Root, root, root for the home team.

So here’s this morning’s perverse thought:  given that a noticeable chunk of the fan base has emotionally detached themselves from the notion that Mark Richt will be coaching in Athens next season, is it safe to assume there will be more than a few red and black wearing folks who will be disappointed if Georgia wins on Saturday?

I’d turn this into a reader poll, except I suspect the results would be too depressing.


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  1. Grafton

    I think we have a good team that just got whipped by a top 5 team. Its sad but I feel the same way you feel Senator. UGA could win the East this year and there would still be a lot of fans that will be calling for change.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I don’t think so at all. If UGA won the East there would be a hue and cry from St. Simons to Ft. Oglethorpe, from Bainbridge to Elberton, from Folkston to Blue Ridge. The Georgia fans would flock to Athens to carry Mark Richt on their shoulders to Sanford Stadium for a ceremony honoring him. He would be canonized as a saint who saved the program from a return to the doldrums of the Goff years. And NO GOOD UGA FAN would EVER pull for the Dawgs to lose a game against a hated rival like the Gamecocks.

      • DawgPhan

        You clearly dont have your finger on the pulse of many in the Dawg Nation. It might actually be somewhere very far from the pulse, but I can assure you winning a down east this season and losing in the championship game doesnt get Richt a ceremony from a lot of fans.

        What you would get is a lot of “wait till Florida is good again, then CMR will be back to his old ways.”

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          I sure hope you are wrong.

        • Cojones

          Whereas, many of us would be thrilled to even be in the SEC C. Careful where your finger is when you take that pulse.

          Senator, do you perceive a lot of silly reasoning going on here lately? Posters are throwing things blindly at Richt and staff to see if anything sticks. Comments have gone from considerations to outright attacks. Blind antihomerism?

      • Faulkner

        We put our faith in Richt to win and that is what we want him to do.

  2. mwo

    I will be there early, I will go to the Dawg walk and yell like an idiot. I will stand during the entire game. Whether Coach Richt is here or not next year I will still root for my Dawgs. Regardless of a win or a loss, the sun will rise over Athens on Sunday morning, and I will be in Athens next week for the Coastal Carolina game and do the same thing.

    • Comin' Down The Track

      Call me a shameless idiot, but I’ll be there right next to you. Go Dawgs.

    • MinnesotaDawg

      “…stand during the entire game”?

      Uh oh. Get ready for to be yelled down because Aunt Lorraine and Great Uncle Claude can’t see.

      • Russ

        and stay off my lawn! and turn down that noise you call music!

      • mwo

        We get that every game, we keep moving our seats further up so we don’t bother as many people. We only have 1 row behind us now, and we apologize to them before the game starts. We usually swap seats with them so the standing isn’t an issue. It is amazing to me how many people like to come to games so they can sit on their hands and not scream and bark for the Dawgs.

        • MinnesotaDawg

          Yeah, it drives me crazy. I usually only get down to one game a year, but when I do get to go I’m excited to be there and want to make some noise. I don’t think I’m out of hand, but especially on big 3rd downs and when the D needs a stop, you get up and cheer. Inevitably, we hear “down in front” from those that think they’re watching the game from their living room couch. You’ve come up with a good compromise, but it’s too bad that it’s necessary. I wish that more fans understood that the “game experience” should include actually cheering at the game in addition to tailgating and pregame cocktails.

  3. Jim

    I will never pull against the dawgs. I am willing to be open minded and judge this staff based on how we play the rest of the year. But I am not optimistic – I am a fan but I am not blind to what we have seen

    • +1

      very proud of MR as a person and leader of our young men. very disappointed in the results we have been getting on the football field and it is clearly getting worse. I would be as happy as a pig in shit to be proved wrong. Wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been an idiot… If I was calling the shots over in Flowery Branch we’d have Glenn Dorsey instead of Matt Ryan. Extremely glad today to say I was wrong!

    • Another +1

      There is a difference between what one wants and what one expects. I want CMR and CMB to call 13 perfect games from here on out and win the rest of the games. Then I want them to continue that indefinitely. I want the Dawgs to beat the Gamecocks this Saturday, and I will stand and scream for most of that game (and I will be watching it from New Orleans).

