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Sco’, then sco’ some mo’.

We bitch about Mike Bobo.  We moan about Mike Bobo.  We wonder why Mark Richt doesn’t take back the play-calling reins from Mike Bobo.

Maybe there’s something else we should do:  take notice that this year’s offense is scoring at a prodigious rate.

… after 3 games Georgia has scored 122 points. That’s the highest popping total by a Mark Richt Bulldogs team ever. Here are the top 3.

2011: 122 points (21, 42, 59)
2008: 115 points (45, 56, 14)
2005: 109 points (48, 17, 44)

It is also the 6th highest by any Georgia team in its history.

1910: 202 points (101, 79, 22)
1913: 179 points (108, 51, 20)
1915: 149 points (79, 64, 6)
1941: 129 points (81, 34, 14)
1922: 123 points (82, 41, 0)
2011: 122 points (21, 42, 59)

Before you get too excited about those 1910 numbers, Georgia’s first two opponents that year were Locust Grove Institute and Gordon.  (Alabama showed up for the third game.)



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Another season, another Mumme Poll

Yeah, GTP’s and 3SiB’s baby will be back for its fourth season.  (Background on the Mumme Poll is here.)  As Week Five approaches, Tide Fan is putting the finishing technical touches on the site.  We’ve also carefully reviewed your feedback from this July post about the poll.

I’ll save the technical details for a post closer to registration time, but here are a few general changes/improvements being installed for this season:

  • The voting period will be extended, to allow for more time for consideration and comment.  Results will be posted on Wednesday of the week after the latest games.
  • We intend to have an e-mail reminder for voting.
  • There should be an analytical tool in place to allow for better tracking of voters, to help us avoid some of the manipulation problems that vexed us last season.
  • To encourage more discussion at the poll site, we’re going to promote a question of the week.  Whether that will come from us or from reader suggestions (or maybe a combination of the two), I’m not sure about yet.

Anyway, spread the word, particularly to friends outside the Georgia fan base and outside the Southeast.  Diversity is good; the more the merrier.

Watch this space in the next week or so for more to come.  Registration should take place at the same time as it has for the past three years, so that we can use the results after the fifth week as a test run to make sure everything is working properly for when things begin in earnest.


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Why “it’s early” is still a valid explanation.

While rummaging around cfbstats.com, I came across this statistical set that’s a good reminder there’s still a long ways to go this season.

To date, only five SEC teams have played teams currently ranked by AP.  And Georgia is the only one of those which has played two ranked opponents.


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