31 responses to “Mama, I got ‘dem old hot seat blues.

  1. Lrgk6

    Losing Coaches in the SEC:

    Their next seat will be here:

  2. TennesseeDawg

    Those seats couldn’t get any hotter if they were in Satan’s lap! (How’s that for punditry)

  3. stoopnagle

    I read one (respectable) Bama fan call this weeks game “The Kirby Smart Bowl.”

    • Go Dawgs!

      Thanks, I’ll pass. Unless Nick is going to keep calling the shots for him like he has during Kirby’s career to this point…

      • stoopnagle

        That’s generally how I feel. Ol Kirby sorta burned the bridges with me anyway in that whole DC deal, but recruiting is cut-throat, etc.

        And if he’s so hot, why would he take a dead-end job in Oxford?

  4. Bryant Denny

    Kirby should stay far away from Oxford unless he gets some of that Gus Malzahn Vandy money. Seriously. It’s not like Ole Miss is an untapped goldmine or something like that.

    I think UGA is about to go on a run so the Richt hot seat stuff can wait until at least October 29th.

    • Normaltown Mike


      Any young coach that takes the Ole Misses job needs to have his head examined (or removed from his rear).

      I’d say a retread with a checkered history and nothing to lose is the best option for a school in Miss’ippi with Confederate themes.

      Paging Mike Leach.

      • Leach at Ole Miss sure would be interesting.

        • fuelk2

          My father-in-law said there has been a lot of talk of this in Texas. I could really see Leach making some noise there.

          • Go Dawgs!

            Leach could be a great hire in Oxford. Fits in well with the Rebel mindset. However, it’s not like Houston Nutt is a bad coach. He won at Arkansas. Ole Miss destroyed a good thing when they got too big for their britches and canned David Cutcliffe. Now they’re reaping the benefits of a lack of perspective. Cautionary tale, really.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              Very astute GD. They are still suffering from the Cutcliff fiasco. It’s hard to feel sorry for them, though.

              • Macallanlover

                UGA fans should take a look in the mirror on this issue, us running CMR out of town would be more catastrophic than Old Miss thinking they could do better than Cutcliffe. They do have serious problems in Oxford now as they have lost the in-state, high ground to MSU.

                • Go Dawgs!

                  That’s precisely what I was implying.

                • MinnesotaDawg

                  Or we could look at the cautionary tales of BCS championships following coaching changes at Florida, LSU, Alabama, and Auburn in the last five years. Sure, there are risks in making a change and in hindsight some teams make mistakes, but let’s not ignore the upside, too.

                  Yes, let’s let the season play out and hope for a better product. But these “it could be worse” arguments drive me crazy. Following this same cautionary tale, Coach Goff would still be shaking his head between the hedges.

                  Oh, and we’re not Ole Miss. I hope your expectations for our program are slightly higher given our resource advantages at every level.

                  • Go Dawgs!

                    No, we’re Georgia. And we currently have the second most successful head coach in the history of the University of Georgia’s program. Minus the run of Herschel Walker, he has taken the program to heights which it has never before seen. The parallel between Georgia and Ole Miss in this case is that fans of both programs have a sense of entitlement which is not borne out of past results.

                  • Go Dawgs!

                    The comparison between Richt and Goff is apt in the sense that they’ve both had two bad years in a row (I just can’t consider 2008 “bad”, though it was “disappointing”). However, the comparison breaks down when you consider that Richt has successes to go along with the failures on his resume. Goff only has 1992, and a failure to follow up on it.

                    • stoopnagle

                      I once thought this, too, but if I think of it as:
                      1. 0-31 at half time Between the Hedges
                      2. getting blownout in Jax
                      3. losing at home to Tech
                      All in one season? that pretty much qualifies as “bad” no matter how many wins come along with it.

                    • Go Dawgs!

                      Stoopnagle, I hear you, buddy. And, I’m not as staunchly behind Richt as I was before I saw that fine example of preparedness against Boise State. But, the fact remains that he was the right man for the job in the first half of the decade, and given a few bounces here or there, we’d have gone even higher in those years. I’m gonna see where we are at the end of the year, that’s all.

        • JBJ

          Leach at Ole Miss would NOT be interesting. It would be AWESOME.

  5. I hope this one ends better than the last time fans took out an ad against a hot seat coach during Georgia week. Knoxville 07. Dark Day

  6. You think those guys know yet that they shouldn’t have fired David Cutcliffe?

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      They have their heads so far up their collective asses they haven’t figured that out yet.

    • stoopnagle

      Do you think the three Duke football fans would agree or disagree?

      I know this: I’m glad Cutcliffe isn’t an OC in the SEC.

      • MinnesotaDawg

        No kidding. As UT’s OC, I think he knew Georgia’s scheme, what D we’d call, and how to beat it faster than our coaches could figure out the down and distance.

  7. Mohammar

    Being somewhat familiar with overthrows, to me this looks an effort to oust the Ole Miss administration, not Nutt who hopes to get butter against Georgia

  8. JBJ

    I think it is safe to say, whichever team loses this week will lose their coach as well. I feel good about this game after watching Ole Miss get destroyed by Vandy.