Hi, I’m Mike. I’ll be your playcaller. Would you like to hear about our specials?

From the Mike Bobo presser today:

Q: What led you guys to make the changes you did in terms of no-huddle?

Bobo: Well we wanted to get more plays, which we didn’t do on Saturday. But we’re committed to doing it, and more plays equals more opportunities, and more chance to score. We went and looked to last year, and when we had more opportunities to score in the red zone we were very efficient. But we just didn’t have as many opportunities as some other teams, and we scored points. But we thought more plays would equal more opportunities and more chance to get points on the board. That’s the main thing, to get more chance and more opportunities.”

If you play faster, you run more plays over the course of a game.  More plays mean more opportunities to score.  Who could be against that?

Well, now that you mention it, Mike Bobo.

Q: Mike when it did go into the philosophy of line it up, look to the sideline, that kind of style, what advantages does that give you?

Bobo:“Well it gives you the advantage of seeing what they’re doing defensively. It gets you into the right play. As opposed to, it’s easier to see it upstairs instead of the quarterback level, as to how they might be playing in the perimeter. There’s still a number of things we do at the line that Murray did. But there’ll be some more of we look to the sideline and get that play.”

You want speed or you want the opportunity to observe the other guy’s defense and react to it?  Nothing necessarily wrong with either approach, but it’s kind of hard to pull ’em both off simultaneously.  In trying to have it all, the likelihood is that you’ll wind up with a bunch of tentative offensive players.  Which is what we saw more than once Saturday night.

I know this is the cheapest of cheap shots here, but keep all of that in mind as you read this comment from Mike Leach (h/t EDSBS):

Mike Leach: We definitely worked hard to keep it simple.  Anything you do that restricts a player’s ability to quickly pull the trigger is counterproductive.  You can be the smartest guy in the world and make it so intricate that a player is slow to pull the trigger and that’s when  you hurt yourself.  Sometimes the smartest minds in football create hesitation and you hurt yourself.   People who hesitate are slow.  A 4.5 guy could become a 4.7 guy if he hesitates.  But at the same time, as you do things offensively that can cause the defense to hesitate, that will effectively speed your offense up without complicating things for your own players.

I have a working theory about restaurants with large menus.  Kitchens that try to do too much wind up not doing much of anything well.  I fear Mike Bobo is turning into The Cheesecake Factory.


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  1. Anon

    Except that cheesecake factory’s stock has risen over the past 3 years. Bobo’s, not so much.

  2. But does most plays translate into most wins? Whould a novel approach be to run the most plays by retaining possession of the football via 1st downs? Is that keeping it too simple? http://dawgsbui2.com/content/i-am-not-sure-he-gets-it

    • Bobo obviously thinks one big lesson from last year was that Georgia would have indeed won more games if it had run more offensive plays over the course of the season.

      YMMV, of course.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        The problem with the hurry up offense (no-huddle or whatever flavor) is that if you hurry and do not get a first down but instead go three and out your D is back out on the field in about 120 seconds. (See Boise State v. UGA; see also Oregon v. LSU). The effect is obvious. YOUR D ends up with its tongues hanging out, not your opponent’s D. I remember when CVD ran the ball, used up all the clock and beat teams with the opponent’s offense only getting about 6 possessions all game long. Maybe the goal ought to be to keep the opponents number of plays to a minimum.

        • H-Town Dawg

          +1 Yes, indeed!

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          P.S. Bobo speaking about Crowell and Boykin having the same number: “They just can’t be on the field at the same time.” Are the inmates running the asylum? BE GONE RICHT ASAP AND TAKE YOUR CHICKENSHIT NO DISCIPLINE COACHING STAFF WITH YOU AS WELL AS ANY &^%$*#@ PLAYER WHO THINKS HIS &^%$#@ JERSEY NUMBER IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE TEAM WINNING!!!!!! BE GONE RIGHT NOW!!!!

