The statistical story, one-third in

I don’t know if you’ll be surprised by some of this, but I am, given the overall record so far:

  • Georgia is second in the conference in pass defense, and eighth nationally.
  • Georgia is third in the conference in total defense, and thirteenth nationally.
  • Georgia ranks fourth in the SEC in total offense, and 37th nationally
  • Georgia is second in the SEC in tackles for loss and seventh nationally.
  • Scoring offense:  fifth in the conference, 26th nationally.

What this tells me is that if they can clean up some of the peripheral garbage that’s hurt them, this team stands a decent chance of getting better.  That “if” is a big word, though.

One thing seems pretty clear, though.  Grantham’s got his troops playing this year.


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  1. shane#1

    Senator, I hope your Delta blues excursion left you enough time to dine at Doe’s Eat Place in Greenville. The best porterhouse steaks in the southeast. Just as last week the areas where UGA needs work are special teams and getting some people healthy. Samuel IV still looks a little gimpy but is starting to look like an RB, Thomas got some good work in and Crowell had too many carries. I did not understand why he was in the game to run out the clock. IMO he should have been on the sideline enjoying thw win and resting for next week. I am nitpicking, they played a team that was angry and cornered and beat them in their own house, good win.


  2. TennesseeDawg

    Defense has taken a huge leap (although a Coastal Carolina helps). The intensity is much better, coverage is a helluva lot better (Rambo leads the SEC in interceptions) but there is always this lingering concern somewhere on the team (OL especially)


    • Biggus Rickus

      They’re going to have to play around the OL all season. If the defense has made the strides it appears to have made it might work out. Nobody left on the schedule is without major flaws.


  3. JBJ

    The MSU/LaTech game gives me a lot of hope for next week. One week at a time. Let’s get that next win.


  4. Keese

    without Ogeltree for the majority of those games


  5. Coach Hewitt...

    We’re giving up 23pts a game…If & that’s a big if, you take away the 35 we’ve given up on turnover’s & ST td’s, it would drop our D down to a shade under 15 per game…

    Good job CTG…


    • adam

      it’s a pity that the statistics don’t reflect that. like… maybe there should be scoring defense and points allowed as different categories. points allowed could include the ones given to the other team for which the defense is not responsible.


  6. Rick

    The problem with the last two FBS games is “points off shenanigans”, by which I mean points off turnovers + trick plays (usually on special teams). We really need to clean that crap up but without those, UGA has been dominant since Boise.


  7. Turd Ferguson

    We’ve only played 1.5 capable offenses so far (still not sure what to think about South Carolina), and we lost both of those games. There are only 2 teams in the country with offenses worse that Ole Miss. I’ll certainly agree that our defense is looking much better, but at this point, only the most cautious of optimisms is warranted.


    • Turd Ferguson

      … than* Ole Miss.


    • NCT

      Get the hell out of my punch bowl, Ferguson. (I don’t disagree with you, but I really wanted to write that.)

      I would add that we won’t see an offense better than the Broncos’, and we won’t see another Lattimore (give or take a Rainey and Demps, who are scary in a different way). We also won’t see many D lines as skilled as BSU’s and USC’s, I think, but I really haven’t studied on that enough yet.


  8. Coastal Dawg

    The problem is we lead the nation in special teams blunders.

    Miss a field goal allow a fake punt to go for 6 and gaffe our two on side kick attempts you get a loss. Miss a few more FGs , get surprised by an on side kick and allow two punts returned for 6 – granted one was called back – and you let a crappy team hang around way too long.


  9. 69Dawg

    Turnovers killed us in the SCU game and trick plays hurt us in the Ole Miss game. We seem to be revisiting the bad old days of 2009. I would also like to add that Aaron seems to like to thread the needle more than he should which will come back to bit him when we play the better secondary guys in the SEC. Vandy given all of their problems have got some ball hawks in the secondary.


    • Merk

      Eh. Murray has 3 picks. One of those was his fault (SC pick). The other 2 were due to 4 lucky bounces and a complete whiff on Pass Blocking a LB by the RB.


