SEC Power Poll, Week 2

It’s still too early to make definitive conclusions about the relative strengths of the twelve schools, given that every team except Georgia has played at least one cupcake (several have played two).  Not so coincidently, Georgia is the only SEC team without a win in the early season.

  1. LSU.  One thing to keep an eye on – the Tigers are second in the conference in turnover margin and haven’t thrown an interception yet.  If Jarrett Lee can merely avoid screwing up, this team will go places.
  2. Alabama.  Number 5 nationally in total defense and 47th nationally in total offense.  Yeah, that sounds about right.
  3. Arkansas.   Through two games, the Hogs have only returned three kickoffs.  My, those cupcakes are tasty.
  4. Florida.  So far, so good.  In fact, on defense, so great.  We’ll see how things look after the meteor game with Tennessee.
  5. South Carolina.  The ‘Cocks won their messy struggle with Georgia.  But that secondary and Garcia are going to cost them some games this year.
  6. Auburn.  No, this ranking isn’t sustainable with that defense.  But for the moment, it’s where they deserve to be.
  7. Mississippi State.  They rank fifth in the country in total offense.  Then you read the fine print – they’ve played nos. 111 and 120 in total defense – and you realize it’s nothing to get too excited about.
  8. Tennessee.  The Vols are just about where you’d expect them to be after playing a 1-AA team and a mediocre Cincinnati.
  9. Georgia.  If you’re looking for a silver lining in that 0-2 start, consider this:  the Dawgs have likely faced the best quarterback, best running back, best wide receiver and two best defensive fronts they’ll see all season.
  10. Vanderbilt.  The Commodores are 2-0!  They can’t play offense, but they’ve been solid defensively and they’re tenth nationally in turnover margin.
  11. Kentucky.  This is a bad offensive team, too.  And they don’t play defense as well as Vandy.
  12. Mississippi.  Well, at least they’ve got a win now.


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8 responses to “SEC Power Poll, Week 2

  1. WarD Eagle

    UGA is at least better than UT.

    (and, eventually, MSU, AU)

    Finally, Crowell is running. QB play was meh. They’re coming on strong. This will be a good team by the end of the year.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Not wanting to be too picky here but the 2 teams that Vandy played and beat are better than the 2 teams that UT played and beat and for that matter Florida, too. I realize it is probably only temporary but a 2-0 Vandy deserves a little more love and UT and Florida deserve a little less until they actually play somebody.


  2. ConnGator

    Florida’s defensive front is at least on-par with BSU, and close to SoCar. Take a look Saturday.


  3. Noonan

    I think GA/FL is the only game we will be the underdog.


  4. Florida has played Florida Atlantic, who ranks120th in total offense and 105th in total defense. UAB, on the other hand, ranks 117th in total offense and 115th in total defense. Did I mention they were both night games at the Swamp?

    Yeah, Florida is on a roll………


  5. Nate Dawg

    Man, I hope your right on #5, I hope it does cost them some games, for I remain optimistic…for some reason.
    Now if we could only get that J’ville game swapped to the Dome every other year…
    I kid b/c it’s fun.


  6. Sanford222View

    Wow. It has been a long time since I looked at the SEC and thought what a mess the conference is. I really think you can take teams 3-9 from this list and pull them from a hat to rank them. They all seem slightly above average at best too.