          • Dog in Fla

            He’s just saying that’s a problem that can’t be solved. And he’s also just ***king around in a press conference, which can only mean one thing: assuming no cramps by either we’ll see them both on the field at the same time because he will have solved that problem within the next four days using Numerical Analysis with the help of a work-study grad student in the Math Department.

          • DawgFaithful

            Take it easy buddy. Take a deep breath. I’m pretty sure you mean Crowell and B. Smith. Lots of players share numbers on other teams. Its pretty common.

          • Hackerdog

            I like your attitude, buddy. You can cram your #1 ranked RB recruit. We don’t need any stinking running backs. We’ve got a converted linebacker and a 135 pounder that will do just fine, thank you. That just frees up another scholarship for a walk-on with the right attitude.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              Sorry. I just got really pissed off. I am old school from when coaches said “Jump” and we all said “How high?” It irritates me that a jersey number situation might be more important than winning to some chickenshit coaches/players. If this was all a put up job, I take back what I said. However, if Bobo was serious it demonstrates something deeply wrong with CMR and this staff at a basic coaching level.

              • Hackerdog

                I think it’s a non-issue. But, catering to a recruit’s jersey request is nothing new and it’s certainly not isolated to UGA. FSU unretired #34 because Ernie Simms wanted that number. Was that the right decision? I would say so.

                I guess if UGA had won 2 or 3 national championships in a row and had a waiting list of recruits to choose from, then our coaches could get pretty hard nosed with recruits. But that’s not the case, is it?

                So our choices are to get good recruits by sometimes catering to their requests, or let those kids go to Alabama, Auburn, and Florida and see how our walk-ons perform against them on Saturdays.

        • Dboy

          A little nostolgia, There was a drive in the early Richt years that I wish to all hell we could reproduce. It was Eli Mannings senior year at Old Miss. They had a top 25 team. We were up 2 touchdowns. The prior week they had come back from >14 points in the 4th quarter to beat an SEC opponent.
          We recieve a punt inside our own 15 yard line just as the 3rd quarter is ending. An epic drive ensues where we drive down the entire field and conclude the game kneeling to run out the clock and end the game on their 5 yard line. We Never gave Eli the chance to come back on the field. 16 of the 17 running plays were runs. Damn, where is that Oline now?

    • yeah, what good is more 3 and outs?

  3. heyberto

    I’m not a football coach, and I guess I don’t mind that they go in with a game plan that is a response to what a certain team brings. I don’t see how the no-huddle will be an advantage against SC.. but I’m not sure I’m qualified to judge that.

    But what I can’t understand is why does this coaching staff (I’m not going to lay all the blame at Bobo’s feet) refuse to alter the game plan when the original plan doesn’t work? If that happens again this Saturday, it’s going to be a long day for all, and a tough recovery for Richt and his merry crew of loyal to a fault coaches.

    • Will (The Other One)

      Yeah, SC has a faster Dline than Boise’s. Maybe not as experienced, but if they try shotgun running with no FBs and no Murray-as-run-threat, I’m afraid we’re going to see Hutson Mason.

  4. Steve

    What stood out to me was Bobo’s response regarding Crowell and Branden Smith on the field at the same time. If they turn out to be our two most dangerous offensive weapons, are we really going to let a jersey number stop us from having them in the game at the same time?

  5. JBJ

    Mike Leach gets it. You keep things simple and allow your athletes to operate without thinking.

    I had a football coach that used to ask someone what they were doing when they made a mistake. Almost without exception the player would say, “Well, I thought..”. He would cut them off right there and tell them, “I didn’t tell you to think!”. We never lost a game in five years under that coach.

  6. Rick

    If you run less offensive plays because you are eating clock in the huddle, aren’t you also taking offensive plays away from the other team? How is this not perfectly symmetric and a complete wash?

    The argument for more offensive plays is solid when you are better than the other team. In such cases, you are essentially getting more football out of the same amount of time, and you reduce the variance (luck) of the overall outcome. Vanderbilt can beat Alabama on any given night, but they would never win a “best of seven” series. Speeding up the game gets you closer to that.

