Groundhog Day

Honestly, can anyone point to a single area of improvement from last season to tonight?  I can’t think of one.

Granted, it’s too early to give up on the season, but that was a very disappointing show we saw in the Dome.


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  1. gatriguy

    No defending Richt after this…he is clearly not the caliber of coach as his peers.


    • Joe

      He has lost it. He used to be, but has slipped.


      • Brandon

        Without Van Gorder or another top notch DC, he isn’t anything special, never was. A good man, that’s the painful truth unfortunately.


      • No One Knows You're a Dawg

        And he was laughing after the game. I guess when you’re being paid $3,000,000 of season ticket holder money you can affford to laugh.


        • Dawgaholic

          No need for rash judgments. It’s the first game of the year and Boise may truly be a top 5 or even top 2 or 3 team. Let’s see how this plays out. If our only losses this year are to true top 5 level teams, then things may be ok. Had we just lost to Oklahoma 35-21, noone would be that upset. Had we lost to Miss. State 35-21, I understand everyone’s sentiments. For example, I think the 2002 team would have taken an *ss whooping playing a a top 5 team in their opener. (They won a lot of close games against so-so teams during the first half of the season.) By game 12 they would have kicked the same team’s *ss.

          One game does not make a season, let’s GATA next week.


  2. Eric

    Offense looked even worse. Thought the D started out great, but they were obviously outmanned, out-gassed, and eventually…gasp…run…wheeze…over


  3. Joe

    Honestly? The defense did much better than last year. Our DL wasn’t on roller skates, but our offense is offensive.
    The offense left the defense hanging too many times.


    • Bevo

      Absolutely agree. Many fans will look at final score and put most of the blame on the DEF. Wrong. The OFF didn’t show up till 28-7 and left the DEF out to dry non-stop until then.

      This was a pathetic debut for Will Friend’s group. Our OL got served. It’s going to be a long season if they don’t get their act together.

      I agree with the Seantor as well. After the first half, I wondered if we were still playing in the Liberty Bowl.


  4. I’m starting to think everyone who has taken our D coordinator position purposely puts on blinders that cover the middle of the field. It’s been wide open since 2005.


  5. The Original Cynical in Athens

    Um, yes there is reason to give up on the season. This is a fucking clown show. Honestly, we could have plucked a couple of transluscent gamers from one of the Dragon-Con lobbies, and they would have had better command of the team than limp-dick Richt and his squadron of ‘ginas. It’s fucking over. It’s fucking over. McGarity can do what is right and wax the idiots tomorrow or suffer the fallout of a 38 season. I say it’s time to go ahead and start the rebuilding. There is a lot of talent in the prgoram, but the fucking buffoon stealing money right now must go. The gig is up.


  6. Haywood Jablome

    Is it now illegal to jam a wr coming off the line of scrimmage? All night long our db’s would give a 5 to 10 yd cushion and never once try to impede the boise wr routes. Without a doubt we have the least physical defense in the SEC.


  7. Dawgfan Will

    Malcolm Mitchell has some talent, Crowell didn’t light the world on fire (who could with our O-line) but did all right, and Orson Charles can make shit happen IF Bobo and Murray will get the ball to him.

    I’m holding on the D until we play a few more games, but I’m through defending Bobo. If Richt wants to keep him, then I’ll be sorry to see Richt go, but it will have to happen.


  8. Skeeter

    Was the food better?


  9. Rusdawg

    I want to puke, and it has nothing to do with the excessive amounts of alcohol I have imbibed today. I went into this game fully expecting us to LOSE but at least to show some improvement and some physical play. Instead I have once again wasted my money on UGA football. Seriously. 3rd and 16 and a draw?!?! Have we learned nothing?!?! Our three touchdowns were fluke bombs. We certainly cannot possibly be relying on that to sustain the team during the season. Can we?!?!

    Where were the drives. Do you know how many passes or plays we had into the endzone (one of my biggest problems with Bobo)? That is right. ZERO.


