Necessity is the mother of “Smoke & Mirrors”.

Buck Belue has an interesting take on Mike Bobo’s offensive strategy (ixnay on the arksnay, people):

… Spoke with a former SEC O-Line coach yesterday and he wasn’t real impressed with the ‘Dogs OL. Ben Jones was described as “OK.” Cordy Glenn is “a guard playing tackle” and that’s not an endorsement. And those 2 guys are our best 2 OL.

Because of our situation on the OL, Coach Bobo has to continue to use the “Smoke & Mirrors” Approach. Do a little of this and a little of that. Mike will continue to get criticized, but those in the know understand that the issue isn’t play-calling…it’s a below average O-Line.

I can see there being something to that.  And it might even work out, if (1) Bobo for the most part stays away from the stuff that doesn’t fit well with a struggling offensive line and (2) Aaron Murray gets more consistent with his mechanics and his sense of timing.


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  1. Spence

    If by Smoke he means “running back” and mirrors he means “into the heart of a top 5 defensive line” then I agree that this was Bobo’s approach in the BSU game.


    • fuelk2

      This is probably my biggest issue with the current staff. After the BSU game, the play calling was much more consistent with downplaying the O-Line. It’s like at some point while watching the Boise film, someone said, “Hey, our O-Line sucks,” and then Bobo adjusted the play calling.

      How do the coaches not realize this BEFORE the Boise game?


    • gastr1

      Hey, and what was the problem last year, exactly?


  2. The Auburn Guy

    *cough* Hugh Nall *cough*


  3. Dboy

    Execute a bit of smoke and mirrors and then get Crowell the ball in space


  4. TennesseeDawg

    Our OL has been a big disappointment for quite some time but I’m willing to give Friend more time both in coaching and recruiting.


    • Daniel Simpson Day

      I agree. Here’s hoping he has a better eye for “talent” than his mentor. Unless you call undersized linemen with bad shoulders talent.


  5. Tenn_Dawg

    The OL in the Richt era has been terrible. Injuries, bad recruiting, lack of recruiting, position shuffling, conditioning, etc. This is my main issue with Richt followed closely by the Willie experiment.


  6. Slaw Dawg

    I like Buck and think he often has useful insights on his blog, but, sorry, is there news here re: the O Line? Also, why would “smoke and mirrors” improve our chances? Isn’t it just the opposite? Maybe I’m hopelessly old school, I’d like to see extra protective bodies in there all the time. Run and even throw from the I-Formation, have FB and TB in on every play or use 2 TEs; when Crowell runs, let him follow that big FB or big TE; let Murray dunk quick, short stuff to Crowell, Figgins or Charles, even Samuel and Thomas–bite off the little chunks and don’t put Murray in the position of thinking he has to save the day with a long strike; he’s not that kind of QB and even if he was, he doesn’t have that kind of line–and I think we all kinda had that figured out already!


    • AusDawg85

      C’mon Slaw…get with the program! With your suggestions, the D would just put 8 or even 9 in the box and stuff the I and short passes. So then we’d have to go PA pass deep to someone like Mitchell and his hyper speed. And that would lead to “1st & Bomb”, and then we’d lose “balance” and have to go with the hurry-up offense. And that means the shotgun or even the spread. And that means 3 receiver set, Charles in motion, and our tackles on their own to block speed-rushers with help from Isiah to chip someone on the blitz.

      And then we’d be….well, US!

      /oppsay on the snarksay


  7. Skeptic Dawg

    This sounds like yet another excuse intended for CMR’s benefit. It’s not like this should be a shock to our staff after an entire off season with this unit. But, maybe that is the problem with this staff to begin with.


  8. Hopefully Friend is the answer. Good Backs, (Brown, Ware, Lumpkin, Moreno, Crowell), but an underperforming OL for some time. That brings me back to my theory that it has been execution not play calling which has plagued the Dawgs the last few years.


  9. Reptillicide

    So, talent evaluators have pegged Ben Jones and Cordy Glenn as two of the top draft-eligible linemen in this year’s class, but somehow it’s their fault?
    Hmmm…. the excuses continue to pile up.


  10. Joe

    Even more reason to line up in the pro set I as our base Offense.