    That said, didn’t UGA run the no huddle with great success in David Greene’s veteran years? If Bobo were to argue for the no huddle simply because we’ve got our shit together and don’t benefit from a huddle as much as the opposing defense, I could buy that – at least, I could 6 days ago. “More opportunities to score” makes no sense to me in terms of increasing the likelihood of winning.

    • If you run less offensive plays because you are eating clock in the huddle, aren’t you also taking offensive plays away from the other team?

      Not exactly. What you are doing is reducing the amount of time to run the total number of plays in the game. It’s up to each team to see which gets the lion’s share of that.

      • Rick

        I think I would phrase it as “increasing the total number of plays in the game” rather than “reducing the amount of time to run the total number of plays in the game”, since total time is constant. You are correct, though, I hadn’t thought of it that way. Some of the ‘new’ plays that fit in the sped-up game will go to the opponent, but because you are snapping the ball at a faster rate you will get more of them.

        So if you can run your offense as effectively with a huddle as without, then you should go for it. Perhaps the 3rd year of Murray with an experienced set of WRs will be able to do so, perhaps even later this year. At the moment, I don’t see an offense that wouldn’t benefit from a little extra time to get everyone on the same page.

  7. Joe Joe

    What I don’t get, is the thing we have always been good at is being an I-formation team who develops QB’s who can get to the line and change out of a bad play and get us into a better one. During the Boise State game It looked like we were trying to run an offense like Auburn’s, and that’s not who we are. We have good tight ends, and good fullbacks. Seems to me that means you design an offense around what your strong suit is.

    In the end, I don’t think running fewer plays contributed to us being 6-7 last year. Not having AJ Green the first 4 games did. And execution in crucial moments (Arkansas, UCF, Colorado). Take those 3 games and we are 9-4 last season, and I guarantee were not running a no huddle.

    • ( )

      “Seems to me that means you design an offense around what your strong suit is.” One thing Richt and company never do is look at the strenghts and weakness of the team (and the opponent) and THEN attempt to minimize or exploit them. Bobo had a plan, and was going to implement it no matter what reality was telling him.

      • Tenn_Dawg

        “Bobo had a plan, and was going to implement it no matter what reality was telling him.”

        That in a nutshell is the definition of an idiot.

        • Carolinadawg

          And doing it over and over again, expecting different results, is the definition of insanity. So we have an insane idiot as our O.C. At least we have THAT going for us.

  8. dean

    As anyone will tell you execution is the key. The play Boykin scored on was executed perfectly out of the shotgun, if I’m remembering right.. However it was apparent (to me at least) that we executed better out of the I. A lot of that has to do with the players familiarity with the I and not having to think. I really don’t like our chances Saturday if we stay predominately in the no-huddle.

    The first time I ate at a Cheesecake factory was in Hawaii. Yes Hawaii (wife’s idea). It was by far the worst, most over priced meal I’ve ever had. Even the cheesecake was terrible. If your going to call yourself the Cheesecake factory at least do that well.

  9. Old School


    Let Ellis Johnson and Spurrier think they are going to the cheesecake factory when in fact we are going to force feed them Chili Steaks and Greasy Rings at the Varsity.

  10. ChemDawg

    Seriously? This is the kind of idiocy we are dealing with. You also give your opposing offense more opportunities to score! The whole philosophy is a net wash! It is a good formula for a “high scoring game” in general which is what we kind of got and who do you think a high scoring game favors?!!!

    • ChemDawg

      I actually like last weeks game plan for this week. I just don’t think our staff could have come up with a better formula for losing to a smaller, fast paced opponent than we did last saturday.

  11. fuelk2

    The Leach quote goes back to recognizing that a game plan is only as good as the players who run it. The party line (from Richt this week and from Martinez every time he opened his mouth) is that the plan is solid, but the players have to execute it.

    I actually don’t doubt that. If every play Bobo called Saturday had been executed to perfection, we would’ve scored 70 points. However, the key to being a good coordinator is calling plays that your players WILL execute well.