  10. doofusdawg

    yep… like i said before… we are four turnovers and the worst offensive game plan in uga history away from being 4-0.


  11. GL




  12. GL

    Another win against a bad team.

    Big whoop.


  13. The Original Cynical in Athens

    What most seem to continue to miss is that the punt return blunder was horrible, but it was only a result of our INCOMPETENT time-management at the end of halves and games.

    Leading 24-7 and totally annihilating our opponent, we gained possession of the ball on our own 27 yard line with 1:26 left in the first half. We threw 3 incomplete passes and punted the ball with over 1:00 left. It’s the mind-boggling stupidity of the coaching staff that will continue getting this team beat against any opponent with a pulse. Fortunately, Ole Miss is not one of those teams.

    Last year’s UGA/Miss St. games was one of the great coaching mismatches I can ever remember. Hopefully UGA’s coaches have learned something from that debacle.


    • scott

      Good point. Bobo was the appointed clock-management assistant prior to getting the OC job, It looks like that role needs to be assigned once again. Remember how horrible Richt was with clock management in the early years? That was the reason for Bobo took over those duties.


    • MauiDawg

      Word is Fabris was at the game…coincidence?


    • James Stephenson

      Jeebus and had UGA not tried to score there, people would be bitching that they are not stepping on the throats of the opponents. I swear, it seems people bitch just to be bitching.


      • Sanford222View


        Though I do think you can run a screen or draw there and see if you bust a big gain. Then open it up more and go for points. If not you can run the clock out for the half.


        • James Stephenson

          I could agree with both of those, or a swing pass, but after Crowell Crocodile Armed that one swing pass, he probably took it out of the play book for the day.


  14. Merk

    I now come peeps are made Crowell has gassed by time he got to 30 carries, but lets think about this. First he is a freshman, thus we cannot truly expect him to be ready for 30 SEC play carries. While Ole Miss may suck they knew Crowell was going to get the ball when he was in, thus they run blitzed a lot and were waiting for him. Second, even though the OL looked better yesterday, they still are lacking a good bit. This means that Crowell is having to not only out play the D who knows he is getting the ball, but also having to make up for crappy OL play. Third, even in the second half, once he breaks past the D-line he can make some good moves.

    Also props to C.T. for looking good yesterday in the run game. He is a lot better when he is backing up a good back.

    Samuel is good for the screen/ wheel route, but damn he is crap for running the ball. I know some will say, but he had a couple of 8+ yard carries. My question is do you think Crowell would not have turned those 8-10 yard carries into 15+?


  15. ChilliDawg

    Biggest concern: Lack of sacks – something the 3 – 4 is suppose to help – perhaps loss of starting LB’s is a factor… but is JC player Jenkins what we hoped? He’s no Fairley or even Seymour


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Seymour is a future NFL hall-of-famer. Fairley & Jenkins don’t belong in the same post.


      • ChilliDawg

        Ahhh… the post focused on “statistics” and the comparisons to Fairley & Seymour were based on looking at other “disruptive” defensive tackles’ statistics. Seymour averaged .23 sacks per game at UGA and you’re probably correct, he’s a future NFL HoF candidate. Fairley, as despicable a player as he was (is), averaged nearly a sack per game and over 2 QB hurries per game last year. The “hype” on JJ was that he’d be another “Fairley – type” (yes… check some of the recruiting posts from last year) player. Not knocking JJ… its early… but can’t leave the DB’s out on islands all season and expect good things to happen. We need a consistant “sacker” and someone who can get to the RB before he can bounce it outside.


  16. Hogbody Spradlin

    The older I get, the faster football seasons pass by. I cannot believe we’ve had 4 weeks if college football.

    I’m sorta in the Optimist club here. I think our punt team and punt return teams are vulnerable because of the high proportion of underclassmen on them. They’ll stop getting used.

    If Crowell stays productive, Murray’s judgments will get better. You want the kid thinking he can carry a team, but also knowing he doesn’t have to. Recall our running back maladies last year.