      But my expectations, based on the past three years, temper those wants somewhat spectacularly.

  4. Bulldog Joe

    Y’all go ahead and cheer for Spurrier.

    See how much fun THAT is.

  5. heyberto

    I want nothing more than for us to win, and for this coaching staff to be successful at UGA. I want to be wrong about all my observations since the last game.. I want what happened there to be the anomaly.

  6. Juan

    I’ll be a rabid dawg fan as usual, but that isn’t going to stop me from LOADING up on SC -3.

    Vegas is giving away money.

    • zdub

      I’m in the same boat. Can’t believe that line hasn’t moved since Sunday morning. I know SC got down early to ECU, and maybe that’s why it hasn’t moved much, but after seeing what they saw us do on Saturday night there is no way in my mind it should still be at -3.

      Although, there was that Tennessee (+11) line @ UGA last year that many people bet the farm on. That didn’t work out well for many folks. I lost 50 on it.

      The time to make money betting on CFB is the first few weeks of the season. I made a couple hundred last week betting Boise -3.5 and that Auburn wouldn’t cover. Everything about last weekend was great except for our game.

      • Sanford222View

        How was “our” game not great since you won your bet on it?

        • zdub

          Because I never want to see UGA lose…ever. I am a UGA fan first and always. I always want to see us win, 100% of the time. Whether I bet for or against us that does not change. I have never and will never root against UGA, but I will bet against them if I think that we are not going to win.

          I would have been ecstatic to see us win in the Dome. I was there, got pumped early, and stayed the whole game. I would not have worried for a second about losing my 100 dollar bet if we would have won.

          But I did not think that we would win, and have been thinking that for the past few months, so I bet 100 dollars that we would lose.

          • Cojones

            And you have sound reasoning for what you do. I didn’t bet this past weekend because I didn’t feel like I knew the teams well enough. Still don’t, but I’ll watch the Auburn matchups closely. Like you, I don’t think they will be worth a damn this year, but I’m not that sure of their opponents yet.

            Betting has nothjing to do with how much you want your team to win. I’ve bet against the Dawgs and on the spread before and if they could have won the game would have considered that money well spent.

    • What fresh Hell is this?

      29 years of football “prognostication” have taught me some very important truisms. Number one among those is: A team is never as good or bad as their last game would indicate.

      Let me ask you, had UGA won last week, how many people would be talking SECCG or even MNC? Because UGA lost last week they are now the worst team in college football, in danger of going 0-12, and CMR is as good as gone.

      These overzealous fan reactions are what makes Vegas money. Players, both professional and amateur, do not like to be embarrassed and generally play better the following week. Be careful Juan. Vegas is not in the habit of giving away money.

      • zdub

        So hypothetical question for you, wfhit. Gun to your head, you and your family will be tortured then killed depending on whether or not you win the bet. You’re given the UGA-SC game, SC -3. What is your bet? SC -3 or UGA +3? (Again, this is HYPOTHETICAL, I am not in any way threatening this guy of his family’s life. Just to be clear.)

        When you bet money, you should always bet with your head, not your heart. All you have to go on is what a team has shown you so far, unless you have inside info, which most folks do not have.

        Do you truly believe that this UGA team can beat SC on Saturday afternoon? Do you?

        I am legitimately interested in how you answer. For that matter, if anyone else wants to answer I would like to hear from them as well.

        I would take SC -3 without breaking a sweat.

        • Cojones

          Yes, I think that they are capable. If they play like last week, I would bet as you have. Don’t think they will repeat last week’s play. Since you took Boise, then you respected their #5 ranking as legit. That’s fair. I think that SC is carving this out to be the biggest game in their schedule for legitimacy and momentum and they will try to play accordingly. But I also think that our players will be mad as hell and play with abandon, including Murray running.

          I hope the fans get into it by rattling Garcia with noise. If the D stops Lattimo’ then good things will happen when they pressure Garcia. I’ll take the Dawgs +3.

          • zdub

            I can respect that, cojones.