  11. baltimore dawg

    the ol sucks pretty consistently and has for a good long time. bobo sucks more intermittently.

    i don’t know how to explain ben jones. i know he’s been starting for a long time, is projected as a top nfl lineman, and has a reputation for being very good. but there have been many times in each of the three games so far this year that he has looked awful. he got simply knocked on his ass and bowled over several times against boise and sc. i haven’t watched the coastal game again, put i remember him pulling on a run play to the outside, attempting to set the edge, and simply missing the defender. i’m sorry to say it, but i think he’s hugely overrated. still, more power to him if he can cash in on that down the road.


  12. Ghost of Dawg's Past

    Move Lynch to OT now! This has been mentioned more than once (preseason). Whole lot easier recruiting 4 star TE’s than 4 star OT’s. I would rather have a undersized athletic OT (with a kick ass attitude) than a fat, lazy, can’t get out of his own way OT any day.
    For Arthur, the frame is there so the weight will come.


  13. Derek

    If richt hadn’t of screwed up trinton’s knees over and over and given Benedict nerve damage and not made harmon stupid and screwed up long’s shoulder then we’d have a line. Coaching so stoopid!


  14. Bevo

    In other news…

    Jakar Hamilton has decided to transfer for personal reasons.

    So we have a chance to reach double digit numbers for walkons getting scholarships this season. Hmm…



  15. Turd Ferguson

    Just making sure … we’re not allowed to literally use smoke and mirrors, are we? ‘Cause, you know, that might help.


  16. SCDawg

    Last year I was out of the country for the 1st two games and DVR’d them. Got back in town and, based on obnoxious phone messages, figured we’d lost the SC game. When I watched the line perform against NE Louisiana State (or whatever cupcake we played), it was obvious why we lost. The OL was bad last year, and I think we were fooling ourselves to think it would get better in a single year. We are good against clearly inferior opponents, but struggle against good D-lines.


    • Skeptic Dawg

      Here’s hoping that the Rebels have a poor D-line.


      • Bevo

        We’ll be fine against the Rebs.

        UF’s d-line should concern us. (Not that we’d win even with an All-Pro NFL o-line.) And having watched Muschamp defenses at Texas for the last few years… we had better hope the Big Tuna Experiment goes horribly wrong. Muschamp will get talent to Gainesville and I would count on him having some nasty DEFs pretty soon.


        • Russ

          Did you watch Muschamp’s defense last year? They made our defense look good. They were horrible.

          Granted, UF’s defensive line is pretty impressive this year, but I think it’s a little early to crown Muschamp for that.


  17. Dave


    Can I get your take on something. The guard playing tackle comment bothers me. I read somewhere Cordy may be the #1 guard in the draft. Yet he is an average (at best) tackle. So instead of having an awesome guard, we have an average tackle. We saw this with that poor guys switching between OL and DL (name escapes me), who is now in the NFL, but could never do much. We see it with Samuel, too.

    Contrast with Chris Brown’s site and the thoughts of Holgo the Barbarian, Mike Leach, and such who say repetition is the key. They do a few things over and over and over until muscle memory sets in. It’s hard to get there when switching positions all the time.

    I understand that injuries can cause a shift in things, but a true top flight team will have at least a group of 1s and 2s ready to go at all 5 positions (I would think).

    Do we have a recruiting issue over the last few years, a coaching philosophy that is incorrect, or are we unlucky with injuries, or what else? Just curious what you think….thanks for all you do.


    • I understand that injuries can cause a shift in things, but a true top flight team will have at least a group of 1s and 2s ready to go at all 5 positions (I would think).

      How many schools do you think have 10 o-linemen ready to play? I would think very few, if any.

      To answer your question, I think it’s a combination of recruiting poorly at the position (Callaway especially) and bad luck.


  18. W Cobb Dawg

    Since our 2 best O linemen are seniors we can rest assured next year’s line isn’t likely to be any better, and may be worse.


  19. I’m about full after trying to swallow all the crap these so-called “knowledgeable” pundits keep heaping on our plates about how Murray is suddenly inaccurate and unable to make some of the throws he needs to. Horse hockey. No quarterback can make every throw perfectly every time. Wise up, people. Murray will be great this year, have no doubt.


  20. I hate Buck Belue. He is such a disgusting sycophant kiss ass.

    Really? Its because of our crappy OL? Then why does he run right up the gut against top DLs?

    Buck Belue is a goddamn liar.