WWL, please.

You don’t have to agree with Kevin Scarbinsky’s take on Urban Meyer calling the Auburn-Clemson game to think that ESPN’s Norby Williamson is completely full of shit when he says,

“Is Lou Holtz sometimes soft on Notre Dame? Yes. But nobody is hiding anything,” he says. Williamson notes two analysts associated with big-name schools — ex-Ohio State star Kirk Herbstreit and Jay Bilas, from Duke — as “two of our most popular analysts,” he says. “The key is to be transparent.”

He should be a lot of fun to listen to when he’s cross-examined in the Mike Leach lawsuit.



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  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Regardless how the conflict issues work through, Corch won’t last long in the booth. He has the warmth and personality of a soil sample.


    • American Association Against Defamation of Soil Samples

      Please, Hogbody!

      We take offense at your uncalled-for comparison of Corch Meyer to soil samples!

      Soil samples are noble and have served this country well during times of strife!

      Demand is hereby made that you immediately cease your wrongful defamation of soil samples.

      Please govern yourself accordingly.


  2. That sentiment would be a lot easier to take were it coming from someone other than Scarbinsky, who’s been getting in line to polish Auburn’s collective knob for years now.


  3. fuelk2

    It kills me that ESPN ignores meaningful conflicts but won’t let Herbie pick the winner of a game when he is providing color commentary. Whistling through the graveyard.


  4. PhillyDawg

    C’mon, they are just ex-players and Corchs for these teams and should be given a break. It’s not like the WWL ever hired anyone who stole a credit card from their roommate, ran up charges, got caught and transferred, and now is coming back to criticize student athletes who make mistakes in college.


  5. Mike

    I think the Scarbinsky’s take of the supposed Meyer hate of Auburn is a bit overwrought. Hell, more than a bit. Meyer never coached against Chizik and only coached against Auburn twice.

    And even if it was not, what is the big deal? We are talking about color commentators here.They are there to provide color.


  6. Scott W.

    Oh no, someone’s out to get Aubie, AGAIN.


  7. BulldogBen

    Anything’s better than the Failfest crew from last nights LSU/MSU game for Jesse Palmer and Craig James.

    Maybe that’s just me though. They’re my “All Hate” team.


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      LSU’s defense is the greatest since the Steel Curtain!


    • NRBQ

      I let my DVR record about an hour before I watch.

      I can then use FF to filter out comments by the Bobsey Twins, relentless replays, and commercials, and just listen to Rece Davis’ excellent game-call.


      • Cojones

        I first used the sound button before kickoff and immediately realized that I didn’t want to see them as well and changed channels. Did that throughout the game and didn’t miss much. Never listened to a word they said. It’s really rather nice. You should try it sometime. Of course, Peter, Paul and Mary were on the public channel switched to that made it nicer.


    • Point to ponder:

      Why in the world does Craig James still have his job?


  8. Ty Webb

    Todd Blackledge, former Penn State QB, was the color commentator for the Penn State-Alabama game. I didn’t hear Scabs (or anyone else) complaining about that.