Why “it’s early” is still a valid explanation.

While rummaging around cfbstats.com, I came across this statistical set that’s a good reminder there’s still a long ways to go this season.

To date, only five SEC teams have played teams currently ranked by AP.  And Georgia is the only one of those which has played two ranked opponents.


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14 responses to “Why “it’s early” is still a valid explanation.

  1. JBJ

    Looking through those stats it is still tough to make a determination about our defense. It seems like we are slightly worse than MSU and much better than Auburn, which is not saying much. The game against Ole Miss _should_ improve our stats this week.


    • Jim

      Agree our stats should improve this week, but these are the types of games where we have a tendency to play down to the level of our opponents. If we are going to build any momentum as a team we need to run them out of the stadium, OL and ILB issues be damned…


      • adam

        To be fair… People were saying the exact same thing last week. I doubt that Ole Miss is as bad as CCU, but there’s evidence that we won’t “play down to the opponent.” Though I thought the oline still looked pretty bad last week. That is pretty disconcerting.


  2. Um, excuse me but LSU has played 2 ranked opponents and has another one this Saturday. Oh, and the Tigers have won theirs.


  3. Mayor of Dawgtown

    If what you are saying is that UGA played the hardest schedule of any SEC team so far I absolutely agree.


  4. tlkdawg

    And, as has sadly become the norm in Athens, they have failed miserably against that tough schedule.


  5. The Tick

    what am i missing here? I am pretty sure boykin’s td run in game 1 went for 80 yards … yet this chart shows georgia with a long play of 60.