    Constantly blaming players for execution is sort of like Bill Walsh getting mad at seven year olds for not being able to run his west coast offense. At some point, you’ve got to call plays that work with your personnel.

    And by the way, I don’t think having Bean sit in his stance for an extra long period of time while he looks toward the sideline is a great idea. Maybe he’s going to have those false starts anyway, but it can’t help.

    • Derek

      Yeah I’m still pissed at bobo for not telling Murray to throw it to anyone but king even when he’s wide open? How could not know he’d drop it, twice? I mean that’s just coachin’ right there. Also, how did bobo not see that Crowell would step on murray’s foot on his first carry and fall on his face. If he can’t take a handoff then don’t give him the ball. And why is Murray dropping back to throw if he’s going to throw it into coverage or to the other team or hold it too long? Just don’t throw the ball if he can’t do it right.

      • fuelk2

        Using ridiculous examples and sarcasm to make your point – good one.

        You know what I’m talking about. The O-Line can’t block, particularly when Boise was apparently pinching the middle all game. So let’s not run it up the gut all the time. These are the things I’m talking about.

        Clearly some of, if not most of, the players did not play up to expectations. But all we’ve been talking about all summer is how we were going to have to work around o-line issues, particularly if someone gets hurt. Yet we come out with a game plan that looks like we expect them to maul people.

    • What fuelk2 said.

      And I think I once saw a version of 7 year olds running Bill Walsh’s West Coast system: see Tampa Bay Bucs, Sam Wyche era.

    • MinnesotaDawg

      +1. Yep. Nice analogy.

  12. Starbreaker

    I’ve gone from panic/depression to a serene sense of calm at this point. This is the staff…this is the scheme they are hanging their hat on…either they turn the corner (eventually) or they are tying their own noose. The bottom line is there is nothing we can do about it…so let’s see what happens. Yeah, it sucks to watch, but if things are as flawed as we believe, it will be obvious and changes will have to be made. McGarity doesn’t seem the type to just keep Richt around because he’s a nice guy. All we can do is watch, cringe, cheer the players who (it seems) deserve better, and please for the love of God do not boo (esp. this weekend with what appears to be some big time recruits in attendence).

  13. William

    The onlyway Leach strolls the sidelines in Athens is if he’s picking up trash after the game. He’s awful.

    • stoopnagle

      […at everything except putting a potent offense on the field.]

    • Awful at…sucking? Awful at…producing losing football teams?

      • AlphaDawg

        Just imagin what Leach would have done with AJ, B.Smith, Orson, Carlton Thomas, and Kris Durham last year. I seriosly doubt we would been scoreless in the bowl game.

    • Derek

      All I know is the guy we have has 2 more conference championships than leach. Leach may be the most overrated coaching entity since Gary Barnett. Leach had a chance to show that his brand of offense could work in this conference when he was at Uk. Brad Scott tried a similar offense in Columbia which was also a dismal failure. The next coach, if we get one, will not be mike leach. Why June jones will a frigging pirate hat on gets people excited is beyond me.

  14. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    I’m afraid Richt and Bobo, in their efforts this off-season to study football and be cutting edge, saw that high scoring teams also run more plays, and thought, “Aha! All we have to do is run more plays!” and ended their analysis at that.

    • Will (The Other One)

      Or, worse, they figured “hey, how about we run a zone-read option where the QB never, ever runs! No other team does that! It’ll take ’em by surprise even more than Carlton Thomas up the middle on 3rd and long did!”

  15. Go Dawgs!

    WGAS how many plays you run, Richt? (I’m done with the Bobo scapegoating… if Richt wasn’t on board with the plan, it wouldn’t be happening, he’s the head coach) How about let’s come up with a plan where instead of saying “We wanted to run more plays” and move to something where we say “we wanted to score more points”, preferably “more points than teh guys we’re playing.”

    • Tenn_Dawg

      Bingo. The buck starts and stops with Richt. The bottom line is winning. I don’t give a shit if we win running less plays, more plays, I-formation plays, shot-gun plays, 4 WR spread, 3 TEs, etc. Just do what you are paid to do and win the damn games (especially the ones you are suppose to) then everybody will shut up.