    • Derek

      The draw was fine. What I cannot understand is having used the draw to get a 4th and manageable why you send the punter out? It seems to me you call the draw with going for it in mind.


      • Smblues

        Exactly. I was pissed at first with the call, then thought, oh that makes a lot of sense as we are going for it, then I just got really really sad.


  10. Skeeter

    It’s like watching a bad NFL team. Some crushing hits, flashes of brilliance but a lot of standing around and waiting for someone else to do something and bail you out. Hey, kind of like the economy…


  11. Keese

    All of it comes down to sorry line play. The defensive line put zero pressure on kellen and the o line was just plain horrible. The freshman looked promising and Crowell & Mitchell looked promising. But Bobo scored a complete F- on playcalling. Play the violin now…


  12. AND THOSE UNIFORMS WERE ABSOLUTE CRAP. Hideous, were we, visually, physically, metaphorically, hypothetically, and, most importantly, positively.


  13. dawg dad

    I did not see us winning. Not to an outstanding veteran QB. However, the malaise over the program still seems to be there. Boise looked fresher and smarter, The had the look of a confident, poised team. When have they ever been ranked in the top recruiting classes. When have the been loaded with 4 and 5 star recruits. I do not remember them ever being ranked in the top 20 or so. Then how do they get that type of play out of those guys? We’re supposed to have the players — the athletes. How do we perform like this. Maybe Boise knows how to coach better. Is that possible? Our players rourtinely looked lost, confused and at times frightened. Boise ran their offense, made simple adjustments and we had no answer. Our offense was very predictable. It seemed like we only ran 10 different plays. No end runs, no short slants (of course we had no blocking either) and no real cohesiveness. As I said, I thought Boise was better and that unless we played our best in four or five years, we would come up short. What I did not expect was to see the same old gassed, poor second half performance out of a team so better conditioned ( or so we were told). It looked as if our staff does not have any answer nor any desire to compete. We looked bland, predictable ( did i say that earlier?) and dull. We have an uninspired and unintelligent team that just does not seem to get it — what ever IT is. Sadly, it does seem as if our coach is digging a hole from which there is no escape.


  14. Bulldog Joe

    Six sacks to zero.

    Sums up the line play on both sides.


  15. diving duck

    Jarvis Jones looked good?


  16. Lane

    But the team is being coached by good Dawgs, and that’s what matters. Bobo, McClendon, Ball and Big Joe T definitely earned the jobs they now hold, and the fac that they went to UGa had nothin to do with their hiring.

    Things will get better when Kirby Smart is hired, also because he earned it, not because he was a Dawg…

    Fwl. ls loses their starting QB and beats last years runner up. We still havent realized that Richard Samuel belongs on the bench.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Samuel actually did a decent job pass blocking but clearly is not an SEC caliber RB. WE got his revenge. His departure hurt the team.


  17. dave

    Richt’s sensorium is clouded, his level of consciousness is bordering on comatose, and he has severe retrograde amnesia. He is unaware of his surroundings and has difficulty organizing his thoughts. His speech monotone and lifeless. Events of the external world have not been processed in nearly a decade. Floating in his narcotic-induced dream-world, this loss against Boise State proves that he just doesn’t give a sh*t anymore. I have refrained from writing what has been painfully obvious for years now: The man does not appear to be very smart. Perhaps, however, the issue isn’t below-average intelligence or a closed head injury as I’ve often thought, but a severe and disabling addiction to sedatives. Nearly every decision he makes is poor, and the more our beloved program has been exposed to this slow-learning cadaver, the worse we’ve gotten. Please, Catherine, administer the smelling salts, so that Richt can be aroused enough to resign with dignity.

    I can’t look anymore…it’s just too embarrassing.


  18. TimRankine

    Geesh…I don’t know what to type…we looked horrid…where is the all-knowing, ever-green poster to pick us up?


  19. ARGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Another waste of a season coming.

    Another 11 months of looking forward hopefully to “next year.”

    Another loss to Florida.

    Another pointless defeat of sucky Ga Tech.

