Coach, you talkin’ crazy.

I would have loved to have seen Brandon Boykin’s face when he was told Richt said this:

“Before the season’s over, I could see him running the ball between the tackles a little bit,” Richt said. “Right now we’re just kind of using speed stuff and outside plays and things of that nature.”

“Running through the tackles?” Boykin said. “Well, I got to get my mind right for that. Whatever they want me to do, I’m going to try and make something happen.”


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24 responses to “Coach, you talkin’ crazy.

  1. Spike

    Have we become that desperate?


    • gloomydawg

      apparently so 😯


    • Sanford222View

      Why is that desperate? Boykin is one of if not the most dynamic player on the team. What is wrong with getting the ball in his hands more? People didn’t seem to have a problem when Champ Bailey was doing it.


      • Coondawg

        I agree. When he’s in the game he spreads the D out because they have to respect his speed on the edge. I don’t see him in the “I” but coming off the wing as an inside read play.


      • Keese

        Not saying this to be sarcastic, but imagine what kind of game/impact he would have in the SC game if he had caught that easy pick six that hit him in the hands and had made the tackle instead of bailing on the punt return. Would have been a Heisman worthy moment (emphasis on moment)


  2. Grafton

    Theres nothing wrong with that as long as the tackles can give him a hole to run through.


  3. Skeeter

    The idea is, our line just can’t open up very big holes, so we need smaller and thinner players so that the holes will be proportionally larger for them. Carlton is short, but he’s too wide to fit through the holes. Also, our larger RBs can injure our linemen when they run into their backs for a one yard gain. But, the smaller RBs won’t hurt them as much when they run into the line and find out there is no hole. This scheme would work best with tiny unicorns powered by rainbows.


  4. Spence

    I think Richt is having a little fun with us on this one. Or it is gamesmanship. Either way, I doubt he is seriously contemplating taking his best corner and return man between the tackles.

    I reserve the right to retract the above statement.


    • simpl_matter

      I’m with the gamesmanship angle. DC’s are surely coaching to stop the sweep when Boykin is in. He’s trying to influence said DC’s, keep them thinking the inside run could happen, without actually throwing Boykin in the grinder. Effective use of the media in this over-informed world, that’s my guess.


  5. X-Dawg

    We could use Carlton Thomas as a fullback too……….


  6. zdub

    The bigger question is will Thomas and/or Malcome see any playing time this weekend if we get up big early? Thomas probably will, but Malcome is an enigma. He always seems to get hurt then complains via the interwebs that he isn’t getting any respect/PT. If he continues to ride the pine I wouldn’t be surprised to see him transfer after this year. I hope that he gets into some games and shows out, but I’m not confident that will will happen.


  7. Fedup

    Really I am all for him being on offense but come on there is noway he should be running between the tackles. Just like there is no way Richard Samuels should be a RB for a div-1 school. This coaching staff continues to disappoint.


  8. Alcohalic Genius

    She. It. Richt got to be using the word “tackles” as a verb, not a noun, man. Boykin might be narrow, but he aint no snake. CMR messing with us, and I don’t blame him. Peoples act like it his fault he recruited two 4 and 5 star RBs that any school would have taken but they were both surprizing busts, so now he got to improvise. Or that he recruited more O line in the last 5 years, but then lost more O line than anyone, so now we thin. I guess it his fault we didn’t know all our LBs had weak feets. They strong everwhere else, but they got girlie feets. I’m a season ticket holder, been arrested several time in Athens, and it outrageous our corches recruit girlie feet players. Ever body know you got to have strong feets and mo skinny, snake like players. What wrong with them fools!


  9. ZDawg

    “”He’s only been there for like two days and he didn’t miss a call today,” Boykin said. “He didn’t mess up. Coach (Todd) Grantham was complimenting him, saying he was only there for 30 minutes and knew what to do. I was like, ‘DB’s are smart learners.’

    “Everybody got mad. Well, the linebackers got mad. He’s doing a good job. He’ll definitely be ready to play and make some plays on Saturday.”

    They got mad because he was doing a good job? Am I reading that right?


  10. Alcohalic Genius

    Tell them LBs to stop pussy feeting around.


  11. W Cobb Dawg

    Boykin up the middle, huh? Let’s draw the play up on the schoolyard dirt while we’re at it.


  12. Hobnail_Boot

    You know, I always thought Hutson Mason should get a shot at Free Safety.