That was then, this is now.

This is rich.

“This is a case that involves broken commitments, secret dealings, breaches of fiduciary responsibility, the misappropriation of conference opportunities, and predatory attempts to eliminate competition.”

So said University of Pittsburgh Chancellor Mark Nordenberg in 2003, when Boston College, Virginia Tech and the University of Miami decided to move their sports teams from the Big East to the Atlantic Coast Conference.

Is there a reason to believe a single word coming out of the mouths of these guys when they talk about realignment?


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7 responses to “That was then, this is now.

  1. gastr1

    It’s the reason I find it difficult to believe they will be able to transcend the NCAA. Theer’s too much infighting, mistrust, backstabbing, and brinksmanship to create a mass-scale joint venture.


    • AusDawg85

      This. In the next 10 days or so, these guys either figure out how to create a 64 team, playoff focused super division (with or more likely without the NCAA’s blessing) or the entire thing bogs down and suddenly no one moves. Why would any conference want to go to 16 teams and potentially dilute BCS game participation? (i.e. is a semi-final conference loser better or worse than a #6 Boise for a BCS bowl)? The BCS has to also die for this thing to work, and then it’s too easy to run a playoff that the presidents have been on record saying “will never happen”.

      I think this realignment mess will come to a screeching halt very quickly.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    It’s really too bad “The Daily Show” doesn’t do a sports segment. Reading the quotes from this guy and also looking back at the history of Baylor’s role in the creation of the Big 12 and now their attempts to save it… it would be fun to watch all of those quotes running back to back.


  3. Dboy

    Whole process reminds me of a bad episode of the reality show survivor. Except there are no 19 y/o girls in bikinis… only fat, rich white guys making under the table deals while hunched over protecting their bag of money. All for the student athlete mind you.


  4. Comin' Down The Track

    Slight blog hijack alert with apologies in advance: The WWWeasel is spinning all of this their own way. That is, that this whole mess started because of dirty old Texas A&M flirting with that trashy SEC… not that The Weasels giving A&M’s biggest rival their own television network had anything to do with it. Clearly.
    I think all of Texas’ rivals eliminating their rivalries with Texas would be some excellent blow-back from that hubristic jackassery.


  5. stoopnagle

    Of course not. Just like ND AD’s whining about the lack of collegiality and presidents being out of control. Of course, it all made perfect sense with ND dumped the CFA for NBC. And they have no particular interest in the Big East, right? Wonder how all of those colleagues feel about the one-sided membership ND has enjoyed all these years with the BE?

    Everyone is protecting their own interests, but if anyone thinks this is new and unprecedented in college athletics, then they need to get out more.