  16. Merk

    With the O sitting in formation for 15-20 sec no wonder our D was killing them in practice. Hell thats prob why they were getting gassed, they were not used to having the ball snapped within 10 sec of the last play. Sitting in formation is stupid, Murray looked confused and the O-line was prob more worried about trying to hear what play was coming then they were about who the hell to block on that play.

    Also…in making this retarded change maybe we will get the boost that Richt will be fired if they keep sucking. I do not want him fired, but I find it hard to believe we cannot find another coach who can get 9+ wins out of the talent at UGA.

  17. gatriguy

    Bobo is the streakiest OC I’ve ever seen. When he has it rolling, he’s good. But he has no idea how to jumpstart the car.

  18. Erk from the Grave

    I have been saying for a few years now, the biggest sign of Bobo being a poor OC is how many times have we had to fight other teams from stealing him away? If Bobo was a good coach then you would have top schools coming after him with better money.

    CMR attached himself to Bobo and now he has to go down with him!

  19. MinnesotaDawg

    Jeez, the more I hear about the thinking that go into so-called “strategies” the less I’m impressed.

    Are these guys that simple-minded to just conclude “more plays, more points for us, and then we win”? I guess I’ve made it too complicated by thinking it might have to do something with taking advantage of your personnel, emphasizing the things that they do well, exposing opponents weaknesses, etc. Stupid me. I guess I just don’t understand football (as it is coached in Athens).

    • Trebek

      I’m sorry. “What is strategy?” is incorrect. The correct response to the origin of the Georgia hurry-up no huddle is, “What is strategery?”

      Noun – An ill-conceived and/or poorly-executed plan of action (which would be considered “strategy” were it not so ill-conceived and/or poorly-executed).

    • No One Knows You're a Dawg

      Agree. Bobo’s reasoning is just one long non-sequitur.

  20. Go Dawgs!

    Step 1: Switch to no-huddle spread offense.
    Step 2: ???
    Step 3: Profit!!!

    • Anon

      I just spit water on my screen, ass.


    • Skeeter

      Excellent! The no huddle allows for more and faster 3 and outs, producing more advertising breaks meaning more ad spots can run per game (like for Ford trucks) thereby bringing in more TV revenue.

  21. Bobo the Clown

    I’ll be back with more mind boggling contradictions right after the uSC game. (honk, honk)

  22. Old School

    The late coach John McKay’s famous execution quote has been thrown around a lot here after Richt’s and Bobo’s “need to execute better” press conferences this week.

    Does anyone remember who McKay’s quarterback was that year?

    • Dog in Fla

      Golsteyn or McKay’s wife?

      “Jerry’s a nice kid. But so’s my wife. And she’s no quarterback.”
      – September 11, 1983 (Speaking of QB Jerrry Golsteyn after a 17-10 loss to Chicago)


      • Old School

        John McKay, Tampa Bay’s first coach, once said of the execution of the Bucs’ offense, “I’m in favor of it.”

        The Bucs’ debut season was football’s equivalent of the 1962 Mets — but without the wit of Casey Stengel to make things a bit more entertaining. The Bucs were shut out five times and averaged fewer than nine points per game. Their defense was almost as futile, and the Bucs’ margin of defeat was 20 points per game. Tampa Bay’s quarterback, Steve Spurrier, threw only seven touchdown passes all season. His longest completion was 38 yards. The Bucs carried their losing momentum into the 1977 season, losing another 12, to begin their franchise history 26 games in the red.


  23. Dog in Fla

    Maybe Bobo just needs to use fewer words and more smirk

    “No.” – Todd Grantham, when the Georgia defensive coordinator was asked Tuesday if he had any extra motivation this year against Spurrier, after Spurrier’s jab at Grantham following last season’s game. (Grantham grinned when he said, “No,” debated whether to say anything more, and just kept smirking.)