    I hate sports. 😦


  20. daniel

    by areas of improvement, i assume you meant areas in which we’ve improved. the defense looked slightly better overall. thats it. otherwise it looked like the same sh!tty offense as last year, minus AJ Green. This clown has to go, and i think you know who i mean.
    Not the equipment and pregame film coach.
    Not the sweat sock and yoga coach,
    the butt-cut tan-man himself, is done, and has to go. we all know it inside somewhere. goodbye.


  21. daniel

    there is no more defense of this charade.
    please, lets end it.


  22. The other Doug

    I liked how the defense looked for the first half. They were hitting and swarming to the ball. After that they looked gassed.

    The offense was poorly conceived. Once they stopped the runs betweent he tackles we had no answer. Where were the quick slants or other short throws? Where was the power sweep? We used to run those plays.

    Richt kept Bobo and now he is going to pay for it.


    • The other Doug

      Also, this game was a perfect example of Bobo putting up great numbers while we suck.

      Total yards: Boise 390 UGA 373
      First Downs: Boise 24 UGA 13


    • TennesseeDawg

      Yeah, we closed practice to the media to install that offense. Now I know why. We didn’t want them reporting how bad we sucked.


  23. mwo

    Do we not have a screen pass in our repertoire? On 3rd and 3 why do you hand the ball off 6 yards behind the line of scrimmage? Boise State’s OC did a great job in his 1st game. How many games has Bobo had? How different was our offense from the last time we played these guys? The best line I heard all night was a Boise fan yelling as UGA fans streamed to the exits after their 5th touchdown. He said that must be what they mean by “SEC speed- the speed at which their fans hit the exits”


  24. Evidently Normaltown

    Main positive thing I am telling myself: At least McGarity is driving the bus now.


  25. Hobbes

    A positive is that maybe those uniforms will never see the light of day?


  26. TennesseeDawg

    I took one game and I’m already tired of watching the Dawgs. Granted it was the first game but it’s not the loss that has disappointed me it’s seeing the exact same crap we saw last year take the field again. It all starts with the lines. Both lines were whipped easily. OL line was completely inept even with a 50+ lb advantage. I’m tired of defending Richt. He can’t motivate players or coaches at the SEC level. If we get the same mess we saw yesterday against the chickens then Richt should be fired on the spot.


  27. Bobo the Clown

    I told Murray to pump fake while a blitz was coming and that gave him enough time to take the sack. What’d you guys expect. I’m the same inept play caller I’ve always been. (honk, honk)


  28. BMan

    It’s perfect that we are the Dogs. Real dogs (spaniels, labs, etc.) are charmingly stupid. You fake-throw a tennis ball, and they go for it every time. They chase their tails round and round, but never catch them. They never learn, and as dog owners we are amused by it. As fans, however, it’s sickening to watch a team full of coaches and players that never learns. We have a 270+ pound fullback and hardly ever ask him to lead block on a running play. Instead, we run delayed draws out of one-back sets. Our QB holds the ball in a pocket that collapses quickly. Our O-line can’t run block or pass block effectively against a five man rush. Our offensive coordinator has some form of tourettes that causes him to regularly shout out calls for a bomb to be thrown at inexplicable times (it would be easier if he had the kind that made him shout curse words). Our defensive coach uses a 3-4 scheme and says it’s designed to confuse the opponent. Clearly, our biggest opponent is the one our team sees in the mirror, because they appear to be the only ones confused by the 3-4. The only time I ever saw Kellen Moore do anything bad (as in throw an incomplete pass) was when he was hurried on a couple of occasions. Those were the times when we brought more than the usual pressure. It looks like none of our linebackers ever rush the QB, which I’m sure is wrong, it’s just that’s how it looks. And finally, we are gassed and cramping in the first half of a game where we’ve had all day to hydrate and are playing inside an air-conditioned dome.

    I apologize for the long post, but I had to get that out. Stupid dogs.