            I agree that SC will be ready. I hope our players are pissed and put Latt on his ass. Stop him and u have a shot at putting garcia on the ground. Don’t and it will be a long day.

            Plus I don’t know what to expect from their D but I know our line has to block for Murray better than last week. If they can give him some time and open up some lanes for RS and IC then we can be competitive.

  7. If a fan is even secretly disappointed that we win Saturday, please turn in your season tickets and/or your alumni association card on the way out of Sanford. We could certainly define those people as energy vampires.

    • Dawgfan Will

      Actually, they can just send those my way. In this economy, I’m not even getting to go to a game this season.

  8. Bob

    There are plenty of folks out there who would want change even if somehow this team won 11 in a row… Then again logic and CFB Fan are about as oxymoronic as it gets.

  9. Nate

    I can’t imagine anyone paying money and driving to Athens just to hope the Dawgs lose. It’s inconceivable. (and just to beat someone else to the punch, that word does in fact mean what I think it means)

    • Dog in Fla

      Inconceivable! –

      An exclamation of disbelief. Impossible to comprehend or grasp fully. So unlikely or surprising as to have been thought impossible; unbelievable.

      “Inconceivable!” “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”!

      • Cojones

        Yeah, but you’re a liberal and you can’t change the meaning of that! Can you?

      • Cojones

        Yeah, but you’re a liberal and you can’t change the meaning of that! You can?

        • Macallanlover

          Frankly, if you are a liberal you are 1) either too dumb/naive to take care of yourself, much less contribute to making/evaluating decisions for others, or 2) a person so consumed by your “cause” that you are willing to destroy those around you just to achieve your version of “ideal”. Neither is commendable, nor admirable. THAT is inconceivable to me.

          • Macallanlover

            Politically speaking of course. Now a liberal approach/position to UGA’s chances to survive all the negativity is quite acceptable. See how flexible we can be? My new handle may be “Gumby”.

          • Seal

            Nice, some politics snuck in. Well done.

  10. Connor

    I would be ecstatic if we won. I always want us to win. The only thing that’s changed, and it’s hard to say exactly when it changed, is that I just don’t expect to anymore. I don’t know what would have to happen to get that back.

    • Joja

      That is simultaneously the most depressing and the most truthful summation of the situation. The only game I used to bite my fingernails over was Florida. Oh faith…where have you gone?

  11. baltimore dawg

    disappointed with a win over sc? of course not. amazed and suprised? uh, yeah, because in the evidence-based world there’s no reason at all to anticipate that.

    i’m eager for change but not for change’s sake. the change i’m eager for is to see a competitive, well-prepared, and smart football team take the field for the university of georgia again. i’ve just stopped believeing that the current coaching staff is at all cappable of producing that change.

    so i’ll continue to root for the dawgs as hard as ever and await an outcome that seems practically inevitable at this point.

  12. waynebradley

    Any “Georgia” fan who would pull for a Spurrier coached team over Georgia because he/she wants to see a coaching change deserves things that shouldn’t be put in print.

  13. vincent

    I may be pessimistic but i always want my alma mater to win, i also want richt to win and win big here. I just don’t expect a win saturday based on the past body of work.

  14. vincent

    Let me also add that in my book booing my team is unacceptable much less sending tweets. the onlt tweet u should be sending our guys outside of one of them throwing a game is hold your head high and bulldog nation still supports you

      • Irwin Fletcher

        Seriously….if things get ugly at home, don’t boo. Just leave. Booing doesn’t let your ‘voice be heard’…all it does is show your a$$ to potential recruits and their families, who all seem to like Coach Richt enough but who might not want to stay and play in front of idiots that boo him during a home game.

        Let’s see here…the last two teams to open with losses against Boise were Oregon, who won the Pac 10 even after losing ugly to the Broncos and losing their top RB for the season, and Va Tech, who won the ACC even after a demoralizing loss to James Madison the following week. Anyone who thinks the ship has sailed on the season or that only an ‘optimist’ could still think UGA could have a very good year has his head up the butt of the ostrich with its head in the sand.

        All it takes is one win to get this thing back on track…we happen to play the two toughest games of the year in week 1 and week 2…if we come out 1-1, that isn’t a bad thing.

