Third and Willie lives!

Did anybody catch FSU converting a third-and-28 with a 56-yard TD pass – from the backup quarterback into triple coverage, no less – to tie last night’s game at 13-all?

For some reason, I find that strangely reassuring.


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26 responses to “Third and Willie lives!

  1. Jim

    I told my OU friends they were screwed when Martinez landed there. Shocker.


    • Biggus Rickus

      Am I missing something? They allowed 219 passing yards to what’s supposed to be a good FSU passing game and had three picks. Seems like he’s doing okay in general.


      • Jim

        Fair enough but you have to admit the irony of that 3rd and Willie.


      • heyberto

        Well, there’s two thoughts that I think of on that. One, he does like to recruit those small CBs. He may be getting overruled on that at OU there.. who knows. Two, what I would worry about is not that he can’t coach a competent defense.. It’s that he seemed to have these monumental breakdowns at certain games (twice vs. UT). How that scenario figures into what he does at OU, I don’t know, what the cause and effect of that scenario I don’t know. at any rate, since he’s not the D coord at OU, it would seem that wouldn’t necessarily be an issue. The Third and Willie that we saw was more funny than an indication of something wrong… but if it becomes a pattern this season and costs OU a shot at a title, it’ll be hilarious.


      • Joe

        Trickett is not a very good back up QB frankly.


  2. Bulldog Joe

    Very impressed overall with OU’s defense last night, but FSU needs a tailback in the worst way.

    I would consider moving Manuel there.


  3. BulldogBen

    All I kept thinking watching that game was how far away UGA is from that level.

    Both teams had playmakers all over the field. The team speed and sheer brutal physicality was something I haven’t seen in our team in years. There were devastating hits laid almost every other play.

    FSU was beat to shit after that game. Still, their receivers seemed to catch everything thrown at them and the freshman QB that came in was fantastic considering the circumstances.


    • stick jackson

      I can remember watching the FSU-Miami games that usually opened the season on Labor Day in the Donnan years and thinking exactly that. And then about 2003, not thinking that any more.

      We still have the athletes, but we’ve bottomed out in terms of aggression and purpose. Have we started back up? Maybe.


    • Skeptic Dawg

      I had the same thought. The Dawgs are nowhere near that level right now. It is very sad.


  4. heyberto

    He’s linebackers coach, right? Hilarious.


  5. JaxDawg

    I agree with Joe above, OK’s D looked like it was on a professional level.

    Are their players that much better than ours?


  6. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Willie Martinez has been showing the Sooners D-backs film from the end of the ’05 Auburn-UGA game to help them understand the type of coverage they are supposed to use in that situation.


  7. JBJ

    I don’t miss Willie, but I’m still not sold on Grantham. If you watched LSU/MSU and FSU/OK this weekend, then you saw hard hitting defensive teams.


  8. Greg

    Willie was/is a good defensive secondary coach who was totally in over his head as a defensive coordinator. The Oklahoma D gave up one TD on the fluke play that you mentioned. 3 guys were in position to make the play so no one other than a bitter Georgia fan would blame that one on Willie. Just trying to be objective here. Every UGA fan should be bitter about Willie’s reign as DC and Richt made it that much worse by keeping him around as long as he did. He is back in his element now.


    • gastr1

      While I agree with your assessment re: Willie as DB coach versus DC, I am scarred for life from watching Georgia defensive backs attempt to defend passes by facing the receiver and putting their hands up, never turning toward the ball.

      I have not seen that since Willie left, and frankly we could give up ten more ppg for all I care as long as I don’t see stupid shit like that and directional kickoffs ever again. My brain and my eyes will never recover as it is.