    • OKDawg

      Glad CTG kept his mouth shut. Now go shut down USC’s offense on the field. Then (and only then) you can jab back at Spurrier. That’s called taking a page from Spurrier’s book – his jabs are usually post-victory.

  24. D.N. Nation

    Regardless of how you feel- and I’m guessing we’re near-unanimous on this around these parts- about his playcalling ability, one thing that can’t be denied is that Bobo is pretty atrocious at not sounding like a dope when talking to the press. Been that way for a while.

  25. Normaltown Mike

    I think some blame needs to be laid at the feet of my friend Alysia.

    Bobo used to copy off her tests in Accounting class back in the summer of ’95.

    Surely if she had turned him in we wouldn’t be dealing with the current musings of our “offensive coordinator”.

  26. Uglydawg

    MERK’s comment (see above @ 2:29) are right on the money. These guys have been lineing up and going after the guy in front of them at the snapcount their whole football lives. Now they have to squat and stare at the sidelines, figure out wtf, put the question of “do I have this right?” aside then go from there. I knew we were going to lose when we were penalized three times in the first set of downs. “Hurry up” does let you compress your playing time, but in this case, it gave BSU more plays. Richt is always catching the last wave, right after it’s crested. Go back to simple, power football. You have to be able to run first, unless you have AJ Green, which UGA doesn’t…But here’s hope…Grantham wants this next game..CMR might see Supercoach when he looks at Spurrier, but Grantham sees blood.

  27. Chuck

    Hurry up, slow it down, meh. What we really need to do is figure out what our strengths are and then use them. I don’t see any need to purposely dumb things down – these guys got accepted into college, after all – but I also don’t see any need to complicate matters unless there is a reason that it plays to our strengths. Why can’t we just figure that out and do it? I am not depressed because we lost to BSU, I am depressed because we had two motion penalties to start the game before we ever got a play off, and still went 3 and out. And continued to go 3 and out until we handed the ball to Brandon with Figgins leading the way and scored. Then we never did it again. I know, I know, Branden had cramps, but we have other guys that can run, and Figgins can out a guy on his butt better than most FBs; I say let him do it.

  28. AusDawg85

    Ummmm…how exactly does “1st & Bomb” contribute to running more plays? I mean, if it hits, you’re running fewer plays. When you miss, I guess you are committed to another down or two, so is that why we run this????

  29. Hackerdog

    I don’t think calling plays from the sideline is mutually exclusive with running a lot of plays. Doesn’t Malzahn call plays from the sideline in a no-huddle? And he wants to run 90 plays a game.

  30. Sr.FBall

    Hurry up offense can serve many purposes, of which more plays, is one. A bvig benefit to getting l;ined up early, is to get the defense to commit early to formation, then make a late snap adjustment to create a mismatch. People are getting confused. It’s not hurry up to get in 70 plays, it’s hurry up to get defenses to show early, and then adjust to get mismatches, it worked well, Murray has open looks all night long with 1 on 1 situations, had 5 drops, and 5 overthrows, and 6 sacks, most seemed like they wereon 3rd down. Fix those 16 plays, and UGA wins the game. Should Bobo be balmed for the drops, overthrows, and sacks? I don’t think so.

    • Skeptic Dawg

      Good points all the way round. However, no one is jumping on Bobo for the drops, sacks, or poor throws. What drives me nuts (and most on this site according to their posts) is the fact that our speed in open space created an early TD, yet was never used again. We scored another TD from the I-formation with play action and decided to put it away. Bobo apparently has the entire game scripted and will not veer from his script, even when certain plays/formations are successful. That is the major issue with Bobo. On the good side, if things continue to pan out like Saturday, we will not see Bobo next season.

  31. (accidentally posted this in the other thread)

    October 8, 2005. UGA at Tenn.

    We BROKE their back with the drive information I am about to post. Tenn NEVER recovered. This is the drive that basically destroyed their team, crushed their souls, eventually cost Fulmer his job, and sent their whole program into a tailspin:

    Score: UGA 20 – Tenn 7

    Georgia on GA 27, 6:16 to go.