  15. Merk

    I think the fans are just pissed because this time it felt like it would be different. It was kinda, but it was different in a retarded way. We wanted Bobo to change up the O, so instead of trying to get speed guys in the O he decided to speed up the O. As with every other Bobo move he was looking at the end point instead of the path. We got to watch Murray stare at the sideline like he had never taken a live snap before and the O line play like they had never taken a snap before.

    Bobo has good ideas, but has 0 idea how to incorporate them. That is what kills him.

  16. Griff

    I think there will be people calling for Richt’s head from now until he’s gone, whether that’s this year or in 10 years. It’s just the state of the sports world today. I’m sure a few War Tiger Plainsmen are ready to get rid of Chizik again after Saturday.
    On another note, I still think the best thing Richt has said so far (and I think you linked this earlier this week Senator) was that we know more about our team after playing a top 5 Boise team than we would if we had played a cupcake. Call it the optimist in me, but I would rather have our weaknesses exposed by a very good team instead of having our hands full with a very average team, like USCe did. Whether or not we can fix some of those exposed weaknesses by this Saturday will help determine Richt’s future. I feel like I am like most fans…I just want to see improvement.

    • ZDawg

      The thing that frightens me Griff is that the things that need improving may just be coaching and game planning. Don’t know if that is going to improve. That was what was exposed in my opinion.

    • Dawgfan Will

      You’re definitely right about people calling for Richt’s head regardless of circumstances. I seem to remember when things looked dark in 2007 that some idiots were wanting a change then because our last two seasons had only consisted of 9 wins one season and “backing into” the SEC championship the other season.

  17. TennesseeDawg

    I fully expect us to win Saturday. Then we get our hopes up only to lose to Florida, Auburn and probably someone else and we go to another midlevel bowl with Richt returning next year for another head scratching season opener.

  18. Normaltown Mike

    I’ll be there with pregnant wife in tow and cheering loudly for a W over the hated Darth Visor.

    I just don’t expect to be impressed by our team or performance.

    The “5 year downward trend” meme has reached this avowed Disney Dawg.

  19. Turd Ferguson

    If I’m already detaching myself emotionally from the notion that Richt will be coaching in Athens next season, it’s only so that it’ll hurt less when it finally becomes a reality. I love Mark Richt. I really don’t want anyone else coaching this team. So I’d love nothing more than for him to right the ship, win the East, etc., starting with a big win on Saturday. I just don’t expect any of that to happen.

    • Russ

      I agree with Turd. I really want Richt to win and stay at UGA for another 20 years if he wants. However, my confidence is shaken. It seems like we are trying to fix what was not really broken (the offense) and the defense is still broken, despite an infusion of size and talent.

      There’s no real shame in losing to Boise, though I still think we should be better than them. And I agree that losing to them tells us much more about our team than whipping a cupcake. I just hope we can pull one out of our ass this weekend because we really need it. If we lose, the “fans” will get really ugly.

      • Macallanlover

        +1 I agree with this post entirely. All of our collective confidence is fragile now, but overreacting to one game, against a quality opponent is too much. During the spring there was at least an acceptance that an 0-2 was possible, then the schedule gives us a chance to get things back on the road to recovery. None of us want an 0-2 start, but those looked to be the only two we might be an underdog in….now I would add MSU.

        The best way for us to maximize whatever wins we have within our reach is to stay supportive, not rip the coaches and/or players. That is the surest way to increase the likelihood of a downward spiral and hurt our chances, not only for this year, but the future as well. Why would any fan want that just to take a soapbox and preach about how brilliant they have been in all the past few years of negativity? It didn’t change anything then, and all it can do now is cause more damage. Just no other way to slice that.

  20. Unless your head coach is a rapist or has openly advocated al-Qaeda taking over the U.S. government and/or implementing Sharia law, there is no excuse for rooting against your team. None. On the list of loathsome fan offenses, that one goes below even booing your own players. And if you’re rooting for Steve Spurrier to beat your team, consider it a capital offense.

