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I’m here for you, man.

It’s hard to find fault in a 59-0 blowout where Georgia scored touchdowns the first five times it touched the ball, but just in case some of you out there want to vent about… I don’t know, the Rambo fumble?  Carlton Thomas up the middle?  Mike Bobo running up the score?… anyway, here’s your post.  (Let it not be said that I don’t care about all of my readers.)

Try to be entertaining, at least.



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Coastal Carolina preview: more Dawg than cat

Seriously, if you’re looking for some sort of detailed breakdown of each team’s strengths and weaknesses for today’s game, you’ve come to the wrong blog, Bubba.  The opponent comes from the ranks of 1-AA and Georgia can get off a three-game schneid.  There’s no key, no outcome hanging in the balance.

Besides the win, all we can hope for is the usual yada, yada, yada:  the gears get properly oiled, the backups get plenty of playing time and nobody gets hurt.  Anything beyond that is pure gravy.  Maybe we’ll get to see how Georgia handles the number crunch at #1.

I’ll be heading up to Athens in a couple of hours and will report back as usual.


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“Kids that like Georgia like Georgia for much more than just wins and losses.”

I’m shocked, shocked to learn of this:

… Isaiah Crowell was one of the nation’s highest profile recruits to announce his decision on signing day in February.

The nation’s No.1 tailback recruit picked the Bulldogs even after hearing for weeks from recruiters that Georgia was a program on the slide.

“I heard a lot from a lot of people,” Crowell said. “I just didn’t let it get to me. I was still going to go where I wanted to go.”

It wasn’t just one or two schools that used negative recruiting, according to Crowell.

“I think everybody does it,” Crowell said.


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Options in the backfield

With A.J. Green’s departure, it’s a no-brainer that Georgia’s offense needs to be more diversified to succeed.  There are a few hopeful signs that the Dawgs are beginning to figure that out.

Aaron Murray sees what having multiple receiving choices from the running backs can do.

“(Tailback) Isaiah (Crowell) has made a couple of great catches and Bruce has made a couple of great catches and it’s definitely great to have those guys, so linebackers aren’t dropping back into coverage,” said Murray, who has completed passes to 10 different teammates in just two games this season. “We want (linebackers) to have to think about the guys coming out of the backfield and they have to check them before they get into their drops.”

And Brandon Boykin being taken seriously as a threat on offense may be having an effect as well.

… Despite not breaking a long run against South Carolina, Boykin had an impact merely by being on the field. Gamecocks defenders were, according to Boykin, yelling out “No. 2’s in the game!” He acted as a good decoy on several plays and made the most of his two runs.

Yes, I know all the usual disclaimers apply here – they’re 0-2, it’s Mike Bobo, etc. – but here’s the thing:  Georgia, despite being thin at tailback, at least looks like it’s making the effort to milk production out of the parts it’s got left to work with.  You gotta start somewhere.


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Close, but no cee-gar.

Maybe this is a sign of a talented team that’s lost a little of its competitive edge:

Eighteen of Georgia’s 30 losses since 2003 have been decided by seven points or less. Georgia’s 60 percent is the highest percentage of close losses in the SEC.

Call it Drilled by the Finish.


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Kiffin watch: Hey, I resemble that remark!

Syracuse nose tackle Deon Goggins’ assessment of Southern Cal:  “USC is like the baby Oakland Raiders.”

That works on so many levels it’s not funny… okay, it’s still funny.


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