One less thing to worry about

This sounds pretty definitive.  And may be proof that Isaiah Crowell doesn’t spend much time on the Internet.

… Crowell said he’s never been approached by anybody within the program about the number issue.

“Nobody. That’s a non-issue,” Crowell said. “I don’t really hear too many people saying anything about it. … Nobody else besides the media says anything about it.”


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5 responses to “One less thing to worry about

  1. Boz

    It seems to me that the only person this has impacted is B Smith… Boykin is getting the touches.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    Well, if the announcers in the first game are any indication, the possible benefit of this situation is that we could potentially sneak Smith in there without anyone knowing he’s not Crowell…


  3. NRBQ

    The solution is sublimely obvious:

    Velcro numbers.