  21. FRED

    we all want to win however it”s very clear we will not win with cmr

  22. Go Dawgs!

    HELL NO. And GO DAWGS. And if you happen to know any idiot who IS hoping Georgia loses on Saturday, you should point out to the mental midget that if Richt’s Dawgs are good enough to beat a tough South Carolina team then MAYBE things aren’t as bad as we thought they were on Saturday in the Dome. This team has problems, but if they still have a solid season, then there’s no reason not to believe that Richt can’t build on that progress. He’s not a guy without a resume, he’s got two SEC titles and a trunk full of other honors. And if he beats SC on Saturday, that means things are going back in the right direction. If the team goes in the tank, he’s probably gone. However, if it doesn’t… that’s a pretty handy indicator that he’s worth keeping, idiots.

    • Go Dawgs!

      I’m a bit schizophrenic on my feelings towards Richt. I’m done making excuses for him, and I’ll help him pack up his office if this team ends up losing big again this year. However, if Boise ends up being a bump on an otherwise smooth road this year, I think that’s a bonus for Georgia and I’ll be happy to welcome him back next year. I won’t just assume that we’re a two-win team this year.

  23. Macallanlover

    To me, the very fact you asked that question Senator speaks volumes about many of our fans. There is no question of the “jim cynicals” would pull for the Taliban if it meant they got their beloved coaching change. It is more important for some to crow about how right they have been for years than the welfare of the program. Those folks have been undermining it for years.

    As for Saturday, I felt all year that we would, and should be, underdogs in the first two games. I had hoped we could go 1-1 with that win coming in the conference game. Nothing has changed except the lack of improvement in a couple of key areas I had hoped for didn’t materialize against Boise. (Run blocking abysmal, depth issues, no pressure on QB, and poor pass coverage.) I do think SC is a better match-up for us, primary concern is Jeffries. In a pool I participate in I picked Boise to win last week, and I am picking UGA this weekend. Yes, this would be an upset, but I think we are capable of pulling it off.

  24. I would like to pose a question to everyone, if Richt has another bad season do you believe that he would retire like Loyd Carr did at Mich.. And as a fan base would we want that to happen vs. firing him. My two cents that he deserves to go out by retiring due to what he has done for this program.

    • Go Dawgs!

      I don’t anticipate him stepping aside. He’s a competitor. He clearly thinks that he can put the team back on top, and he’s clearly energized by the recruiting Georgia’s done. He wants to coach those players he’s bringing in. Besides, everyone knows that Lloyd Carr didn’t come up with the idea of retiring. He retired in lieu of being fired. If Richt isn’t coaching in 2012, it won’t really matter what it says on his paperwork. We’ll know he was told that he wasn’t coming back.

    • Macallanlover

      My opinion is yes, he would, if we have another losing season. Perhaps even with a 7-6 type record. CMR is not just class, he is about character too. He has been in love with UGA since he took the job, I don’t think he would want to have a seriously split fanbase just for his ego, or the money.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        I think this is CMR’s last season at UGA no matter what. He will get to the 100 win plateau this year, only the third UGA coach to do so, unless the team totally craters. He is independently wealthy already and will undoubtedly get a big buyout and be absolutely flush with dough. He can then do all the mission work he wants to do for the rest of his life. I hope for his sake, the fans’ sake and all concerned that he has at least an acceptable enough season to walk out with his head held high.

    • stoopnagle

      If we win 6 or 7 (or fewer) games with this schedule, then they will figure out how Richt can leave. I’m sure he’ll be given a choice of how he wants to do it and lawyers will talk it over so that everyone is as satisfied with the situation as possible. It’s all semantics.

  25. DawgPhan

    It is but a thin line between expecting to lose and finding joy in the loss.

    Anyone heading to the stadium expecting to lose, just probably find something better to do with their saturdays.

  26. Brandon

    I will never ever be glad when Georgia loses, my feelings for whoever happens to currently be the coach aside.

  27. bulldawgy

    I would NEVER EVER EVER hope the Dawgs lose! I want Coach Richt to lead us to a win this Saturday. He is a great representative of our great university. I am thankful for that. I want only the best for him. He recruited and leads this team of young men. This is a tough job with so many variables. GO DAWGS!! BEAT the chickens!!

