Not exactly a vote of confidence

Michael Adams says he’s not one for making mid-course corrections with Georgia’s coaches.

“I don’t believe I have ever commented on any coach mid season. You know the answer. What we do with every head coach — every head coach, not just the high-profile head coaches – but at the end of the season the AD sits down and makes a judgment. Then he makes a judgment whether or not he needs to talk to the president about that.”

Dennis Felton begs to differ.

But that tells me Richt’s got the rest of the year to get things turned around.


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28 responses to “Not exactly a vote of confidence

  1. Dawg93

    I thought about Felton, too, but frankly I think the decision to fire him had already been made the year before . . . and then he won the SEC tourney . . . hence the reason they did it mid-season the following year.

  2. I still like that he came out and said we need your support, we are watching it same as you.. do your part, and we will do ours…. thats what i got from it.

  3. Just fire BOBO and Richt will be okay. Richt can do it mid season.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Just run off a nice string of wins and Richt will be OK.

    • heyberto

      McGarity and Adams won’t micromanage like that. That would have to be Richt’s call, and I’m not sure he’ll do that.. it’s hard to say if that would save his job if its that bad. Unlike the defensive coaches, Bobo has mostly learned from Richt. I don’t know why anyone thinks Richt would do anything differently. Bobo isn’t doing this in a vacum, and I’m sure CMR has a lot of input on managing offensive gameplans. Severing himself from Bobo doesn’t solve anything.

    • The other Doug

      He should have fired Bobo in December.

  4. heyberto

    I really don’t think anyone has made any decision, but with donors maybe getting a little antsy, they’re playing politics. I think they know Richt can do enough to keep his job this year, and are going to give him the opportunity to do just that. They won’t hesitate if the feeling at the end of the season is that he should go.

  5. SouthGa Dawg

    I just get sick thinking about us having to deal with this topic. Hey it could be worse. I heard a Bama caller on Finebaum this week complaining that Bama didn’t beat Penn St. bad enough…what a loser…

    • heyberto

      Urban’s available (I’m sure he’s coming back at some point). He has no problem hanging 50 on an opponent if he can.

  6. Skeptic Dawg

    I like the fact that Adams is making public statements. This is more for CMR and his staff than it is for the fans. I read, “Get your head out of where ever it has been the past 4 years and start coaching again! If not, thanks for your service.”

    • Macallanlover

      No, it is Adams, along with McGarity, and now Vince, telling our idiot fans to get behind the program. Enough damage has been done, everyone has heard the pathetic whining for 4 years, it isn’t your decision, and things might work out if we quit acting like loser fans. They see how the attention is now focused on CMR’s job, not the program or team. That is pretty sad, the best time of the year and every lead story about UGA is about this garbage.

      All that has been accomplished is the nation now sees what kind of fans UGA has (at least that percentage of them), and wonders what accomplished coach would want that job anyway? Recruiters use it against us, and even F’Bomb and his retarded listeners laugh at the situation. Georgia has a solid program, a decent location, fertile reruiting grounds, but it comes with anchor fans. I think CMR chooses to leave on his own, who could blame him? Who wants to put their family through an experience like this has become? Athens is a small town, putting up with this crap 24/7 isn’t worth the money it pays. I know the majority support him, but it is the loudest fans who always embarrass us the most. Like having 20% of your fans acting like Bama’s Toomer Tree dude.

      • heyberto

        Love this post. I agree we have to get behind the team, and give Richt a chance. Where i disagree is that the fans didn’t start this stuff with Richt. The media has largely driven the Richt on a Hot Seat meme to the point that it was very easy for the fans to jump on that after the first game of this season. So at this point, it’s legitimate that he has to start making some statements on the field. The bottom line, is that if Richt isn’t the guy to get us there, he has to go. But no matter where you stand on this issue, I do not agree with not being behind the team. No excuse for fans booing the team as I heard them do in the Dome. That died off when those fans left the stadium in the 3rd quarter. So glad the team hasn’t lost resolve over that.

      • Haywood Jablome

        Yeah the reason the program can barely tread water nowadays is because of your so called idiot fans. The idiot fans can’t defend the wheel route, the idiot fans are to blame for the undisciplined play on and off the field, and the idiot fans are to blame for uninspired play calling.

        • Macallanlover

          No, the idiot fans are not responsible for that (and no one is suggesting we cannot debate and criticize concerns), but they are responsible for the perception that UGA is a program in turmoil and that someone is going to be burned at the stake. The news during football season should be about the game and players, so while the media is responsible to a degree for this, if the fans weren’t incessantly calling for ssomeone’s head 24/7, 365, it would die a quiet death. They fuel off the fans reactions and too many of them are pouring gas on the fire. If that makes you uncomfortable, and I doubt it does, then so be it. Fans need to support, not tear down.

          There are ways to bring about change; the “loud-mouthed, blasting everything that moves fan” is detrimental to UGA, and that has always been my opinion. I don’t think a public lynching is in anyone’s best interest. Whether drunkenly accosting rival fans, or calling in to whine on talk radio, they are all the same to me…an embaarrassment. You may think it makes you a smart enlightened fan to constantly harp on the staff, I think it shows you to be in the bottom percentile…in other words, at the same level as the Toomer’s Tree guy in Alabama. Do you really think they need the help of interent fans to know what needs to be addressed? No, I didn’t think so? So what is gained by it? Glad you feel better, don’t worry that it simply causes harm to what you profess to love.

      • Our program has been CHOKING ever since the 2005 Sugar Bowl.

        And yet we are still the #2 most profitable program in the country.

        I’m sorry, but all everyone sees is that UGA has amazing fans who still fork out tons of dough (in a bad economy) despite a shitty product.

        We deserve better.

        • In fact, since 1983, our program has basically been shit with the exception of 2002->2005.

          2, maybe 3 great seasons (and zero MNCs) out of the last ~30. That’s ridiculous.

          That’s a damn sad state of affairs considering the money invested/spent on this program.

        • AlphaDawg

          I think the decline started with the No Show 2006 TN home game. We gave up 51 at home and Ainge looked Heisman worthy that day.

  7. Statistically Bobo is not the problem & he will not have any problem obtaining a position elsewhere if Richt is let go.
    Also, Richt sits in on the QB meetings & helps plan the Offensive Game Plan. The Offense is as much his as Saban’s D is his, not kirby Smart’s..
    I agree with Dooley that Richt will be around for a long time. If he is, Bobo will be there tooo.

    • The other Doug

      I can’t see Bobo getting another job with a top team as an OC. I’m sure he will find work as a QB coach and recruiter though.

      • AlphaDawg

        I think if Bobo could get some experience working as a QB coach under a different HC\OC, he could be a very good OC. He needs variety and a fresh look at how other succesful coaches run an offense.

        I really think he has a game plan of what he wants from his offense and has a hard time deviating from that. Even when he does sway from the game plan and its working, he reverts back to the orignal game plan. And he’s simply incapable of seeing it because the HC has the same plan.

  8. W Cobb Dawg

    Maybe we’ll boot Adams too!

  9. dean

    Adams may not have given CMR a vote of confidence but at least he didn’t give him the kiss of death by guarantying he will be back next year.