  29. 69Dawg

    I went crazy last night. We run the I formation and come down the field in 4 plays with the good old play fake only to go back into the gun and get AM killed. I was on record as saying that Bobo will always try to show that he can do what the other team does rather than do what UGA should d. Bobo has completely taken the run out of AM, he was a pass only QB last night. We are screwed for this year. Steve will take us to the woodshed and Arron better have some good health insurance with that sorry Oline.


  30. 69Dawg

    One other thought – 6 sacks times 12 games = Dead QBs.


  31. walter sobchak

    what would it take to get boise’s coach?


  32. Jim

    How ’bout that opening drive? Nothing like taking the ball so you can get three penalties and punt


  33. Normaltown Mike

    “single are of improvement…”

    How about extinguishing fan hope?

    We had 8 months to devise some Offensive plan of attack against a really experienced & thick D-line. Except for the Boykin play, I don’t recall seeing a single unique formation or play call the entire first half. Am I missing something? 8 months to look at BSU and try to find some strategy and they decide to dust off the Central Florida play book?


  34. baltimore dawg

    anybody who watched that game and didn’t realize that we were going to lose after the first quarter because our offense couldn’t give our d a chance to catch its breath is as clueless as some of our coaches.

    bobo is pure mediocrity–always was. and this has been the worst stretch of o-line play i can remember in almost 40 years of watching uga football.

    this is not going to get better, guys. we’re in for some lean, lean times.


    • damn. I hate it but you’re right. The only hope I’ve got right now is that I can dupe someone into taking my season tickets off my hands for face value and I won’t lose money this year…


  35. vincent

    not much left to say after what everyone else said. though it does make it worse that Boise was more physical than we were. I was hoping RIcht could turn it around. apparently he cannot.


  36. Melody

    Nike uniforms! No silver britches–haven’t we learned? But, what about the blasted shoes? We could not stand, much less cut, run, or compete. Go back and watch the beginning of the game and notice how many times the shoes appear to be falling off our guys’ feet or the players slipping and sliding–along with our hopes for a good 2011 season. I hope the uniforms–complete with shoes and helmets–were part of a massive bonfire before the stroke of midnight!


  37. heyberto

    The fans booing was reprehensible. Leave the game if you must, but don’t boo the team. The booing stopped after so many left in the 3rd qtr.


  38. Stumpy Pepys

    I have tried hard not to buy into the “CMR-on-the-hotseat” meme, but after that debacle last night, his a$$ better be burning. Neither players nor coaches were ready to play…absolutely inexcusable.


  39. 2011-dante22000

    I found, bobo using 2,3-4 tight ends to his advantage brilliant. The off-season work outs are helping (ol is only getting pushed 5 yds. back). The ol seniors moved the whole team (before the snap) . TK is a practice player (at best).


  40. Turd Ferguson

    Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined our offense being that terrible. Not wild about the defense either (how can the addition of two huge, powerful NTs make no discernible impact?), but the offense was the surprise to me last night. That OL … yikes. This is going to be a long, long season.


  41. 123kid

    So that’s that for Richt, right? Two straight losses to non AQC teams, fourth straight year where UGA is out of the mnc race before the UF game.


  42. Turd Ferguson

    Oh, and Tavarres King needs to chill with the “Team TK” bullshit on Twitter and learn how to play is damned position. No one expects him to rise to Green’s level, but I do expect him to play like a veteran and leader in the receiving corps.


    • Tavarres King is from my hometown. I prayed he would sign with Clemson like his dad did. “Team TK” ran up a bunch of inflated high school numbers playing for Habersham County against a slew of pasty-white North Georgia cracker “talent”. I never thought he would be at an “AJ Green” level, but I was hoping he would at least evolve into a serviceable wideout in the mold of Kenneth Harris or Michael Moore. I can see now that just isn’t going to happen. He will continue to drop passes and come up short in big play situations. I like the kid, but he’s just not a ball player.


  43. vincent

    As pissed as I am I have to admit I’m pretty saddened by the fact that the same head coach that blew the lid off of our program now doesn’t know how to win to save his life, or in this case his job. I really wanted to see Richt coach here for another ten or twenty years and win a national championship. I know now beyond a shadow of a doubt that that day will never come and that we need to start looking for his replacement. Sad day indeed.