  28. Will Trane

    Think Dean Legge has a very good comment about the team / players and fans. Worth reading.

    I do not boo or cat-call players or coaches. I will express my view of sets, calls, effort, and etc.
    Personally, and I think most UGA alums and supporters are frustrated and puzzled about what is going on with the program the past couple of years. Football is the one now because it is in season, but I have issues with all 3 of the men’s big program. I think some of those are being addressed and remedies being taken.
    Football. I like Coach Richt and I want him to have all the success he can have. Same for the team. My views and expressions are sometimes to vent and let out some frustrations. Think that is normal. I have had issues with Bobo as OC for awhile. But this weekend after watching the game a second time with no outside influence and comments by broadcast crew I saw the game differently from the offensive side. I never ever listen to ESPN or any other crew. During the game I listen to the Dawgs broadcast so I can tune out fans and others. I just like to watch the teams and how they do certain things, but enjoy the crowd and their response. Some how this week I’ve come around to agreeing more with what Bobo and CMR are doing. I like uptempo…spread and shotgun. I think you have a better game. I think this team can scored once it settles in. For me Crowell is the back CMR has been looking for in the shotgun. Crowell is Dunn for CMR, not a Lattimore or Walker. Think they will run the I, but they are better suited for the shotgun. Puzzled by the line play. Do not have to have All-Americans across the board for the shotgun. I think the cupboard got bare along both line the past couple of years. Why? Not sure if it is recruiting methods or what. But I think in the state of Georgia those numbers are down lately.
    I have as many questions about the D as the O at present. Did good in spots, but there were times we could not shut down Boise [up tempo spread and number of plays].
    Carolina will answer a lot questions about this team’s strength and weaknesses. Just like to see the staff better utilize players at times in the game. Think this can be a solid, fun-to-watch, contending team.
    Think the press needs to lay off CMR for awhile. Let the season play out. Tired of “hot seat” questions and etc. The game has kicked off, let’s play for awhile and see how it all goes.

    • Dog in Fla

      “Carolina will answer a lot questions about this team’s strength and weaknesses.”

      Hope South Carolina doesn’t do as well as Boise State did answering last week’s questions.

  29. Scott

    I doubt there are any Georgia fans hoping for a loss on Saturday. We haven’t even played an SEC game yet. While there might be a small portion of fans who might hope for a loss late in the season (assuming we we had a losing record) no one is so deranged this early.

  30. Sternkid

    In my mind it is very simple- Richt has become (and should continue to be) nothing more than what his teacher, Bowden, was for FSU; a face-plate for the organization. Richt doesnt call the offense, he doesnt call the defense. What he does is make mothers and fathers, god-fearing households and athletes want to come to UGA and play for the man. You think JoePa runs the program? I’m all for a replacement like Mullen in the sense of running a program, but what Richt brings to the table is invaluable in the eyes of the parents of those sending their kids to school.

    What concerns me is Richt’s dedication to people and lack of kill or be killed attitude. An admirable trait if you are running a small business and want to keep a few cogs in place; it’s quite different when you are running $60-80 million business. And make no bones about it, this is a business. Richt can still be a man of faith while instilling fear to the opposition and those who work for him. But perhaps, it is already a foregone conclusion.

    Bobo needs to go. We all know it. We need an offensive innovator. A student of the game. Someone who can react on the fly, not stick to a poorly thought out script. Every game Bobo is outmatched. When we step on the field with Bobo, we are working at a deficit. He doesnt know how to scheme. He doesn’t know how to exploit the talent gap. He can’t read momentum. If Richt continues to support the likes of Bobo or can’t see the fault in his ways then I support his dismissal.

    All that being said, you’d have to cage family and dangle of them over a pool of dolphins with laser-beams attached to their freakin’ heads to get me to root against the Dawgs in any circumstance.

    • Cojones

      Your unproven comments aimed at the staff in the first two paragraphs leads me to ask the question: If undermining staff confidence isn’t rooting against the team, what is?

      No, Bobo only needs to go when asked by his employer’s designated spokesman. Coupling Richt’s employment to undermining his staff is not even a cute reasoning trick. How can you root for a team when you are busy trying to maim the coaches that are preparing them to play? “The Dawgs” are a group of coaches and players representing UGA.

