Sometimes they make it so easy.

I’ve been waiting for Elkon to fire a certain shot in Heisman Pundit’s direction after I heard the results from the LSU-Oregon game.


So let me get this straight.  The fourth-best coach in college football took his team to a quasi-neutral site to play the worst coach in college football.  The worst coach, a guy who delegates a lot to his coordinators, came into the game with his offensive coordinator just having been diagnosed with Parkinson’s.  His starting quarterback was suspended for his active participation in a bar fight.  So what happens?  LSU 40 Oregon 27.  It’s just amazing that LSU keeps winning games against quality opponents despite the fact that they have a coach who is worse than Ron Zook, worse than the Queen of England, and worse than Mike Locksley.


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21 responses to “Sometimes they make it so easy.

  1. JaxDawg

    Les Miles = overachiever.

    Mark Richt = underachiever.


  2. AthensHomerDawg

    CMR holds the 6th place on that list.


  3. So the question is, does HP have it in him to do some self-analysis and actually consider that maybe he was wrong about Les Miles.


  4. Lrgk9

    Oh John Chavis, What might have been…


  5. Todd

    Say what you want to about the ole mad-hatter, but he recruits playmakers. He puts those play makers in situations to make plays. Sure he makes calls that are not “the norm”, but isn’t he fun to watch. Did you really think Bobo or Richt would have enough sense to use 3 TE sets? No….they are great coaches that go to a hurry up that really isn’t a hurry up. In fact they were to stupid to figure the fast 3 and outs were killing the defense. Yeah that LEs Miles is a real dumbass! Nothing like the pure genius that floats around in Athens


  6. USC would have beaten the 2007 Dawgs. I for one was glad we didn’t play them in the Rose Bowl.


    • I’m not.
      Getting our asses handed to us in 2007 might have sped things up as far as getting rid of Martinez, Van Halanger, and Bobo.

      Instead, people point to the 2007 season, our #2 end of season ranking, and our blow out Sugar Bowl win as evidence that our decline didn’t start until 2009.

      The truth is, our decline started with the 2005 Sugar Bowl. We had a “dead cat bounce” in 2007 combined with lucking into playing a total garbage team in the Sugar Bowl.

      As a result, too many people’s attitudes reset, and we delayed getting real change for another 3-5years. 😦


  7. DawgBiscuit

    On the best coaches list: #1 Gary Patterson, TCU; #8 Art Briles, Baylor. Yeah, maybe it’s time to rearrange the list.