poking fun at what they have fun poking at. Leave sextagenarians alone! They don’t harm anyone with their voyeuristic somersaults into a tub of mashed potatoes while riding an eggplant. And after eating their veggies, they replace them into their wheelchairs, where’s the harm in that? Some people just cross over the line when they write about the sexual habits of ole’ farts.

    Dang! Worked up an appetite and it still isn’t game time.