Options in the backfield

With A.J. Green’s departure, it’s a no-brainer that Georgia’s offense needs to be more diversified to succeed.  There are a few hopeful signs that the Dawgs are beginning to figure that out.

Aaron Murray sees what having multiple receiving choices from the running backs can do.

“(Tailback) Isaiah (Crowell) has made a couple of great catches and Bruce has made a couple of great catches and it’s definitely great to have those guys, so linebackers aren’t dropping back into coverage,” said Murray, who has completed passes to 10 different teammates in just two games this season. “We want (linebackers) to have to think about the guys coming out of the backfield and they have to check them before they get into their drops.”

And Brandon Boykin being taken seriously as a threat on offense may be having an effect as well.

… Despite not breaking a long run against South Carolina, Boykin had an impact merely by being on the field. Gamecocks defenders were, according to Boykin, yelling out “No. 2’s in the game!” He acted as a good decoy on several plays and made the most of his two runs.

Yes, I know all the usual disclaimers apply here – they’re 0-2, it’s Mike Bobo, etc. – but here’s the thing:  Georgia, despite being thin at tailback, at least looks like it’s making the effort to milk production out of the parts it’s got left to work with.  You gotta start somewhere.


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11 responses to “Options in the backfield

  1. Biggus Rickus

    The opener was obviously uninspiring and a lot of assumptions made by Bobo were proven false. However, he did an excellent job against an OK South Carolina defense. And I still don’t get why everyone hates him. He’s not the greatest OC in the world, but he’s not bad. The only knock I have on him so far this year are the slow starts. If the offense could have built some momentum in either game while the defense was playing well Georgia may be 2-0 right now and in the top 10.


    • Macallanlover

      Agree, Bobo is probably not on very many favorites list for OC but he is hardly a bust. I feel many people cannot express moderation in any criticsm. Sports inspire so much passion that people make their points with statements that are too extreme. That costs them credibility, but they feel they have to “shout” to get attention. Bobo is not the liability he is made out to be by his critics but what OC doesn’t have his calls criticized? Any play that does not work is analyzed by the Monday Morning group. Virtually an impossible task.


      • HahiraDawg

        my scotch loving friend, you’ve always been my favorite poster, with the Mayor 2nd. But this was extremely well said.


      • Cojones

        That’s where the “Bobo is probably not on very many favorites list for OC” comes from, the Sunday and Monday morning group of detractors. No one seems to have the courage to diss the dissers and help rehab attitudes toward the staff that those hosers have hurt. Bobo has only received the same comments that ALL OCs can be criticized for if you are of the mind. It doesn’t mean that their comments are viable. The loud minority is overshouting the quiet majority and hurting our team during this season. That should be stopped.

        Senator, if Buck Belue came on here under another title and criticized the Dawgs, you would tell us, wouldn’t you?


    • Sanford222View



  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    When South Carolina plays, number 2 is always in the game.


  3. TomReagan

    I was especially happy to see Figgins involved in the passing game last week. Would still like to see the coaches commit to getting the ball into Mitchell’s hands, though. And that they’d go ahead and put Bennett and Mitchell into the starting lineup, or at least have Bennett as the starting slot receiver.


  4. Keese

    A diversified offense without over-complication


  5. Will Trane

    Keys on offense. Crowell. Proression of the O line. A consistent, reliable, deep threat. If Bobo incorporates misdirection plays with Crowell it could lead to more production from the receivers and the TEs. When he broke his TD run back against the grain should be concern for DC. Just like Boykins long TD run against Boise from the shotgun causes issues for Ds. They sit. And if more plays can come off that set is better. A deep threat, and that maybe coming, will certainly free a single TE in matchups. Bobo has a lot of toys to play with this season. Mainly from a coming running game and not a vanilla offense. From my view this is the most fun offense I have seen at UGA in a long time.