25 responses to “Everybody hurts.

  1. Nate

    I’d call that analysis extremely rosy myself, but I might be singing a different tune if we were 2-1 with a (semi)blowout win vs South Carolina to hang our hats on.


    • USC QB Coach G.A. Mangus

      The O-line guys didn’t fumble or throw any interceptions in the South Carolina game. The only one of the disastrous plays that somebody could lay on the O-line in that game was when Clowney got loose on a stunt and got to Murray who then fumbled, but if Murray tucks the ball it is just a sack. The O-line is getting better each game. BTW this season is a textbook example of how NOT to schedule and the wisdom of the Florida model when it comes to scheduling.


      • Nate

        You’re probably right. My point was more about perception. If Murray and Crowell don’t fumble or toss a pick, we might be looking at 2-1 with a decimating victory against SC. That changes how we feel about a lot of things, O line included.


  2. TennesseeDawg

    Can Richard Samuel play left guard?


  3. Senator – Nice R.E.M. reference.

    And Tennessee Dawg – HA!!!


  4. JBJ

    This is what keeps me coming back Senator.

    a poor man’s Les Miles

    So astute.


  5. That Boise performance is going to leave a bad taste in everyone’s mouth all year. They looked absolutely terrible especially in pass protection. The line play against USCe wasn’t bad because we ran up and down the field on them all night. The one glaring exception was Murray’s fumble at the end of the game where Clowney looked like he had been shot out of a cannon. Also, Isaiah is looking like he’s going to make some offensive linemen look better than they really are.


  6. Macallanlover

    The NCAA continues to lose credibility with actions like the ones involving player eligibility delays. While some time for gathering facts is understabdable, as we approach a mid-point in the season it is well past time for them to get off the pot. Like reviews on football plays, unless you have indisputable evidence, move on with the game. This nit-picking is whay so many want another governing body. Make a damn decision, guilty, or not? That’s all.


  7. Go Dawgs!

    To prepare for Ole Miss-Georgia, I would think one would be better served by going “knuckle ball-on-wild pitch”.


  8. Beakerdawg

    Boise State will haunt us just like the West Virginia Sugar Bowl debacle


    • Bevo

      The Alabama-College Game Day-Blackout fiasco haunts me all the time. That was one of the moments that made me realize we don’t have the coaching firepower at the top to keep up in the SEC.


      • Zdawg

        This. The WVU loss was more of a story of turnovers. I think we had 5 in that game and still made it close.

        The Boise game was yet another reminder of our failings in game planning and execution. I think my best description is that we were outclassed in the coaching department. Much like the funeral game.


      • garageflowers

        That Bama game doesn’t bother me that much because we fought back in the second half. The first half was ugly though. The reason I wanted to beat Boise more than USC this year is because we play USC every year. If we lose that one, we can redeem ourselves next year. We may never play Boise again.


      • Will (The Other One)

        I’m just glad ESPN stopped running that damnable clip of Corso insulting one of our dear departed Ugas every blasted Sportscenter.


  9. adam

    It’s such a shame we’ve lost so many tackles. Glenn would be so great at guard. Or, if only Sturdivant were healthy, Glenn could be at RT.

    Really wonder what this group would look like if Sturdivant and Benedict hadn’t been constantly injured.


  10. Starbreaker

    It still bothers me thinking “what if?” we rolled out the offensive game plan from USC against Boise. You think about the trickle down effect of all those early 3-and-outs on the defense and how we had a golden opportunity to control that game early…ugh.


    • James Stephenson

      I agree about the early game, where if our Offense had been clicking. However, The BSU line had what 4 fifth year seniors, and had played big guys before so they knew how to handle it.

      Really, if the line had played a little bit better, maybe the first part of the game would have been nicer and BSU would have tightened up a bit, maybe.


  11. AusDawg85

    The OL analysis is very fair…perhaps the grades a little generous. But if I’m grading Will Friend, does he get “excused absences” for Sturdivant, Benedict and Gates or held accountable for not having this unit more prepared? How does anyone on the coaching staff believe we’re going to be competitive with an OL that grades “average” at best? This could not have been a news flash that hit during the first couple of series vs. Boise, could it?

    We have a stable of big TE’s, but don’t seem to be getting them more involved in the blocking scheme…not to mention one that is now a huge fullback and our star TE declaring he’s tough enough that he wants to get some hits in on defense.

    Why are we so often left shaking our heads around here? What is it exactly that us Joe Bulldogs are missing when it seems so painfully obvious?


    • W Cobb Dawg

      The O line excuses are the same every year – injuries, breaking in freshmen, changed position, etc. I already have next year’s excuses in a box on the corner of my desk – Glenn, Jones & Bean graduated, so we’ve got 3 new starters to break in. Or somebody’s injured. Or somebody got in trouble and/or left the program. Or we didn’t recruit well. Same story as every other year. Ho hum.