So, I guess his seat wasn’t the hottest after all.

Vaya con Dios, Mike Locksley.  Can’t say I’m surprised.


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5 responses to “So, I guess his seat wasn’t the hottest after all.

  1. Cojones

    The grinders haven’t finished the media week yet. Give’em time, they’ll be back before tomorrow to try and run our team while using the blogs.

    Apologize for change of subject, but what’s with the equalization of voting for LSU to approach and pass Bama? Bama defeated a more powerful opponent than LSU did. What gives?


    • LSU is the only team in the country that’s beaten three ranked opponents. None of those wins were in Baton Rouge.

      And Oregon has been ranked higher than Arkansas all season.


    • JBJ

      I thought Kirk Herbstreit was going throw on a LSU cheerleader outfit and start tumbling back and forth across the TV screen last night. I was not shocked to see LSU jump to #1 in the AP and leapfrog Bama in the USA Today after the campaigning that went on last night.


      • Russ

        I’ve watched LSU play three times against ranked opponents out of Baton Rouge and they’ve ground each of them up. I don’t need Herbie to tell me LSU is clearly number 1 right now.

        The ony thing that will screw up LSU is if they reinstate their quarterback and throw off the chemistry.


  2. And the day after he beat the spread in a pivotal game. For shame, New Mexico!

    (Yes, UNM really was an underdog to Sam Houston State.)