Wednesday morning buffet

Saddle up and dig in.

  • So how bad was Ole Miss’ offense against Vanderbilt?  This bad3: Ole Miss drives that didn’t end in a punt (six) or an interception (five) in Saturday’s blowout loss to Vanderbilt. Those three drives produced one touchdown, one turnover on downs and one safety.”
  • Here’s one stat site’s projection for this Saturday in Oxford.  (You’ll like it, don’t worry.)
  • Paul Myerberg’s got Ten New Commandments for college football.
  • I’m shocked, shocked to find that a bowl game in the state of Louisiana was engaged in making illegal contributions to a politician.
  • Go figure“Stanford Stadium serves up sushi, organic all-beef “Farm dogs” on whole wheat buns and personal pizzas.”
  • Gary Danielson talks about Mark Richt’s future and Georgia’s season.
  • Mike Leach just happened to be in the neighborhood.
  • Here’s a list of the 50 greatest plays in college football history, with video.  (h/t Tom Kirkendall)
  • I guess the local media is getting bored with hot seat talk.  Now, it’s on to ginning up a quarterback controversy.


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27 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. fuelk2

    Stanford Stadium, with sushi and farm dogs, not to be confused with Sanford Stadium, with butt dogs and doo doo ice.

    I’m not going to ever support sushi at a football game, but it seems like improving the concessions at Sanford wouldn’t be that hard. If you get to any other stadiums, and some high school fields, there will be better concessions than at Sanford. I make a point to stick to bottled water and eat before or after the game.

    • Go Dawgs!

      I made the mistake of eating at the stadium on Saturday because we didn’t want to hassle with bringing the grill for a 1 o’clock game. ERROR. I’ve already got a ban on the rat dogs that they serve at the stadium, so I decided to check out the upper deck plaza area. 6 dollars for a slice of pizza. 6 dollars for a subway sandwich that was gone in about four bites. It’s ridiculous that a stadium located no more than three blocks away from the Food Sciences Department can’t master hot dogs and hamburgers.

    • X-Dawg

      But they don’t let you have the cap for your bottled water. WTF?

    • stoopnagle

      Privatization FTW!

  2. I wanna Red Cup

    But aren’t our funnel cakes whole wheat?

  3. Yeah Murray is the third rated QB in the SEC, second most TD’s and done it against the toughest schedule of any SEC team so far. Has he been as good as he is capable yet, no, but that does not make for a controversy. He is only on pace for 36tds and 8 ints which would be the most TD’s by a UGA QB. Add in a pace to rush for 4 td’s and that would be 40 combined TD’s. I think the UGA record is 28. Hey let’s put in the backup because in 9 passes against CC he has a slightly higher rating that Murray does for the season.

    • Scott

      I would take at least a half dozen recent former UGA quarterbacks over Murray: Zeier, Greene, Shockley, Bobo, Stafford and probably Quincy Carter. I rate Murray slightly above Joe Cox and ahead of Joe T. and Hinds Ward (when he played QB). I would swap Murray for Mettenberger without even blinking.

  4. Anon

    That football by the numbers site is neat… but I don’t see Morgan Newton of UK going 14/28 for 8 yards vs. Fla… or Tevin Washington going 7/12 for 259 vs. UNC.

    But if we win 40-7… best site ever.

  5. JBJ

    I don’t know if you read Nutt’s interview on Monday, it was on UGASports. They could have told me that Mark Richt gave that interview and I wouldn’t have known the difference.

    The constant and continual support by college coaches for other coaches on the hot seat makes me want to puke. It’s like a family defending the bad seed that constantly makes poor decisions.

  6. NCT

    “50 Greatest” is fluff content, sure, but if I were to pick three UGA plays for the list, I’d probably drop the Celebration and add, perhaps, Butler’s FG against Clemson in ’84.

  7. Go Dawgs!

    I certainly am an Aaron Murray supporter, and I think it’s laughable to try to stir up a quarterback controversy. That said, I still have reservations about whether the new shotgun spread elements play to his skill set. He seems more comfortable and much more effective with the elements of the I Formation and what we did last year, when he was basically an assasin.

    • SCDawg

      I am a supporter, too. What is concerning about Murray is not his overall play or his skill set at QB. I am concerned that he has not yet learned how to win the big game or come through when the pressure is on. David Greene had the big drive against TN in his third game as a RS Freshman. Then he threw to Michael Johnson on 4th down against AU the next year.

      I thought that moment would come for Murray when GA was down 35-31 late in the 4th against USC. But it didn’t.

    • W Cobb Dawg

      Murray is a gifted QB. He can make things happen (good things if he’s protected, bad things if he’s not). I fear he’s being turned into a Joe Cox or JT III. Got to use AM’s mobility, particularly when the O line is substandard. Move the pocket around, keep the FB in to block, etc. Need to protect this QB. He’s the best chance CMR and CMB have of protecting their jobs.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        That ^ is something that scares the crap out of me–the thought that Murray is being programmed to lose by what has been happening. Losing can become a mindset, just like winning can, so that instead of doing those things at the end of the game that make your team win you do an el-foldo and the team loses instead. See USCe vs. UGA, 2011.

  8. Zdawg

    He’res a grouping of words you just don’t come across much: “Blowout loss to Vanderbilt”

  9. stoopnagle

    Why is it I read this: “I’m looking firmly in my own direction. The Cougars are one play away from being 0-3; in hindsight, beating Mississippi by a point, thanks to a fumble recovery, is as good as a loss.”

    And feel nothing but dread.

  10. Will Trane

    Could they not serve sauage and biscuits with these noon kickoffs?

    Murray vs Mason. Had to know that would come after the CC game. Would like to have a few more sets with Mason. You have to have ink on a page and controversy to sell. My concern about Murray is games like UF, Auburn, and USC. His record in bigs games is not there. Teams like winners at QB. At somepoint this season Murray will face the test again. He has to make the plays. Remember Greene. If he does not pass, I think Mason should be given a shot at starting and playing more.

  11. James Stephenson

    You know, the 50 best plays. Yes that catch by Calvin was sick. But where is the catch AJ made against Colorado last year? That catch was just as sick.

  12. I hate reading all this Murray VS Mason talk, but It did get me thinking. Murray’s stats last year and this year are pretty impressive, but the evidence is there: He’s not winning. I don’t see a problem with changing up things and give Mason more of an opportunity while we are stuck in this rut.

  13. heyberto

    Regarding Gary Danielson’s post.. I think he’s on the money for once. I can’t figure out what would be an ‘acceptable loss’ at this point though. It all depends if fans think a loss looks like a stumbling block on the way to this team getting better, or if just finishing strong is enough (kind of like 2006, but it has to start with beating Florida this time).

  14. Scott

    Where was the Lindsey Scott catch in the list of greatest plays?

    • Scott

      UGA had 3 plays in top 50.
      44. Lindsey Scott catch
      22. UGA team running out on the field against the Gators.
      12. Herschel running over Bates