“They’ve won the Southwest Virginia Bowl!”

What you’re about to see may be the bestest Greatest College Football Play ever.

First, a little background.

Emory & Henry is a school located in Virginia, playing as the Wasps in the D-III Old Dominion Athletic Conference. UVa-Wise, or the University of Virginia’s College at Wise (you can see why they just use UVa-Wise), is a member of the NAIA’s Appalachian Athletic Conference and plays as the Highland Cavaliers. The two teams meet annually in what’s called the Southwest Virginia Bowl.

… Now that that’s out of the way, let’s set the stage: Emory & Henry leads UVa-Wise 30-27 with scant few seconds remaining in the game, but the Wasps have been forced into a 4th and 18 at their own 22 and must punt on what is likely the last play of the game.

And what a last play it is!

It’s not just the insane perfection of the lateral and the miraculous timing of it hitting the other player in full stride that makes this so great.  It’s the refs not calling the roughing the kicker penalty that seals the deal.  (Check them out shoving what looks like one of the Wasps’ coaches off the field at about the 40 second mark.)  Every great play needs a little controversy to spice it.

I love you, college football.


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12 responses to ““They’ve won the Southwest Virginia Bowl!”

  1. Adam

    Die hard UGA fan and UVA-W alumnus and former OLB there, 97-99. What a cool moment to see this play on this blog!


  2. gastr1

    I can’t believe the referee shoving the coach away like that. Right there on camera, too, as well as the missed call right front of another official.


  3. Marshall

    Yeah…obviously should have been a 15 yard penalty and the other team gets a 1st down and is able to run out the clock. But, they didn’t call it. Part of the game, I suppose. That was an awesome play, though!


  4. JBJ

    Was that Penn Wagers?


  5. Go Dawgs!

    Wow, you won’t see many closer calls on a pitch than that…


  6. Gravidy

    That’s a mighty fine scoreboard they have…


  7. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    The announcer reminds me a bit of Larry:

    “The miracle play had to happen. He was about to fall and tumble down at midfield. Somehow he pitched the ball. I don’t know who he pitched it to. That running back . . .”


  8. reipar

    As I watch this video all I can think is these guys will be officiating SEC games next season.

    Not sure which was worse. The no call on the roughing the punter that happened right in front of the head ref, or the side line judge who figures it is ok to put your hands on a coach and then shove him. I thought the refs were suppose to be the ones emotionally in control.

    I wonder if you go back a couple years you find the back judge who flagged AJ for excessive celebration is on video some where being as awful as these guys.


    • Griff

      Not sure if that was a coach they pushed or just a disgruntled fan/ball boy. Either way, the guy shouldn’t have run on the field and the refs definitely shouldn’t have touched him!

      But yes, this crew has SEC written all over them. I’m sure the referee was thinking “this game is over, why call roughing the punter?” Hopefully he got a good lesson from it.


  9. WarD Eagle

    Best part of that video – total loss of professionalism by the announcers, yelling unintelligibly, to the point of their voices cracking.

    That is the primary of myriad reasons why one should always listen to the homer announcer instead of Bawb Davie.


  10. No biggie on the announcers, after all they are the local radio announcers, not some unbiased TV announcers, Scott Howard would have probably went pretty crazy on a play like that.

    And a case could be made for the guy that ran into the punter being flipped by the blocker.