“That’s why we put the backups in at practice.”

Here we’ve been all worried about offensive line depth when we should have kept our eyes on the inside linebackers.

Junior linebacker Christian Robinson will miss at least three weeks due to a foot injury.

… Freshman Amarlo Herrera, walk-on senior Jeremy Sulek and junior Mike Gilliard are the only remaining inside linebackers with playing experience.

It’s not getting any easier, is it?


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22 responses to ““That’s why we put the backups in at practice.”

  1. Joe

    If we only had a RB that we could mover over to LB? HMMM…Who??

    Actually, and honestly, it is Malcome’s surprising lack of development that caused Samuel to have to move over. He looks so good on paper and in person in the Spring. If he was halfway decent, there would have been more depth at LB with Samuel.


  2. Rick

    Can we use Samuel both ways, or is that unwise? It seems like Crowell is ready to get 25 carries a game – if Samuel only needs to give him a breather for a couple series, why not?


  3. Boykin seems to be the logical choice.

    At least we have an easy game coming up. Perhaps that will be enough time to get Thomas, Harton or another walk on ready to assume the role of stand in.

    The situation with Malcome confuses the hell out of me.


  4. timphd

    A related question. Did Drew play? If he did, I didn’t see him. What is up with him?


  5. TennesseeDawg

    Won’t be long and this will be happening.


  6. PatinDC

    Are there any redhirts that could be pulled?


  7. Vincent

    In all seriousness why can’t we put Richard Samuel there? Stanford did it with Toby Gheirhart. (probably mispelled his name) and I believe he was a starter on both sides. What’ve we got to lose? 2.3 yds a carry?


    • sUGArdaddy

      Vincent…because we’re just not that creative. If we moved Boykin to tailback exclusively and Richard to LB exclusively, our team would immediately get exponentially better. Our D would be just fine with Sanders & B. Smith at corner and Love as the nickel.

      Boykin may end up like Devin Hester in the pros. Some team is going to ask themselves, “Why aren’t we getting him the ball?”

      Teams would fear preparing for #1 & #2 in the backfield and Samuel would plug some gaps on D. I believe Rich can still turn it around, but I, sadly, don’t think we have that kind of creative juice runnin through our personnel decisions.


      • Rick

        Unfortunately, Boykin is someone we *do* need on D for every series we can afford – not to mention his returning responsibilities.


  8. Turd Ferguson

    Fortunately or unfortunately, this won’t likely matter much in the long run.


  9. MinnesotaDawg

    Ugghh. Who’s our next irreplaceable player to go down? Cordy Glenn? Boykin? If I write it, it won’t happen, right?


  10. Will Trane

    Two losing games. Two LBs go out with injuries. Fluke or are there issues here. When Ogletree goes out, Boise steps it up. When Robinson went out in the 4th, USC steps it up. I wonder if they play more four man front for next few games because of LB depth. You might want to think the schedule favors us this week why they work thru the issue, but I do not think we have any easy games from here out.

    Think depth an talent is more the 4th quarter issue than S&C. USC had twice the time of possession than the Dawgs in the 4th quarter. Their numbers showed they took over that quarter to finish the game.
    Not sold on the D coaches at the moment. Difficult when you lose top players and Robinson was a national leader. Arby Jones had some very good play at times against USC. Just need more on the front line. Carolina was a physical, bruising team on offense. Georgia is not a team that can take any more injuries at any position for awhile.


    • Will (the other one)

      Also no one’s really stepped up in the Justin Houston role as QB-terrorizing outside linebacker so far this season either.


  11. Skeeter

    Also no depth at Dawg.


  12. Mayor of Dawgtown

    This is what you get when you refuse to oversign even when every other school (save Florida and Vandy) is doing it. You end up with 70 true scholarship players and gaps on your team caused by injuries. Its called “roster mismanagement.”


  13. I love Richard, but the guy is a very poor RB. He looks completely unnatural at the position. Move him back to ILB and try to salvage what’s left of his college career. The move back to offense is a failed experiment. Thomas and Harton can spell Crowell. If we’re looking for power running give Figgins or even Zander a carry or two.

    I feel like we have very little to lose at this point, so let’s at least get creative.


  14. Cojones

    Where the hell were any of you for the game and the replay? Gilliard had several good tackles and blasted the hell out of one ball carrier(I think Lattimore). I think that they all are capable and can be plugged in for good play. Yeah, the best are in the game when they get hurt, but Richt was up on Gilliard last week. Just because the first stringer gets hurt is no reason to think that the other players are slouches. There is every reason to think they may be great if given the chance. You will be able to get a better avaluation after two or three more games, but these players should be an upper in everyone’s minds.