    1st and 10 at GA 27 Thomas Brown rush for 4 yards to the UGA 31.
    2nd and 6 at GA 31 Thomas Brown rush for 10 yards to the UGA 41. 1ST down.
    1st and 10 at GA 41 Thomas Brown rush for 5 yards to the UGA 46.
    2nd and 5 at GA 46 Thomas Brown rush for 6 yards to the Tenn 48. 1ST down.
    1st and 10 at TENN 48 Thomas Brown rush for 7 yards to the Tenn 41.
    2nd and 3 at TENN 41 Thomas Brown rush for 7 yards to the Tenn 34. 1ST down.
    1st and 10 at TENN 34 Thomas Brown rush for 16 yards to the Tenn 18.1ST down.
    1st and 10 at TENN 18 Thomas Brown rush for no gain to the Tenn 18.
    2nd and 10 at TENN 18 Timeout TENNESSEE, clock 01:52.
    2nd and 10 at TENN 18 Thomas Brown rush for 18 yards for a TOUCHDOWN.

    Score: UGA 26 – Tenn 7
    Brandon Coutu extra point GOOD.
    Score: UGA 27 – Tenn 7

    Notice anything?

    We ran the same damn thing over and over until they could stop it. They couldn’t.

    WE KILLED THEIR PROGRAM with this drive. That is how we used to play football before Bobo was calling the plays.

    • Normaltown Mike

      Do you think CMR is an improvement on CMB in play calling? I have to disagree. I still wake up in cold sweats thinking about the stretch play.

      Go back and watch Auburn 2005 and any game in 2006 (up until Auburn and Tech, which is when CMR ceded control to Bobo) and I think you’ll be reminded why Bobo was an improvement on CMR.

      FWIW, this isn’t an endorsement of CMB. But let’s not forget how bad it was.

    • D.N. Nation

      Now go watch the YouTube video, in which Verne and Todd remark how Tennessee simply didn’t play defense on that drive.

      Now go see the following, games played before Bobo was calling the plays:

      16 points against a C-USA also-ran; 13 points against a MAC also-ran. In full. Total. Add those TOGETHER and it’s less than what Bobo put against Florida or Auburn last year.

      Bobo should be faulted for a lot. But Richt would’ve looked way more awful calling plays if he didn’t have a stellar defense ready to go once his offense punted.

      • D.N. Nation

        I’m not done yet. In that Marshall game, backed up in our own territory in the 3rd, we threw a screen pass to Tyson Browning right in front of LBs who friggin killed him, forcing a fumble. The score was 10-3 at that moment.

        Think. If Bobo did that, your reaction would be….?

        Now, this didn’t turn into anything horrific because the defense forced a 4-and-out. Put late-period Willie as the DC to Richt as playcaller and you’ve got a disaster.

        Bobo frustration is understandable, but begging for Richt to start calling plays again is….I mean…huh?

        • Normaltown Mike

          Screen plays & other ill advised throws in the shadow of our own end zone is the other nightmare I recall from the CMR play calling days.

          (1) Auburn 2005 we recover fumble to stop AU drive and Greene throws a lollipop to Brannan Sutherland (he of hulking muscles and huge shoulder pads) that is either tipped or fumbled.

          (2) UT 2006 we twice (TWICE!) have Joe T throwing the ball from our endzone and UT steals the ball on the way to one of their frequent routes of us in recent years.

  32. Joe


    All this will do is speed up Richt getting fired. SHEER STUPIDITY.
    Yeah you really wore out Boise, and hey when we actually were able to do something positive on offense, BANG, lets fool them again by running the no huddle!!!

    Oh btw, Mike you will NEVER coach anywhere again after this idiocy.

    • Skeeter

      No one coaches anywhere after leaving Georgia anyway. Do we have that good of a severance package or is the job cursed.

  33. Jim

    Boise State played extremely well. I’ve been to pretty much every big Georgia game in the last 20 years, and I don’t ever remember being that impressed with an opponent’s play.

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