      • Sternkid

        My rebuttal could fill Jenkin’s girdle, but I will abstain and simply state that we fundamentally disagree. But I guess us liberals are always on the other side of things, right?

        Nevertheless, I will be traveling over 1000 miles to be in those stands to give every ounce of support to our boys.

  31. H-Town Dawg

    As someone who always defends CMR I can say that it’s more than a little disingenous to turn this around and make it a “fan problem.” I don’t think anybody who claims to be a Dawg fan should EVER be rooting for failure as part of an agenda for regime change. But the fans ARE NOT the cause of the increasingly frequent on-field fiascos and the behind-the-scenes failures of preparation and strategery.

    • Phocion

      Then how do you, as a fan, affect a coaching change that a sizable number of fellow fans think is warranted and long overdue but those with the power to make that change are reluctant to enact?

      Depending on which “H-Town” you are in, isn’t this an issue with your local NFL team as well? How does it get resolved at that level?

      • H-Town Dawg

        That’s a fair question and I don’t have a fully satisfactory answer. It’s a tough situation. I would say that a fan who is truly fed up can always keep his money in his pocket and not help fund the failure. Obviously the average fan’s expenditures for supporting the team are inconsequential in the overall ocean of money that is involved. But it’s as least as effective as going to the game and booing the team.

        I certainly understand and share the frustration when the problems never seem to get fixed and new clusterfarks are heaped on top of the failure pile. But to me booing the team at the game is like misbehaving in your own living room in front of guests. Expressing hope that the team will lose puts a dark cloud over the fanbase and allows the culprits to shift the “blame” away from their own failures and instead whine about how the fans have “abandoned them.”

        As for the NFL, I can tell you that the way fans of the Panthers express their dissatisfaction is by simply ignoring the team and not showing up. In the bad years the lack of attendance is frankly embarrassing (not so much for me because I’m not big on the NFL anyway). For the record, my particular H-Town is in western North Carolina…the most SECentric part of the state I’m proud to say.

        • Phocion

          While I like your analogy about acting out in the living room I think of booing ‘my’ team in a slightly different manner. Given the money that a fan has to lay out to attended a game these days I think of the experience more like going to a nice restaurant. And, if the team/coaching/execution/etc is that bad booing is akin to sending back a bad meal. I’m not going to walk out on the check; I’m going to give you a chance to fix it. Now, of course i don’t expect every meal to be perfect and this meal has been anything but. I’ll come back again and hope that things are better. When they don’t improve after a few visits then I am going to stop patronizing that restaurant. Will I eventually come back, yes, when there is new management.

          I suppose the alternative to booing, which gets the message across not only to the staff but to the Athletic Department, would be writing letters to the AD/Admin. How do the number of fans that will ‘boo’ during a game compare to the number that will write letters? My guess is ‘booing’ wins that count…and can’t be as easily overlooked.

          As for the NFL bit…I thought H-Town was Houston. They have a similar situation with their coaching staff.

  32. stoopnagle

    Wait… what if we go 10-2 and win the east? Isn’t that sort of good? Like, good enough that we can be reasonably assured that our coaches are competent? I mean, if we win and continue to win, that’s all we really want from the staff, right?

    So why root for losses?

  33. W Cobb Dawg

    I think it’s a rotten thing to insinuate about Dawg fans. No Dawg fan roots for a loss. CMR supporters have to get over their fawning adulation and come to their senses.

  34. Dawgaholic

    It’s USCjr. We lose to them when we overlook them (1993, 2007), have a new coach (2001), or our best player is not playing (AJ) or high (you know who), and they got lucky to win all of those.

    We’re focused this year and we are going to beat them ala Auburn 2007 or LSU 2004. This game will be ugly.

    I’ll see whoever can make it downtown Saturday night for the party.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Do your best … however I have moved my Father A Warrent Officier all over to avoid this confrontation. He has engaged both a State Patrol officer and HS Coach Frank Orgel while stationed at RAFB. He has always ruled the day. Just sayin’