  44. Marshall

    Man, you guys are depressing me. I felt that there were at least a few positives–special teams, some signs of improvement on D. And well, guess that’s it. Offense was just awful. Still some coaching concerns. Truth be told, by the 2nd half, I was pretty well into the bottle and listening to the radio on my front porch.

    Lord….I just don’t know. I guess we’ll pretty much know for sure this time next week.


  45. Senator, that was awful. Boise was as good as advertised, and we looked like we were running in molasses. I bought into the happy talk and won’t again. I hate it for Richt because I like him. He just has let this get away from him at this point.


  46. Macallanlover

    !. Same run blocking issue
    2. Still cannot apply any pressure on QB
    3. Secondary and linebackers are no where near receivers
    4. Conditioning issues all over again, winded after 7-8 plays? Dang!

    The only difference I see is an easier schedule so revising my prediction to 7-5 or 8-4. (I can still hope for a miracle.) This is to take nothing away from a very good Boise team, they are very experienced and make only minor mistakes in any part of the game. I feel they should be ranked in the Top 10. Peterson is a classy guy, and an excellent coach.

    I am thrilled CFB is back and will enjoy the season although my Dawgs will not contend for anything meaningful (SEC title). That said, I am still a fan and will not tear UGA apart, or down. We aren’t the only team that looked inept yesterday, but that doesn’t cover my disappointment.

    Also, some people are not fans, just cynical.


  47. Hogbody Spradlin

    I thought the defense was markedly improved. Tackling was better, we were stout up the gut and against the run in general, and their yards after catch wasn’t dramatic. Boise had 5 receivers in the pattern most of the time and was content with short to medium gains. The only way to defend against that many receivers is to get pressure, which was one area we were worse than late last year.

    I know the defense got tired but they were constantly playing a short field and got no help. Boise was only 4/12 on third down. Time of possession 33/26 their favor.

    We can’t block. We can’t run or pass block. Period. Aaron Murray did as good as he could with a constantly collapsed pocket, and running backs had to make bricks without straw. 6 frigging sacks with guys who weigh 320 across the line. Unacceptable.

    I’m rationalizing, but we may have just played an outtanding, more experienced, more skilled team. Remember, it’s the beginning of the SEC season, not the end.


    • So… it’s the beginning of the end?


    • Hogbody- I’m an trying to hang on to your same outlook here but I can’t continue to lie to myself. You agree that we can’t run block or pass block so what makes you think that we will figure it out before this season gets out of hand? I don’t have the faith that our coaches will even figure out what kind of identity we want to have as a team much less be able to coach into the players on the field. Sorry, but after 4 years of this kind of reality check, I am more than jaded… I’m mystified. The same questions continuously arise but there is one that I think leads itself to a logically conclusion… How is it that with ALL the abundant resources we have and all the highly rated recruits we continue to bring in, we continue to not only lose, but lose in such a fashion that we look like we don’t belong in big time college football?


  48. Scott W.

    When Boise started most of their drives from their 40 I knew it was going to be a long night.


  49. Skeeter

    When the game started with a poor return and false starts, I knew it was going to be a long night.


    • amen. How long are we going to let ourselves beat ourselves. For the love of GOD, can we not field a team that plays smart… We obviously have to try to win the areas that we can control just to give ourselves a chance but we aren’t capable of even handling those things. I feel like we are in a parrallel Universe compared to our teams lead by Vince Dooley. We have all the athletes one could want on a football field but they look like they just drew the play up on the sidelines and are running things for the first time…


  50. View From The Bench

    Last spring I posted that the dawgs should move Orson Charles to wide-out, Mitchell to wide-out, Brandon Smith to slot, IC in backfield, and Christian LeMay at quarterback. It would give the best chance to make something happen on offence without any blocking up front. The Ole Miss game will tell where the dawgs are, expect a close game, but not necessarily a win.