Baby, mellow my mind.

Saturday night’s loss left me just blasé enough about college football that Maryland’s new jerseys didn’t bother me.


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  1. Bulldog Joe

    They look like crash test dummies.


  2. Turd Ferguson

    The more I think about it, the less I understand why jerseys matter so much to some people.


  3. Nate Dawg

    The Black Crowes do a song called “Mellow Down Easy” (may be a cover??). Upbeat, bluesy tune. Also Chris Robinson has a solo song called “Untangle my Mind” which will probably actually mellow your mind. Wish I could post a link but alas, I’m not very savvy. Check’em out if you like.
    Those uniforms were very arena football-ish but at least they won.


  4. D.N. Nation

    I…actually liked Maryland’s uniforms. Ridiculous kitsch, but they conveyed MARYLAND to some extent.

    Hint, hint, Nike.


  5. JBJ

    I think the announcers said UM has 30 different uniforms to choose from this year as Under Armour at Maryland is trying to one up Nike at Oregon.

    I prefer those uniforms to the ones UGA wore.


  6. DA man

    At least it takes your eyes away from the shoes. What’s up with that? Something Timmay would wear, no doubt.


  7. Go Dawgs!

    Frankly, after seeing Maryland’s “regular” uniforms being unveiled, I thought the ones they wore last night were fantastic. They were way out there, but they celebrated the state, which I thought was pretty cool. Maryland has a unique flag, and I thought the incorporation of it was pretty neat. Let’s face it, the “Terps” helmet they usually wear is a little boring. I could see South Carolina or Clemson putting something together with the Palmetto Tree and Moon emblem.

    Plus, they won while playing dress-up. To me, that’s the easiest measure of how good a uniform looks.


  8. Phocion

    I’d say that the Maryland uni’s would have been great if they ditched all the ‘other’ unis they will have this year and pick the Calvert (Black&Yellow) motif for the home jerseys and go with the Crossland (Red&White) motif for the road jerseys. Incorporate the other design somehow in the pants and Md represents both halves of its flag in each uni while looking good and totally unique in the CFB world.


  9. Will Trane

    I agree with Ferguson. But for some teams it is the only identity they have. Some teams are a program. Some could suit up in tux and pads, and fans would know who they are by the way they play. Just maybe in our near future the Red and Black will mean something again.


  10. 69Dawg

    The Helmet reminded me of fighter pilot helmets. Kick the tires and light the fires, Maverick.


  11. Tronan

    Maryland resident here. From the shoulder pads up, those unis look like something from the Medieval Times reject bin. Or so I imagine, having never been to a Medieval Times.

    The essence of Maryland is bad infrastructure and even worse drivers. I’m not sure how you’d illustrate that on a football uniform, though. A black tangle of spaghetti with red exclamation points?


  12. Stoopnagle

    Some programs have built a brand over the long haul. (I once thought Georgia was one of those brands – if you’ll pardon the term – in football. Apparently, Nike feels differently).

    Others use the gimmick of uniform change-ups as their brand. Maryland is going to be the Oregon of the east because the UA guy is a MD grad. (If I were the AD, though, I would point out to said alum that the AD at MD is running a ~$2 mil deficit and is considering shuttering some of its 23 varsity programs. I would then show him what Phil Knight REALLY gives at UO and encourage him to dream bigger).

    As the game wore on, I liked Maryland’s look. But I also like the Terrapin Shell patterned helmet (despite the flag-stripe thingy). Because, really, what *is* Maryland’s traditional uniform? A quick look at The Helmet Project tells me that they don’t especially have one. So why the hell not?

    This can’t exactly be said for Georgia. We’ve pretty much been wearing the red lids with the oval G for the entirety of the modern era of CFB. The black jerseys (which I like – on occasion) had historic significance (’43 Rose Bowl, Trippi, Sinkwich, ’42 National Champs etc etc). You can make an argument for red pants and silver lids and I’d buy it if Nike did it a la ’10 Oregon State throwback style. But they didn’t and win or lose, those things were an abomination. The only saving grace from Saturday was, just like in Jax ’09, it really didn’t feel like it was the Dawgs out there getting whipped.

    But, there’s a point: who really cares about the uniforms? I guess I do because one of the reasons college football outshines the NFL for me is tradition: teams don’t leave your town, there’s continuity, there’s community, there’s familiarity. And part of that, I thought, was you could stand by your team’s symbols (rep’ed in part by uniforms). So, I care a bit about it and I suppose that makes me a bit of a sap. So be it.


    • Danny Amos, CEO, AFLAC

      Funny you should bring up the “teams don’t leave their towns in college football” thing because I was seriously considering making Bama a straight up $1 Billion cash offer to swap teams, coaches, staffs, the whole enchilada with Georgia–but they would have to keep Richt a minimum of 10 years.


  13. I thought the Maryland unis were pretty cool.

    As someone else noted, it was a total homage to Maryland’s very unique flag, and thus the unis payed respect to the state.


  14. Grafton

    The only positive thought I had Saturday night leaving the dome was knowing I would never have to look at those uniforms again.


  15. Dawg19

    The fact is, Maryland hasn’t had a ton of success in football in their normal jerseys. So those jerseys don’t represent the same thing to their fans as the ones Georgia wears represents to it’s fans. Had Nike come out with some wild uniforms for our basketball team, Dawg fans would embrace it because we are looking for any positive change possible in that arena. We would applaud Coach Fox, in fact, for trying to pump up the players in any way possible. But football is sacred here, like basketball is in Maryland. We don’t care what the players like if they’re not winning championships. Why was the Blackout against Auburn such a big deal in 2007? Because we beat Florida, which at the time was like winning a championship. But we haven’t won a big game against a real opponent since. So this jersey nonsense is only mace in the face to Dawg fans who just want to get back to winning.