Here we go.

Obviously, if you’re in the Craig James camp of “Moore and Martin ftw”, then this won’t matter.

For the rest of those predicting a Boise win, that’ll probably come in handy if things don’t shake out that way.


UPDATE:  The comments section to this news report in the Idaho Statesman is a blast, if you’re into potato-flavored paranoia.  The winner so far is this guy.

Mark Richt is a desperate desperate man and will evidently do anything in his power to win this game and not lose his job. I’ve now become very concerned for Kellen because if Richt is pulling this, who’s to say that he’s not going to try and knock Kellen out of the game and gain that advantage as well. I’m sure that BSU is just playing it safe by not playing those guys, but geez…


UPDATE #2:  Note to delusional BSU fans – Richt didn’t know about the three players being held out until Petersen mentioned it at their presser.


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48 responses to “Here we go.

  1. DawgPhan

    hits too close to home to really take any enjoyment from this…just let us get to 8pm tomorrow without any issues and this will go down and the greatest off season that I can remember.

  2. The other Doug

    3 players are suspended and they are all from Amsterdam. Green card or hashish?

  3. Rick

    WR isn’t on rival’s depth chart, and the DT is second string. The safety is a senior starter, though…ouch.

    Looks like GA is now favored by 3 at one of the vegas sites – I guess that reflects this news? Fair or not, Dawgs will now need to win by double digits for anyone to notice.

    • Rick

      My mistake, WR is on the 2-deep. And the backup to Febis is a RS Fr. 6 points swing still seems high.

    • Spears

      Not that I would ever condone or participate in any wagering, but where might one find this Georgia-by-3 line? is listing BSU (-3) at all the major books, which is down from BSU (-3.5) yesterday.

  4. AthensHomerDawg

    I wonder how this sorta stuff comes up…. they played last year. It’s awful close to game time. Seems curious to me. Hey Kiffen lost his D back coach. This has the makings of a great weekend.
    Go Dawgs!

  5. JL

    Where is georgia favored to win?

  6. Evidently Normaltown

    Check out all the conspiracy theories on this article. BSU fans and the Techies deserve each other:

  7. hailtogeorgia

    That thread makes the AJC look like a bunch of MIT grads. Jesus.

  8. Go Dawgs!

    Oh man. Just read the update. I can’t wait to get my boots on the ground in Atlanta, this is going to be a lot of fun.

    Hey, any potato-based lurkers, if Mark Richt had enough juice with the NCAA to get Boise players suspended, why do you think he’d go after two second stringers and a safety? He’d go after the quarterback! Besides, if he had that kind of juice with the powers that be, AJ Green would have 13 games played on his stat sheet from 2010.

    • Go Dawgs!

      Not even Tech fans can match this level of paranoia…

      … and one commenter there said something about the high number of “Africans” that SEC and ACC schools bring in with no problems. Wow, that’s some high-quality racism from our friends in lily-white Idaho. I’ve seen enough, I now officially despise Donkey State and look forward to watching them humbled.

      • DWH

        My favorite part is where they claim UGA will have an unfair advantage because of the SEC refs. Wow, really?! These folks obviously haven’t watched any Georgia games since the ’07 Cocktail Party.

        • Bad M

          Seriously! I’d pay money for them to use a Mountain West crew. Heck, I’d go with an all Idahoian crew over some of these guys.
          “15 yards for winning the coin toss…and loss of down.”
          “10 yards for allowing yourself to be held!”
          “15 yards for not apologizing after catching the touchdown!”

          • Russ

            Oh great, you just reminded me that we’ll be the first team this year to have a touchdown called back because of some sort of taunting, probably the egregious kind that AJ pulled a few years back. I’m already getting pissed.

    • gastr1

      Clearly these people are unfamiliar with SEC referees’ persistence in screwing over their own, too.

  9. vincent

    Awesome. Now mark richt only needs to send some scooters moore martin and wynns’ way and this game’s in the bag for us

  10. DawgPhan

    Could Georgia’s tough new immigration law actually be working in Georgia’s favor?

    Tell all those strange talking folks from out of state, they better bring their papers and a lawyer.

  11. Apparently Evil Richt is Back and more Devious and Connected than Ever.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      I think it’s McGarity’s doing. He covers these issues while CMR concentrates on the problems in Honduras.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        More poor mouthin’ …. go ck that 401 K and get on up to Hotlanta!

        • W Cobb Dawg

          C’mon now, you need to ease up. A tongue-in-the-cheek comment isn’t automatically negative. People have the right to their opinions. Disagreeing is one thing. Monitoring comments for any indication of perceived affront is another. I suggest concentrating on what you have to say about the subject of a given article, rather than critiquing everyone elses thoughts/comments.

  12. BeardDawg

    “Watch the guys in striped shirts from the SEC take over the game if BSU starts to get a leg up. We’re talking the deep south here…good old boy tactics run rampant.”

    They have obviously never seen a Penn Wagers’-called game.

  13. Hogbody Spradlin

    Chadd Cripe seems to think Amsterdam is a country.

    Made me think of a song we sang in 2nd or 3rd grade. We used to crack ourselves up over this scandalous lyric:

    “Amster, Amster, Dam, Dam, Dam”

  14. PauldingDawg323

    Should we feel honored that Boise fans think our staff is capable of a successful conspiracy? And if Mike Slive could pull this off, couldn’t he conspire to hire competent officials?

  15. Xon

    It’s pretty clear that the timing on this is due to Petersen doing the typical inside baseball thing of keeping it locked down so it would be a surprise to the other team (in other words, uga). Not due to a last-minute conspiracy by Richt, or the SEC, etc. Wackadoo!

  16. Normaltown Mike

    How soon before a recruitnik complains that CMR and CRG aren’t recruiting Amsterdam too?

  17. Turd Ferguson

    We need to beat Boise by a wide margin.

    • End that sentence 4 words sooner, and I’ll agree with you.

      • Turd Ferguson

        Obviously, I’ll be happy with any kind of win. But the best way to keep people from crediting any part of a Georgia win with Boise’s last-minute loss of a couple starters is just to destroy them in all facets of the game, and to win really, really comfortably. I already don’t think Georgia will get the credit they deserve if they win this game. All this does is give the pundits, etc., one more thing to talk about. But if the score looks something like it did in ’05, I think it’d be hard to seriously even mention a couple of missing players (not named Moore or Martin, that is).

        • Puffdawg

          I’ll be happy with a win. This game really means nothing to us and our season unless we lose. We’ll gain all the respect we need by faring well in the SEC. Let’s just focus on getting a W.

        • Macallanlover

          So how many starters, or significant contributors, have we lost since the spring versus BSU? Any comparison? I think not. How could any objective thinker use this logic?

  18. Ausdawg85

    Wait. CMR didn’t know until the presser? Thought he had time to read GPT now?