Early to bed, early to rise.

The Mississippi State game is a nooner.

I’m reminded of the immortal line from Jim Pagliaroni in Ball Four.  When he was told he’d have to report to the ball park for an early game start, he responded by saying, “Ten-thirty? I’m not even done throwing-up at that hour.”

Over/under on when the students show up?


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  1. fuelk2

    Call me crazy, but I think this may be an okay thing for the Dawgs. It’s not like we’re killing it in big game environments now. Of course, that may also be related to the quality of opponent.

    Still, I like the thought of calmer nerves helping the team.


  2. BCDawg97

    Tailgating at 7:00AM. We open early for your liver’s convenience.


  3. Video Coordinator

    See? Irrelevance has its advantages!


  4. JBJ

    Weird that is the second time in a week I have heard someone reference Ball Four. I just finished MoneyBall. Interesting ideas in there but hard to argue the guy is a genius at this point with the results of the past few seasons for the A’s. Some people say the rest of baseball caught up with him which seems fair enough.

    The irrationality of people’s decisions versus hard data is always fascinating to me.


  5. Go Dawgs!

    Meh… we start our tailgate at 7 am regardless of what time the game kicks off. I’ll set the over/under on the students’ reporting time when I see what the score of the Ole Miss game is.


  6. I thought for sure that Athens would be a ghost town on Saturday — 0-2 team, earlyish kickoff, who-cares opponent — but the tailgating scene, while hardly wall-to-wall, was still impressive for 9 a.m. And aside from the northeast corner of the 2nd deck, which always takes forever to fill up, Sanford Stadium was more crowded than I expected it to be, too.

    So I wouldn’t worry too much about the Missy State game, particularly if the Dawgs end up blowing the doors off Ole Miss the week before. And if you can’t figure out how to work booze into breakfast, I don’t see how you can call yourself a Dawg. Mimosas? Bloodies? Irish coffee? C’mon, this isn’t quantum physics, people.


  7. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    The students have a new ticket system in place … If they have a ticket loaded onto their id and don’t attend they get a strike. If they get 2 strikes in a season they’re not eligible to purchase tickets for the next season.

    To avoid the strike they can either transfer the ticket to another student (with their consent) or donate the ticket back to the Athletic Assoc …

    In other words, either they’re coming or not ..


  8. Spike

    Sorry, but these two teams deserve no better.


    • Video Coordinator

      Game should be televised on C-SPAN


      • Sunbelt Conference Commissioner

        Sorry, but I beg to disagree. Both of these teams are excellent and this game would probably be for the Championship of the Sunbelt Conference if these two fine institutions were members of our league. I am officially, as spokesman for the Sunbelt, directing a conditional invitation to Mississippi State University and the University of Georgia to join our fine conference as part of the Sunbelt’s conference expansion plan. There is a condition, however. We only can take one team. Therefore, as part of an agreement worked out between the Sunbelt and the SEC, the loser of the Mississippi State-University of Georgia game will be moving to the Sunbelt Conference whereas the winner will remain a member of the SEC. Good luck in the game to both institutions! We’ll be pulling for both schools to have a bad game!


  9. shane#1

    Senator, if Max McGee can stay out all night and make the winning catch in the Super Bowl any Dawg Fan worth his salt should make an early tailgate. It has been a tradition with me to drink all night before a salt water fishing trip. Be a little drunk when you get to the boat and have a beer or two before hitting the blue water and you will not get seasick.


  10. Chuck

    The important thing is that the campus police can get things wrapped up before dark….
    As Jim Bouton might say, Yeahhhh, surrre.